IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2006-03-17

elrowhere is the browser:page directive defined?00:00
elrohmm. is there anything like the apache location directive? I'd like to specify that when I visit /foo I get a foo.Foo object instantiated00:17
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joshztiredbones: still there?01:42
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tiredbonesjoshz, hi02:58
joshztiredbones: couldnt get them to work03:08
joshzjust recently tried03:08
joshzi am now modifying buddy folder03:08
tiredbonesjoshz, what couldn'r you get working?03:08
tiredbonesjoshz, the examples from Stephan's/03:09
tiredbonesjoshz, the examples from Stephan's book?03:09
joshzfrom zope book03:10
tiredbonesjoshz, what kind of problem are you having?03:11
tiredboneswith messageboard?03:11
joshzwont work properly, at this point I am just trying to get somehting up and running03:11
joshzits really hard03:11
joshzlot of things go wrong and I have no idea how to fix them03:11
tiredbonesjoshz, did you try zwiki?03:12
joshzyeah that worked03:12
tiredbonesjoshz, for the other did you create an instance?03:12
joshzi don't remember, i dont have it up and running any more03:13
tiredbonesjoshz, cd  to the Zope directory and see if you and instance there.03:14
tiredbonesjoshz, cd  to the Zope directory and see if you have instance there.03:14
joshzive made a zope instance if thats what you are asking03:15
joshzits really hard to debug the exceptions I get03:15
joshzusually it is totally meaningless03:15
tiredbonesjoshz, ok . Wher eyou able toget to the test phase in messageboard?03:16
joshzyes tat worked03:16
joshzjust want to verify if someone else had the problem03:16
joshzi am working on something else currently03:16
joshzcan't debug right now03:16
tiredbonesjoshz, well you got further than I did. I can't figure out why I'm get ImportErrors.03:17
tiredboneson the test phase.03:17
joshzi get those damn import errors all the time03:17
joshzi cant figure out what causes them03:18
joshzi just mess around until it goes away03:18
joshzzope3 dev is insane03:18
joshzits like black magic or something03:18
tiredbonesjoshz, there are many pieces to the puzzle, thats for sure.03:19
joshzwell i managed to rename buddy list to the name I wanted- yay!03:20
tiredbonesjoshz, It should be familar to you if had EBJ. Isn't that component arch.?03:20
tiredbonesjoshz, It will get down to me sooner or later, until then I fight with.03:22
joshzzope3 is more like: gee I wonder what will happen if I do this;...03:22
joshztiredbones: so what brings you to the sordid world of zope3?03:23
tiredbonesjoshz, I'm interested in the school software and I think Zope's schooltool will be good in the future.03:24
joshzI see03:24
joshzsomeone should make CRM for zope03:24
joshzthat will bring in a lot of people03:24
joshzi still can't make heads or tails of the testing mechanism03:25
tiredbonesCRM is what?03:25
joshzcustomer relationship manager03:25
joshzits really interesting how zope people are so detatched from the big biz world03:25
joshzsugarCRM made this complete POS CRM system and they a few million in funding( in PHP )03:26
tiredbonesjoshz, From what I gather about the test phase is to verify your contract.03:26
joshzi know what its for: but the docs are like 'put this line here and that line there' viola you have a testing module03:27
joshzzope people have a high tolerance for that kind of thing I find03:28
joshzmost of this junk is mainly to support the ZMI03:28
tiredbonesThe docs tell you how but not why.03:28
joshzwhich developers don't really want or need03:28
joshzthey should give more examples of developement without the ZMI( if it is even possible iwth Z3 )03:29
tiredbonesWell, I think there headed in that direction. It's called Zen.03:30
joshzwhose they?03:30
tiredbonesThe main developers and Zope Corp..03:30
joshzjust a high speed object database + security/roles + versioning would be great03:31
joshzjust manipulate through python03:31
joshzand add the web interface that you build03:31
joshzare there any links on Zen?03:32
tiredbonesjoshz, why do you want to use Zope?03:32
joshzit offers a lot of stuff I need03:32
joshzis there anything else you would suggest?03:32
joshzi like the versioned objects03:33
joshzi like the automated user login03:33
joshzthings like that are nice03:33
tiredbonesjoshz, Go to the irc logs and you should find some comments on Zen.03:33
joshzdo you know of anything that does the above?03:34
tiredbonesjoshz, have you looked at plone?03:34
joshzi know plone03:34
joshzyou don't get enough control with plone03:34
tiredbonesjoshz, What about TurboGear?03:35
joshzdon't know much about it03:35
joshzalso internationalization is good in zope03:35
tiredbonesjoshz, I only saw a demo of turbo.03:36
tiredbonesjoshz, thers is also Django(sp).03:36
tiredbonesjoshz, Did you look at RoR?03:37
tiredbonesjoshz, where did you get buddy at? I don't think I saw that package.03:38
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joshzbuddy comes with zope svn04:04
joshzwhat is this for? :__parent__ = __name__ = None04:05
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einsdo "records" work the same in zope3 page templates as it used to in zope2??09:42
einsI'm talking about records converter09:43
drzoltron_can I pass a parameter into a macro (TAL) ?09:43
drzoltron_METAL even ;)09:43
zopePloneConsultu can even pass 209:43
drzoltron_zopePloneConsult: cool, how ?09:44
zopePloneConsultjust tal:define09:44
zopePloneConsulttal:define="param python: 1+1;"09:45
zopePloneConsultand then use param09:45
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projekt01srichter, ayt?18:39
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ChrisWhi all, when I see "The following test left garbage:"22:37
ChrisWwhat does that actually mean22:37
ChrisWhow do I fix it?22:37
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