IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-03-22

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romanofskihey eins :)09:40
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whitwhat's the prognosis for browser:page and browser:pages?18:30
whitare these directives bound for deprecation?18:31
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sawdogIs there a way to dynamically register an adapter to support an interface outside of the class:  I.e. rather then using implements(IFoo) in the class, instantiate a class and then register it for IFoo?19:43
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benjisawdog, you can do it in ZCML, or there is a function you can call19:52
sawdogYou know where to point me for the funtion - I'll dig......wasn't sure where to look, so hopped for a look at  :)19:53
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benjiit's either zope.interface or zope.component19:55
benjioh, and you mentioned adapter, but it seems you just want to say that a particular object provides a particular interface, right?19:55
sawdogI want to register it, yes19:59
sawdogFor whatever object.  Using directlyProvides doesn't do what I need for updating my getView to getMultiAdapter20:00
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SteveAbenji: have you seen any hangs on acquiring a lock while opening a ZODB DB connection on SMP or 64 bit systems?20:00
benjinope, SteveA and we run several SMP machines20:00
sawdogI'm running several 674bit machines, no problems here20:01
benjisawdog, so you do want to register an adapter?20:01
sawdoger, 6420:01
* benji wants a 674 bit machine :)20:01
sawdogWell, I'm not certain is a 'Zope 3 Adapter' -- need to go read and ensure I'm using right terminology.  I'll ping you and verify20:02
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sawdogBenji, are you awake?20:44
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srichterwhit: I don't think that browser:page will soon go away. Even with formlib we are commonly using it20:52
whitsrichter: good to know....we were discussing whether it's days were numbered20:53
srichterit would basically mean we deprecate writing views as we know it20:54
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