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romanofskihey eins :)10:35
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einshey romanofski10:40
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elbixiohi everybody. I just have one question. Is a FileUpload iterable? I've been trying to parse a FileUpload object using the csv module, and tells me "TypeError: argument 1 must be an iterator"14:25
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mgedminouch, @form.action(..., failure='some_method') is buggy17:06
mgedminform.action constructs a lambda to call some_method, and that lambda does not accept enough arguments17:07
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srichtermgedmin: ouch17:14
srichtermgedmin: I think the inclusion of zope.formlib was premature anyways17:14
mgedminI'm about to commit a fix17:14
srichtermgedmin: I am very unhappy about the lack of tests, documentation, and style compliance17:15
mgedminzope.formlib is lightyears ahead of regular zope forms, I love it17:15
rockyburti still need to try formlib17:15
faassenit has plenty of documentation..17:15
srichterI don't think it is at the same level that we usually require of new packages17:16
mgedminI have had to read the source to figure things out on several occasions; the documentation (although nice) is incomplete17:16
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rockyburtfaassen: i hope you don't mean that formlib has plenty of documentation like lxml has plenty of documentation ... *grin*17:16
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faassenrockyburt: what do you mean about lxml?17:16
mgedminsrichter: zope 3 release question: will there be a 3.2.x bugfix release?17:16
faassenrockyburt: most of its documentation is ElementTree's.17:17
rockyburtfaassen: when i first started using lxml basically the docs said go read ElementTree's which are horrible afaic =P17:17
faassenrockyburt: they are?17:17
srichtermgedmin: if one is warrented, we can do one, but I think we should fix some bugs first :-)17:17
srichtermgedmin: not much has happened on th etree17:17
rockyburtfaassen: well... i think this is quite a common problem with scattered python projects, but i find that they all do their docs quite differently which means i have to learn how to use the docs before i can use the docs17:18
rockyburtwith ElementTree i seem to recall this was especially true17:18
faassenrockyburt: it has reasonable API documentation, ElementTree.17:18
mgedminsrichter: should I backport the formlib fix I'm about to commit to the 3.2 branch?  should I create an issue in the collector so there is a referencable number?17:18
srichterbackport: please17:18
srichterissue number: not necessary17:18
rockyburtfaassen: perhaps its just that i'm spoiled coming from java-land where every project does their api docs exactly the same way17:19
faassenrockyburt: yeah, that would be nice.17:20
faassenrockyburt: anyway, I'm not going to redocument ElementTree where I don't need to for lxml. :)17:20
rockyburtfaassen: i understand ;)17:20
faassenrockyburt: maybe the documentation will end up in the standard library..17:21
rockyburtfaassen: i'm also spoiled having used dom4j and jdom in java-land where i think their DOM convenience api's are far better than ElementTree ... i'd love to get some time and/or sponsoring to help lxml get to that level :)17:21
faassenrockyburt: if there are some nice APIs, try suggesting them on the list.17:22
rockyburtdom4j is my favourite, simple things like when querying via xpath you can query "singleNode" or "nodes"17:23
rockyburtunless i missed something last time ElementTree lacked "singleNode"17:23
faassenwhat does singleNode do?17:23
rockyburtwhich is just enough to make me add another line of code to check "if len(nodes) > 0: return nodes[0]"17:23
rockyburtfaassen: it *never* returns a list ;)17:23
faassenwhat if the xpath expression results in a list?17:24
rockyburtso i don't have to do the "check length of returned nodes and use first element if it exists" dance everytime17:24
rockyburtfaassen: simply returns the first item17:24
rockyburtfaassen: the point being that in your code you should already know if you can deal with just one element or not17:24
faassenheh, I imagine in Java if your xpath impression returns a string you have to use a different function. :)17:24
faassenyeah, that sounds useful.17:24
rockyburtlol, indeed17:25
rockyburti mean with ElementTree simply using nodes(xpath='whatever', single=True) or something such would be fine ;)17:25
* rockyburt doesn't really care too much *what* the method names look like, just that they're convenient to use ... if i weren't using ElementTree for convenience i'd just stick with libxml ;)17:25
faassenyou might use lxml because you don't want so many memory leaks and segfaults. :)17:26
faassenanyway, I'd add something like xpathSingle17:27
faassenanyway, propose it on the list. :)17:27
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* rockyburt realizes he hijacked the channel for lxml talks ;)17:31
