IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-03-08

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sm seems way cool02:48
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* eins greets romanofski 10:33
romanofskihey eins :)10:34
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harobedhi all,12:54
harobedI read page and comment are very old (200212:54
harobedZope3UI project is dead ?12:55
harobedbecause I look for use richcomponent like tree in my future zope3 project12:56
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srichterj1m: are you there?15:19
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benjisrichter, he's not15:31
srichterbenji: thanks :-)15:31
srichterbenji: I was just wondering whether it would be okay to implement PersistentSet in the persistent module15:32
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benjisrichter, shouldn't it be in persistent.set (like persistent.list and persistent.dict)?15:33
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SteveAhi benji15:34
srichteryes, of course15:34
srichterI was just shortcutting my typing :-)15:35
SteveAdo you have a few minutes to continue the testbrowser conversation sometime?15:35
benjihi, SteveA15:35
benjisure, I have a few minutes now, and will have more in a few hours15:35
benjioh, ok, srichter :)15:35
SteveAbenji: there was some more discussion on the channel after you left to go to a meeting15:36
SteveAi'll try to summarize it15:36
benjior I can read the logs if you wish (and can tell me the date/time)15:36
SteveAif we accept that the scope of testbrowser is to simulate a human using a regular web browser15:37
SteveAthen there is still a valid use-case for initiating the interaction with the zope3 application with a POST15:37
benjiright (given that the POST is initiated via an action on a web page)15:37
harobedhi all, there are in Zope3 a rich component like AJAX Tree component .. ?15:37
SteveAwe have this in launchpad where we have a page served by some other system (apache / php / moin / whatever) which has a form, and where the action of the form posts into the zope3 application's space15:38
benjiso the form is /not/ available from the zope app, but the action /is/, right?15:38
srichterharobed: sort of, the rotterdam skin has a Tree that uses XmlHttpRequest to get its itesm15:39
benjiaah, I see15:39
SteveAa common situation too is where you have http posting to https15:39
srichterharobed: but it is all custom written and does not work in Konqui15:39
SteveA(although that is sometimes not a best practice)15:39
harobedsrichter, ok, you are url about it ?15:39
benjiI /think/ http posting to https should work already, but the other needs some thought15:39
SteveAfrom my point of view, an optional arg to explicitly specify the http method would work15:40
harobedI read page and comment are very old (2002)15:40
harobedZope3UI project is dead ?15:40
srichterwell, it is a sub-project, but little to no work has been done recently15:40
benjiyou lost me there, SteveA, the problem seems to be that you can't get to the URL to fill out the form, what does that have to do with specifying the method?15:41
SteveAin the production environment, there is an external page that has a form that POSTs into the application15:42
SteveAin the test environment, the "entry point" for testbrowser tests is a POST15:42
benjiright, so you need a copy of the page with the form (or a minimal representation of it)15:42
SteveAis there an API to, in python, make such a representation?15:42
benjijust a file on the disk would work15:43
benji(an HTML file)15:43
benjiuse the testbrowser to open it (with a file:// proto), fill it in, and click on the UI element to submit it15:43
SteveAi guess that would work.  i'd prefer to be able to construct a form object in python15:44
SteveAas they can be variations i'd want to test15:44
SteveAbasically, the "entry point" is a simple API for other systems to use15:44
SteveAthe client is still a web browser with a person driving it15:44
SteveAbut only part of the system is under my direct control15:44
SteveAi could create a range of HTML files15:44
SteveAbut that would get old soon15:45
harobedare there a richtext code editor plugin in mozilla to edit code in zope ? with color syntax, auto indent ... ?15:45
mgedminbenji: we also needed to construct a form control in Python code in a testbrowser test once15:45
mgedminbecause in real life that control was added with Javascript15:45
srichterharobed: not that I am aware of15:45
mgedmin(a coworker did that, I'm a bit hazy on the details)15:45
SteveAgotta go.  thanks for the chat and the file:// workaround benji !15:46
benjimgedmin, I *so* want to add a JavaScript interpreter to testbrowser, but I haven't found a good way to do it yet15:46
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benjinp, SteveA, if I think of anything else I'll let you know15:46
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srichterbenji: me too!16:06
benjiif you have any ideas, let me know, I've gone round and round trying to figure out the best (or even tractable) way16:06
srichterI wonder how useful KJS would be16:07
benjihaven't looked at it (I've concentrated mostly on spidermonkey)16:07
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benjiand it really should be cross platform (Windows and Mac specifically)16:08
srichterof course the entire concept of mechanize would have to change, since you would want to work with a DOM tree rather than an HTML file16:08
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srichterbenji: I think KJS can be compiled pretty much anywhere; it is KDE independent if I understand the developers correctly16:09
srichterbenji: I had looked at spidermonkey too and it seemed pretty dead16:09
benjiit might also work to feed the mechanize-returieved HTML to a dom builder and then have the JS interface with that, the rest of testbrowser would remain independent16:10
benjispidermonkey is in regular use of course, but as an independent project people don't seemto be doing much with it16:10
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srichterbenji: have you tried creating a DOM tree from HTML hook it up to python-spidermonkey and see wether it will work?16:15
benjipython-spidermonkey doesn't currently compile16:15
benji(it's a *huge* collection of pyrex)16:16
srichterI bet16:16
benjiI've played a little with a minimalist reimplementation and had a bit of success, but it seems like a great deal of work16:16
benjiafter the JS interface I'd then need a DOM implemention16:16
benjiI'd really like something that would let me control firefox (with no visible window of course)16:17
benjiI've considered doing a XUL app or a FF extension or something, but don't have the time right now16:17
srichtermmh, then you eventually end up with something liek Selenium16:20
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benjinot neccesarily, I basically want to treat FF as a library16:21
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srichterI know, but interfacing it with Python might not be that easy16:22
benjiMark Hammond is working on a couple of Python FF interface issues XPCOM and using Python as an in-browser scripting language16:23
srichterok, cool16:24
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elroHi there, I'm using formlib and so far it rocks, I've got it rendering a form and an action17:54
elronow I need to return some search results from my search action17:54
elroand have no idea what to do next :-(. WIth CMFFormController I'd traverse to another page template, what's the equivalent?17:56
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elroI just return u'Foo' and it works! yay!18:11
rockyburtelro: for the record, zope3 has no equiv of cmffc which is proving to be a pain for plone developer adoption ;)18:18
elroformlib does seem to offer a lot though, I've really wanted schema based forms in plone for ages now18:19
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slaphello all, I'm try to install zope and after issuing: make check it returns me 1 error in 8037 tests. It doesn't show the error and what i should do. So, what can I do?21:01
slapshould I continue in the instalation, and run a make install?21:01
slapI didn't find any reference in the documentation.21:04
benjislap, you can re-run the tests with the -v flag (run in the base of the untarred archive)21:04
slapi'll try it. thanks21:04
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slapbenji: is there any problem on running the tests as root?21:16
benjiyes, dont' to that :)21:16
slapI think the problem is it.21:17
benjiit is /a/ problem, one or more tests will fail if run as root21:17
philiKONslap, never ever work as root21:17
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slapin fact i don't work as root I just compile and install programs as root21:19
slapbut, ok. I'll do it as a normal user.21:19
philiKONcompile + test as normal user, just run make install as root (preferrably using sudo or su)21:21
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slapyes, the make check returned no errors. Thank you all very much.21:35
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