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mcdoncfrdrake: in that proposal he says The full Zope 3 implementation of this proposal, except for the type argument of browser directives and the Browser Skin Names vocabulary, is available in the philikon-simplify-skinning branch. It is awaiting review but otherwise ready for merge.00:05
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fdrakeAh, I was thinking it had been merged.00:09
fdrakeOk, I guess I'll wait.  :-)00:10
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romanofskimoin :)09:47
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roymDo I need to do anything special to get Acquisition in z3 trunk - "import Acquisition" gives me an error.15:10
philiKONAcquisition is dead, man :)15:11
philiKON(the package, not the concept)15:11
philiKONit never existed in zope 315:11
philiKONwhy do you need it?15:11
roymI have hierarchical folders and wanted a child folder to "acquire" some of its parents methods15:12
roym(er, subclasses derived from Folder)15:13
philiKONso you have15:13
roymroughly, yes... and I don't want to have to say context/__parent__ etc..15:14
philiKONi don't understand why you'd have to15:15
roymok - clue me in - what am I missing. if I have A/B/C and I want C to use A.f()?15:16
philiKONWhat does A.f() do?15:17
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roymI am using viewlets to paint some left nav links - and when I am in a view for C, I want the viewlet to have a link to some view of A.15:19
roymso A.f() would produce links to navigate to views of A.15:21
roymI mean, I have all the standard reasons that acquisition was so hot in Z2, and surely, some of them are still valid!15:22
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philiKONexplicit aquisition is still hot15:22
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roymlooking at /usr/local/Zope3/src/zope/structuredtext/regressions/Acquisition.stx, don't I need to be able to import Acquisition to do this?15:23
roym(bringing us back to my original question)15:25
philiKONthis text you're looking at...15:27
philiKONlook at its path name then think again ;)15:27
philiKONit's old zope 2 legacy stuff15:27
philiKONno idea what it's about in detail, but it's probably not what you want15:27
philiKONcontext/++acquire++f doesn't require the Acquisition package, no15:27
roymah.. thanks!15:28
philiKONit walks up the IPhysicallyLocatable parents (or just hard-wires to __parent__, dunno)15:28
roymexcellent - exactly what I was trying to get at.15:28
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guruzhow can i tell zope to use the (@@)contents.html as the default instead of the edit.html i declared? i don't understand the type attribute of zope:defaultView16:54
mgedminguruz: do you mean the default as in when the user enters http://some/url/ you get the same view as http://some/url/@@contents.html16:55
mgedminor the default as in when the user clicks on 'url' in the ZMI, she gets url/@@contents.html?16:55
mgedminin the first case, use the defaultView directive16:55
mgedminin the second case, make sure @@contents.html is the first zmi_menu item for your content tye16:56
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guruzthanks, i meant the second case. works now16:57
mgedminalso you probably want <browser:defaultView> instead of <zope:defaultView> for the first case16:57
mgedminthe 'type' attribute to <zope:defaultView> is the request type (IBrowserRequest, IHTTPRequest, IFTPRequest, ...)16:57
guruzthe API docs lack quality information like the one you provide :|16:58
mgedminthere are API docs somewhere???17:00
* mgedmin is so used to reading the source code when he needs to figure out something in zope317:00
* mgedmin actually does know about ++apidoc++ and likes it, but he usually doesn't have a running zope3 instance, and starting one is too much of a hassle17:01
srichtermgedmin: I really hope to remove the final bugs from the static apidoc script at the next sprint17:02
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regebroHowdy all!17:45
regebroAnybody have some example of how to use a specific ZODB file in a test?17:46
regebrosrichter mentioned testing upgrades that way together with layers...17:47
srichtersomewhere generatations are tested17:48
srichterI think mgedmin or ignas know the detaiuls on that17:48
regebroOK, thanks.17:49
guruzwrong channel17:50
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guruzwhat do i need to do so my container supports the + operation? /mycontainer/+/ gives me a 40418:06
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philiKON+ isn't an operation18:31
philiKONit's a view18:31
philiKONthe adding view18:31
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guruzphiliKON: hmm18:57
srichterguruz: the easiest way is to specify the <containerViews> ZCML directive19:00
guruzsrichter: i am already specifying that. i view my object as directory/container just fine, but i get a 404 when using the + view. i'm looking now if i have disabled that somehow19:03
srichteryour containerViews directive must specify the "add" attribute or something similar19:04
srichtercheck aoidoc19:04
srichtercheck apidoc19:04
guruzi have add="zope.ManageContent" in it. do i have to specify a addForm ?19:05
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srichterall this attribute does is generate the + view for you19:07
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guruzhum hum hum19:13
guruzthen i really wonder what could be wrong.19:14
guruzanything else i could be missing?19:17
elrohi there, I'm trying to build a search form (for an ldap search) and I think I want to use formlib.19:17
elroSo I have defined some schema based interdaces for a search and a search result19:18
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elrowhat I can't work out is how I return search results from a SearchForm(form.Form)19:19
guruzsrichter: any idea about my problem?19:21
guruzintrospector says i am implementing IContentContainer, so i think it should work19:22
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regebrojoin #schooltool19:30
regebroOups, sorry. ;)19:30
guruzhm i really have no clue19:33
guruzsrichter: this is funny:19:35
guruzadding an image does not work19:35
guruzit has as url that it can't find: mycontainer/+/
srichterdoes mycontainer/@@+ work?19:36
srichteror mycontainer/+ for that matter19:36
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guruzadding a folder does work, and it has as url mycontainer/@@contents.html?
guruz@@+ gives me a radio button list, just + an error19:39
srichterok, that is strange19:39
srichterso mycontainer@@+/ should work19:39
guruzcontainer/@@+/ does work indeed19:39
srichterso mycontainer/@@+/ should work19:40
srichterit is strange that + is not automatically found as a view19:40
philiKONperhaps mycontainer does something funny on __getitem__19:41
srichtermaybe its an IContentContainer issue? I dunno19:42
guruzphiliKON: yes, i have my own __getitem__.. hmm *looking at it*19:42
philiKONthere you go19:42
philiKONi bet it's not working right19:42
philiKONwrite a unit test for it where you do  mycontainer[u'+']19:43
philiKONsee if you get a KeyError19:43
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einscan I remove objects using
srichterbut you have to commit the transaction manually, I believe19:52
einsok trying19:52
einssrichter thanks, it worked;)19:53
guruzphiliKON: i don't see any error at my fault. how can it be that folders work and images do not? (they have different add-urls anyway)19:54
philiKONguruz, write tests :)19:56
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guruzokay great20:03
guruzi never coded python before20:03
guruzi found it out myself ;)20:04
guruzif default is not none:20:04
guruz  return default20:04
guruzraise KeyError20:04
guruzphiliKON: yes, but i have to look into how-to-write-tests first20:04
guruzand i have some kind of deadline tomorrow (preseting my work to fellow students in my project)20:04
guruzso i really wanted to have it fixes20:04
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willfeGreetings, all!21:11
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sawdogIf I'm building a product in Five, should I be setting the __parent__ of objects when I'm creating them?  In my tests, none of my objects have __parent__ attribute, so things like zapi.asboluteURL fail22:23
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