IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2006-03-02

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*** projekt01 has quit IRC00:13 makes me think of Nashville, TN (bna is the airport code for Nashville)00:14
whithey benji00:17
whitthat's where I am00:17
benjioh, what a coincidence :)00:17
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benjiI'm from TN00:18
* whit just moved here00:18
benjiShelbyville, it's about an hour south-east of Nashville00:18
* benji also likes to talk about himself in the third person00:18
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* whit chuckles00:19
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benjifeeling better Theuni?00:36
Theuniwell yeah00:36
Theuniactually i see this is a very social thing00:36
Theunimany europeans have catched something bad00:36
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* philiKON hasn't01:04
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TheuniYou'll get yours, healthy boy!01:12
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MacYET_zope makes you hard01:13
Theuniif it doesn't kill you, it makes you go to zope01:15
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philiKONhey mcdonc03:24
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mcdonchi philiKON, y'all still sprinting?03:24
philiKONwe're headin' out to dinner03:25
mcdoncah ok.... don't forget to buy your beer ;-)03:25
philiKONdon't you worry03:26
philiKONok, see ya later perhaps03:26
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tristilI'm confused about something following the Zope 3 Book.07:29
philiKONwhich one?07:31
* philiKON points to srichter 07:34
tristilDoes it work that way? :)07:34
philiKONtristil, btw, if you have a question, just ask it. :)07:34
philiKONdon't ask meta questions07:35
philiKONas in "can someone help me?"07:35
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tristilBut it gives me social pain to be so direct... I think I have to consider my question some more. I basically can't figure out from reading his book where the container object is enabled to add another content object, and how exactly that is done. So probably too broad.07:37
tristilI guess it's done in the workflow section.07:38
philiKONi doubt it07:39
philiKONtristil, this is IRC, directness is appreciated, actually07:39
tristilHow can I declare an addform for the container object to add a different content object... I think I figured it out.07:42
tristilWhat combination of directive, view class and template in general should one use to add a create_itemInBox location on box, so box/@@create_itemInBox?07:47
tristilDo I have to implement my own traverser?07:59
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philiKONtristil, object creation is usually dealt with using factories and then having the IAdding view (+) call it for you08:05
philiKONtristil, unless you need an add form08:05
tristilYeah, for the user.08:05
philiKONtristil, then you write an addform and again use the IAdding view to get at this08:05
philiKON<browser:addMenuItem /> automates a lot of this08:05
philiKONby putting a menu entry in the "Add" menu08:05
philiKONit can either point at the factory-based thing or at the add form, depending on where you point it to08:06
philiKONsrichter's book should explain all this08:06
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tristilI probably got ahead of myself.08:07
tristilThanks. I'll do all this.08:07
philiKONyou might also want to check out one of the tutorials at
philiKONsome of them explain all this08:07
tristilJust being reminded about + helps a lot.08:08
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run|sonyne1 alive?09:18
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einshi romanofski10:16
romanofskihey eins :)10:27
romanofskihow's it?10:27
einsromanofski everything's ok except unicode problems with mysql adapter :(10:46
einsrandom unicode errors10:46
einsand you?10:46
romanofskiurks - well, I'm fine... my last zope3 work was some weeks ago :)10:47
romanofskicurrently the only zope3 things I'm using is through Five10:48
einsisn't it harder to use five in zope2 instead of using zope3 alone?:)10:54
romanofskiwell, if you're used to zope3 - no10:55
romanofskiIf you're used to zope2 only I would certainly mean, that using Five is harder, because you need to learn the concepts10:55
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mgedminZope 3.2 requires Python 2.4, right?15:01
mgedminzopeskel/bin/ in a Zope3.2 checkout claims it needs Python 2.3.515:02
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AJChmm, i just noticed the twisted reactor can't be run twice without causing trouble (so functional tests for client/server in one file are not possible...)  how do you guys deal with that?17:15
srichterright, the reactor is as global as the Zope component architecture17:16
srichtermaybe you need different threads?17:16
AJCthat's what i'm testing, but even with different threads it's the same object17:16
AJCi need a brand new process i guess!17:16
srichteryeah, I don;t know how to do that17:17
AJCneither do i... yet :-{17:17
AJC:-) i mean17:17
srichteron the other hand, for ftests we usually do not bring up the server at all17:17
srichterand interface with the publisher directly17:17
srichteralso, why does one reactor not work for you?17:18
AJCi basically can't bring up more than one twisted server or client reactor in all my tests.17:18
AJCregardless of what it does, the second time it just does not stop()17:19
srichterah, ok17:19
srichterof course, it can only stop once17:19
AJCone reactor would be ok in the final appliaciton17:19
srichterso maybe you need a special setup that simulates two reactors17:19
AJCthat's why i was asking, i was wondering if you'd tested that when integrating twisted with zope17:20
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srichterno, because we usually do not write twsited-based clients, since the browser is our client17:20
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