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efrerich_tristil: You must tell more about your ForbiddenAttribute-error; what have you done? Traceback?00:47
tristilefrerich_, I have one content type, DebtManager, and another, Claim.00:49
tristilSo from http://localhost:8031/++skin++debtman/DebtManager/+/@@AddClaim.html I get an add form, but when I submit it I get the error.00:50
tristilThis one: ForbiddenAttribute: ('add', < object at 0x75e186cc>00:50
tristilI'm going to put my traceback up in a second.00:50
efrerich_tristil: please send that with this infos to the user list00:51
tristilI was going to put it on I suspect there's a stupid answer.00:52
tristilBut I can put it on the list.00:52
algait's not permissions on your content, but on the add view00:55
tristilIn case someone is willing to look at it, here it is: .01:00
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tristilDo I have to supply a view class with an add method?01:12
efrerich_tristil: I wanted to quit when I saw your question. I looked at your posting 275101:16
efrerich_and I assume there is problem with the skin. Do you get the error01:18
efrerich_if you do the same without your skin?01:18
tristilChecking. I think you're right...01:19
efrerich_I don't see that you need an own view class.01:19
tristilNo, the same.01:20
tristilWhat did you mean you wanted to quit? :)01:20
efrerich_And: I meant the Zope 3 User mailing list01:20
efrerich_quit: to leave IRC (because in Germany it is after midnight)01:21
tristilAh, well thanks for your help.01:22
efrerich_I have a look at your traceback again01:23
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efrerich_tristil: Maybe you should test without the skin-package which you include in zcml-file01:28
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efrerich_you see - I assume that there is a bug. Because viewmeta is the browser configuration code. So I think it is not a bug in your application code01:32
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guruzcan anybody help me with providing my own adapter for a Folder-subclass and
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guruzhow can i get the zope root folder so i can use/abuse it via its IFolder interface?14:52
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agroszerguruz: try this: root = zapi.traverse(self.context, '/', request = self.request)15:00
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guruzagroszer: how do i import that zapi.traverse function?15:23
mgedminguruz, from import zapi15:23
guruzfound it in that second, thanks15:23
guruzAttributeError: 'Organisation' object has no attribute 'context'15:25
guruzsorry for asking totally lame questions15:25
guruzany help is appreciated15:25
guruzi wrote a function that gets the "organisationen" subfolder from the root ot the object database15:27
guruzbut well, what to use for that context param15:27
guruzreading the sources in app/zapi does not help me15:28
*** mgedmin changes topic to "logs available at || paste code examples into"15:28
guruzand i don't see where this is documented15:28
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mgedmingumpa, I do not know enough about what you want to achieve and what you're doing to achieve it15:31
mgedminoops, xchat's nick completion is silly15:32
mgedminguruz, I do not know enough about what you want to achieve and what you're doing to achieve it15:32
agroszerguruz: I think any context passed to a view or something should be ok15:32
guruzi don't have a view right now i think15:33
guruzwhat i want to do is:15:33
guruzhave a /organisationen folder with objects of type Organisation(Folder)15:33
agroszerhow you want to add them?15:34
agroszeryou want to provide the user with a menupoint to add the objects?15:35
guruzthos objects have the special ability to not only contain objects but also (when asked for by ISublocations adapter) "links" to other objects in the organisationen/15:35
guruzSo i may have15:35
guruzorganisationen/A/B = /organisationen/B15:35
guruzi want to store the pseudo-subelements in a list in A, for example A.pseudoChildren15:36
agroszerI think you'll have to tweak a traversal adapter15:37
guruzi'm currently providing a new ISublocations adapter and hoped it works15:37
guruzi wanted to test it by yielding getOrganisationenFolder["B"] if the folder name is "A"15:38
agroszermgedmin, any better ideas for that?15:38
guruzbut i can't test that if i am even too stupid (or can't find the docs) for getting the "organisationen/" folder15:39
agroszerzapi.traverse(self.context, '/organisationen', request = self.request)15:39
agroszershould do it15:39
agroszercontext should be "A"15:40
guruzcan i do that more generic? or to ask in another way: what is a context? can i just use "/" ?15:41
mgedmintraversal is one of the murkiest places of Zope 3...15:42
agroszernot sure, but i think so, then you'll have the zope root15:42
mgedminthere's object traversal, and then there's URL traversa15:42
mgedminthere's object traversal, and then there's URL traversal15:42
agroszercontext is the starting point of the traversal (I think)15:42
agroszerif you leave out the starting '/' it will 'dive' into context15:43
mgedminthe meaning of context depends on the context (sorry for the pun) ;)15:43
guruzmgedmin: haha :)15:43
mgedminwhen zope does traversal, each object traversed is passed as the context argument to some traversal adapter15:43
agroszermgedmin, do you know a good example for traversal?15:44
mgedminobject traversal or URL traversal?15:45
agroszerI think he needs URL traversal15:45
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guruzTypeError: ('Could not adapt', '/', <InterfaceClass>)15:45
guruzorganisationenFolder = zapi.traverse("/", '/organisationen')15:46
guruzI use this15:46
guruzagroszer: dunno, maybe both works?15:46
agroszeryep, you missed the context parameter15:46
guruz / is my context.. you mean i miss the request parameter?15:47
guruzi would use that self.request, but self is a Organisation object derived from Folder..15:48
agroszerok, then zapi.traverse(context, '/organisationen', request)15:49
agroszerwhere context=object "A"15:49
agroszerthat object must be in the ZODB tree15:49
agroszerthe request object you have to get from somewhere15:50
guruzok, thanks for the help, i will try that later15:59
guruzi need a pause15:59
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* mgedmin accidentally hit Ctrl+Alt+Backspace16:11
srichterhe he16:12
mgedminguruz, the TypeError you pasted here usually means that ou're trying to use zapi.traverse from a unit test without setting up the Zope 3 component architecture16:12
agroszerhey srichter16:12
srichterI fixed our buildbot complaints, so everything should be fine again16:12
* mgedmin just upgraded to dapper16:12
srichteroops, wrong channel16:12
srichteragroszer: hey16:13
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agroszersorry, wanted to type hi16:14
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agroszerhi, projekt0116:14
projekt01Hi agroszer, saw your mail16:14
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projekt01agroszer, did you add you already to the sprint participant list on
agroszernot yet, I might try it16:16
agroszerwhat about hotel bahnhof, how many trains are there in the night?16:17
agroszerprojekt01, I added myself to the list16:21
projekt01agroszer, after 24.00 there are no trains anymore. And I guess we won't go to bed earlier ;-)16:24
agroszerprojekt01: That will be my first sprint...16:31
agroszerprojekt01: What's on on the first day? I see on the webpage that it starts at 9am, but welcome is at noon.16:33
* agroszer has to leave for half an hour16:37
projekt01agroszer, we start with the sprint at 9am, we only hold a short speak at 12.00 because some people will arrive by car and join us around noon16:46
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tiredbonesWhen I try to run "/usr/local/Zope-3.2/zope3/bin/runzope" module is not found. If I go into my instance of coojery and run "./bin/runzope" everthing is well. Is this a known problem?17:16
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