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einsromanofski hi10:00
romanofskihi eins :)10:00
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romanofskihey marita - whazz up?15:52
maritaI have a problem with checking if a principal has a certain role15:52
maritawhat I am doing is15:53
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maritaroleManager = IPrincipalRoleManager(self.context)15:53
maritaif roleManager.getSetting('Admin', principalId) == Allow15:54
maritathis returns true only if Admin is set on the level of self.context15:54
maritawhat I want to check is if the principal has the role on the level of self.context and above15:55
srichteryes, the IPrincipalRoleManager interface gives you direct access to the security table; it does not do a valid secrity check15:55
srichteraccess is usually checked with the canAccess() and canWrite() functions15:56
maritaSo how do I do the good old hasRole on a principal?15:56
maritaThe point is, we are using it to switch to different navigation bars, depending on the role. So checking for permissions doesn't help.15:57
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srichteryou don't do getRole16:00
srichterroles are specific to the default security policy16:01
srichteryour application should not rely on this16:01
maritaI loved zope2 really!16:01
srichteryou can place the principal in groups for example16:01
srichteror assign special interfaces16:02
maritaIt's nice that you can do so many fancy things with Z3. The bad thing is that the default case gets much more complicated at times. :-(16:02
srichterprincipal objects are created every time they are authenticated16:02
srichterat this point a PrincipalCreatedEvent is sent out ; you can listen to this event and do whatever you want to the principal16:02
srichtergetRole() is really a dangerous hack16:03
maritaSo, what would be a straightforward solution for switching the navigation based on the role of a principal? Using annotations on the principal that label it as a certain kind of "role"?16:04
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srichtertwo solutions:16:05
srichter1. Don't depend on roles. Place users into groups and check whether a principal belongs to a particular group.16:05
maritaSo groups are placeless, right?16:06
srichter2. Restrict the navigation elements in a way that only a certain role can access them16:06
srichterthen use canAccess() and canWrite()16:07
srichterthis is currently used for menus as well16:07
srichtergroups are not placeless16:07
srichteryou should really read all the Text files in this package at least once, if not twice16:07
srichterthey will be very enlightening16:07
marita2. doesn't work in our setup because the Anonymous user should get something different than the others.16:07
maritaIf groups are not placeless, I guess there will be all the same problems as with roles, or what's the difference?16:08
srichteryou can inspect the principal better for the groups he belongs to16:09
srichterok, time to get back to my research16:09
marita   "you can inspect the principal better for the groups he belongs to": Well, then I am back to my initial belief, that the API for role management sucks compared to the old implementation. :-(16:10
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ulkhi there, while installing zope-3.2.0.win32-py2.4.exe, I get an error17:30
ulkMSVCRT71.dll can't be found17:31
ulkinstallation is done on a win2003 server17:31
ulksorry guys, I don't have python2.4 on the damn server. I need some rest ;)17:35
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guruzi want to have a folder object in zope that additionally to the "real" objects included in it returns additional objects. what is the best way to do this? i'm currently trying to "copy over" the sources of folder in zope, but is there a better way?18:07
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guruzok, i did it another way19:55
guruzi subclassed Folder19:55
guruznow i wanted to override the adapter for IFolder that provides IReadDirectory19:55
guruzhoweever i get Conflicting configuration actions.. what to do?19:55
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efrerichis there a problem with the zope mailing lists?20:07
benjiefrerich, I haven't received a message in a while, but I was hoping it was because everyone stopped talking :)20:15
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guruzcan anyone help me to tell zope which adapter to use? :)20:26
mcdoncguruz: you use zcml typically to register an adapter.20:31
mcdoncyou might want to check out overrides.zcml20:32
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mgedminguruz, if you want to override an adapter for your folder class, you should register it for the specific class, not for IFolder20:33
mgedminor, if your folder class implements some new interface, register the adapter for that interface20:33
algahey, if I find a bug and fix it straight away, do I have to file it in the bug tracker?  Should I mention it in the changelog?20:34
guruzmgedmin: yes, i thought of registering the adapter for my own interface, but this will not make it use it for providing a listing in IReadDirectory?20:34
guruzmcdonc: will do that20:34
mgedminguruz, it will20:34
mgedminmore specific adapters override more generic adapters20:34
benjiefrerich, the mailing lists are being looked at20:35
mgedmin(I assume your interface inherits from IFolder and is therefore more specific)20:35 mailing lists seem to be back (efrerich)20:37