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srichterrockyburt: it's okay, lxml is being proposaed to be included in the Zope 3 release anyways :-)17:32
rockyburtoh yeah? cool17:32
srichterthere is a proposal17:32
srichterthere were a few outstanding issues though17:33
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mgedminwaah :(17:38
mgedmindespite the bugfix my ingenious strategy doesn't work:
mgedmin"TypeError: 'Action' object is not callable"17:39
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mgedminoh well I'll just have to abstain from using the decorator17:47
mgedmin            form.Action('Cancel', success='handle_cancel',17:56
mgedmin                        failure='handle_cancel'),17:56
mgedminis not too bad17:56
faassensrichter: yeah, don't know if it will be in, the main stumbling block is the libxml2 dependency stuff.17:58
faassensrichter: plus the whole notion of 'zope 3 release' is changing.17:58
faassensrichter: but at least in the 0.9 release we've got it eggified. doesn't fix the libxml2 dependency bit, but at least it's something. :)17:58
srichterwell, why would we not want to depend on libxml2?17:59
srichterI think we have to make concessions and accept some dependencies17:59
faassenoh, sure, I agree with you.18:00
faassenit's just we need others to agree too. :)18:00
rockyburtpersonally i feel that having a *good* xml processing library included with zope (2/3) would be terrific and well worth the dependency haggling18:00
srichterok, I thought it was mainly a Pyrex or whatever issue18:01
rockyburtand right now, lxml is as good as it gets in the python world :)18:01
faassensrichter: no, pyrex isn't the issue.18:01
faassenrockyburt: heh, thanks. :)18:01
rockyburtis there or would there be a zope.xml package? (just curious)18:01
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faassenif that contains useful code.18:02
faassenrockyburt: anyway, the discussion is here... let me look it up.18:02
rockyburtso is the hope that lxml will land in zope 3.3 ?18:03
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faassenrockyburt: I consider it unlikely to happen for 3.3 unless somebody does the work.18:04
faassenrockyburt: not sure what the work would be. I suspect it'd be the inclusion of libxml2, libxslt + lxml.18:04
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rockyburti guess not just everyone has access to edit/comment on that wiki page? or else i simply can't figure out how to do it ;)18:10
faassenrockyburt: you need to log into your account first I think.18:11
faassenrockyburt: it's always an adventure to me to do that. :)18:11
rockyburti am18:11
rockyburti'm logged in... i see my 'rocky' info in top right ,etc18:11
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faassenrockyburt: then I don't know...18:12
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projekt01rockyburt, hi, did you see the Edit link left from the History link?18:13
rockyburti wanted to add my 2 cents which was that lxml makes xml processing code cleaner and easier to read and thus easier to maintain ... any existing zope packages that do xml processing would do well to be refactored to use lxml so the rest of us can understand them...18:13
rockyburtand new zope packages that need to do xml could start with lxml so we all have a better chance of understanding them...18:13
faassenrockyburt: right. the only thing missing in lxml at present is iterparse support.18:13
rockyburtprojekt01: nope, i see "View, History, Backlinks, Subscribe, DublinCore"18:13
faassenrockyburt: i.e. we can't really replace sax yet.18:13
projekt01Between View and History I have a Edit button.18:13
rockyburtfaassen: ah i c18:13
rockyburtprojekt01: not i18:14
rockyburtoh well18:14
rockyburtdon't need me dirtying up that wiki page anyhow ;)18:14
projekt01Ask Jim if he could add you as a wiki editor18:14
* rockyburt calls out to the wikimaster which is j1m18:15
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gnosisi'm getting the notorious favicon.ico error when browsing the apidocs, bug or have i done something wrong?18:24
gnosisrunning the 3.2 release18:25
srichterno, just ignore it18:29
gnosisit hangs the server18:30
gnosisNotFound error18:30
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gnosisjust to clarify, i'm running the server as postmortem18:33
srichterok, then this is true :-)18:33
srichterit will hang the server, if you run postmorten18:34
gnosisso no browsing api when running it as such18:34
srichterI think just noone has ever put time into debugging the problem18:34
gnosisgot ya18:34
srichtergnosis: I suggest running the APIdoc on a non-development server on a different port18:34
andressrichter, btw, whats the state of the offliine apidoc?18:35
srichterthis way you can also use it, if you have a configuration or syntax error in the code18:35
gnosisgood idea18:35
srichterlast time I tried it had a few incorrect links; the script is there, it just needs some testing and tweaking18:35
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