algawhoops, I committed my bugfix to the 3.2 branch20:38
algaI meant to do that on trunk20:38
algawhat do I do?20:38
guruzmgedmin: hm, still does not seem to work. it brings no error though.. hm20:43
guruzmgedmin: the adapter should be for="mypackage.IMyInterface" ?20:44
guruzand IMyInterface derrived from IFolder?20:44
mgedminguruz, yes20:45
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guruzhm, the way suggested by mgedmin does not seem to work21:58
guruzmcdonc: should i really try to use that override file? :\21:59
guruzwhat mgdemin suggested sounded cleaner21:59
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efrerichbenji: thank you22:16
benjinp :)22:16
rockyburtso looks like there's tons of eggification going on in the sprint?22:18
* rockyburt looks forward to seeing all the egged products22:18
SteveAbenji: did jim mention to you about being able to explicitly POST from a testbrowser test?22:18
benjino, should I ask him?22:18
SteveAthe question came up when i was at the sprint22:19
SteveAand jim said you know a lot about the testbrowser stuff22:19
benjiI'm asking him about it now22:19
SteveAas far as i can see, you can't say "this should be a POST" from testbrowser tests22:19
SteveAand that's important for testing certain kinds of forms, and also atom URLs where you want a distinction between GET and POST for the same URL22:20
benjiright, the intent is that such tests approximate what a user can do, and users can't decide to do an arbitrary post22:20
benjibut the "old-style" functional test stuff still works so you can use that allong side testbrowser22:21
benjiso you could do a normal test that shows a user interacting with a browser, then say somethign like "and now they user FooApp 1.0 to post this XML message" and you do that with the "old-style" functional test mechanism22:21
benjiI have to go for a meeting now, I'll ping you when I get back22:22
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SteveAhmm... i don't agree that testbrowser tests should be used just to simulate a human's browser and its usual capabilities.22:26
SteveAeven so, what about if my webapp supports someone POSTing from a third-party site?22:27
SteveAthat's a POST out of nowhere.22:27
guruzcan anybody help me with providing my own adapter for a Folder-subclass and
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tiredbonesI'm trying to run the program from the Zope3Book when I get the following error - My PYTONPATH is pointing to /usr/local/Zope-3.2/zope3/src.22:43
tiredbonesWhat am I doing wrong?22:43
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SteveAtiredbones: what is user.local?22:49
SteveA     1.22:50
SteveA      python -vpu --dir /usr.local/Zope-3.2/zope3/src22:50
tiredbonesSteveA, are you suggesting that I try this, python -vpu --dir /usr.local/Zope-3.2/zope3/src, is I get the same error.22:52
tiredbonesSteveA, are you suggesting that I try this, python -vpu --dir /usr.local/Zope-3.2/zope3/src, if so I get the same error.22:53
algaSteveA: old-style ftest requests do come out of nowhere22:53
algaplain HTTP requests22:54
tiredbonesSteveA, I see what you mean!22:54
SteveAalga: i don't see your point22:56
SteveAif the rationale of the functionality of testbrowser tests is that they are meant to simulate a person using a conventional modern webbrowser,22:57
SteveAthen there should be a way to say "someone set up a POSTing form on some site outside of this zope app, and posts into here"22:57
algathere is no button "set up a POSTing form on some site outside" on my browser22:58
SteveAthere is no button "write a zope3 application" either22:58
SteveAbut you still test that22:58
SteveAlaunchpad is based around many domains, and integrating many systems.  having a POST from a form that belongs to some other application is not uncommon.22:59
algaI see your point22:59
algaThe users enter your app with a POST23:00
SteveAbtw... i'm sure a bookmarklet could be fabricated to make a POSTing form pointing to some site :-)23:00
algawell, in that case you can set up such a form in your ftesting config :-)23:00
SteveAso you could have that button if you really want it23:00
SteveAi'd rather just have a method='POST' in testbrowser23:01
tiredbonesSteveA, I set my testing back to the way the book wants it and I still an error.
SteveAi am not familiar with the book23:03
SteveAyou can try this:   PYTHONPATH=/usr/local/Zope-3.2/zope3/src:src python -vpu23:03
* SteveA goes in search of horseradish23:05
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tiredbonesSteveA, are you having Polish sausage?23:08
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tristilWhat do I need if I get a ForbiddenAttribute: ('add', < object at 0x75e186cc>) error when adding an object to a container?23:12
tristilWith an addform.23:13
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tristilSorry, does anyone know about this ForbiddenAttribute error? I'm not finding anything on Google. Does I have to write something into the addform view class?23:48
algatypically it's a missing <content> directive23:48
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tristilProbably IContentContainer?23:51
tristilI thought it was covered by inheriting Folder23:51
tristilI'll try.23:51
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tristilI tried this:      <require  permission="zope.ManageContent"  attributes="add" />, but it seemed dubious.23:55
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