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jintyhoi andres_11:16
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andres_jinty, hi11:46
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roymHow does one provide a custom viewlet class:16:50
roymI use:16:50
roym  class QuestionAnswer(viewlet.ViewletBase):16:50
roym    implements(interfaces.IViewlet)16:50
roym    def update(self): 'custom update code...'16:50
roymand I get:16:50
roym  TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 5 arguments (4 given)16:50
roymShould I not simply be able to extend ViewletBase?16:50
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srichtermmh, let me check16:54
srichteryou could check out SchoolToo; we build custom viewlets there16:55
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roymsrichter: thanks, let me browse the SchoolTool code16:57
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roymsrichter: In schooltool, I see a few examples of custom viewlet classes, but none appear to try to provide custom render/update methods.17:11
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srichterbut that might not be your problem17:11
srichteryour problem is the the init17:11
srichtercan you give a few more lines of the traceback?17:11
roym  File "/usr/local/Zope3/src/zope/contentprovider/", line 60, in __call__17:13
roym    provider = zope.component.queryMultiAdapter(17:13
roym  File "/usr/local/Zope3/src/zope/component/", line 165, in queryMultiAdapter17:13
roym    return sitemanager.queryMultiAdapter(objects, interface, name, default)17:13
roym  File "/usr/local/Zope3/src/zope/component/", line 75, in queryMultiAdapter17:13
roym    default)17:13
roym  File "/usr/local/Zope3/src/zope/interface/", line 475, in queryMultiAdapter17:13
roym    return factory(*objects)17:13
roymTypeError: __init__() takes exactly 5 arguments (4 given)17:13
srichtermmh, definitely seems to be the viewlet lookup that is failing17:13
srichteroh, I know17:14
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srichterdid you try to use the viewlet directly from TAL?17:14
srichternote that you need a viewlet manager that manages the viewlets17:14
srichterhave you read through the viewlet README.tct?17:14
srichteryou should also consider reading through zope.contentprovider's README.txt17:15
roymI have the manager.. let me try to show you a few snippets17:15
roymsrichter: you're dead on... I had the class registered against the viewletManager, instead of the viewlet.17:17
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srichteryou are welcome17:26
benjisrichter, do you know where the Zope 2 dev people hang out on IRC?17:27
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srichterbenji: I thought there was a zope-dev channel, but I am not sure17:28
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srichterI have not dealt with Zope 2, since a long time :-)17:28
benjiI'm in zope-dev, and it's pretty dead17:28
srichterhe he17:29
srichterI guess try the lsit first17:29
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benjiok, morning meeting time, l8r17:29
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hdimabenji: what about #zope?17:31
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philiKONbenji, i don't think anyone uses #zope-dev17:39
philiKONbenji, i don't think zope 2 developers really hang out in a central place, except #zope perhaps17:40
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benjiok, thanks philiKON17:43
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elrodoes anyone know of any projects using ldapadapter? I've made some changes (see zope3-dev mailing list) and was looking for something to test incompatibilities20:17
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elrohi there, I'm having trouble understanding how adapters. I would like to specify an adapter as adapting from one interface to another interface, but this does not seem to work. see any idea where I am going wrong?21:58
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benjielro, you're adapting the _class_ MyA to IB, you should adapt an instance of MyA to IB22:03
elroduh, I was trying to adapt a class rather than an instance22:03
benjisyncrinicity :)22:03
elronow I want to bring an adapter BC into the equation (identical to AB, but with A->B and B->C, I provideAdapter(BC), but IC(MyA()) gives a could not adapt22:07
elroany idea how I should look up a non direct adapter?22:07
elro for the curious22:09
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benjiI looked at the code elro, and nothing jumps out at me22:20
elrobenji, are indirect adapter paths supported? or are adapter searched only one level deep?22:21
benjiadaptation isn't transitive, if you want A -> B -> C you have to do IC(IB(a))22:23
benjioh, and that's your problem :)22:23
elroright, cool, that explains it, many thanks22:23
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radixIs there a reason FileResult is in ? I'd expect it to live in zope.publisher or something22:38
srichtermmh, that seems strange indeed22:51
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gumpabenji, I'm curious about the {{{ markup in your quick start guide23:12
benjime too gumpa, you shouldn't be able to see it :(23:13
benjiit's for an experimental tool that lets me do tests23:13
* benji goes to check the quick start23:14
gumpaI'm looking at the .txt,23:14
gumpalooks like an interesting experiment23:14
gumpaa docutils directive?23:14
benjiright, so you can run a doctest to see if what you've described in the prose is correct23:15
gumpalooks like you want the guide to do run some commands, automate stuff23:15
benjiright, it's kind of a flavor of doctest, a program reads the document and executes the commands23:16
gumpadoes {{{ use docutils or are you pre-processing23:16
benjifor example if I talk about editing a file I'll include the full text of the file in a {{{ section and it'll get written to disk23:16
benjithere's a preprocessor23:16
gumpalooking for testers? :-]23:17
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benjiyou can have a copy of the code if you want, but it's very, very much a prototype23:18
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* gumpa is very interested in that kind of stuff23:19
benjiI'll tar up the working directory if you'd like, gumpa, and email it to you23:23
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gumpaI'm ktenney at -  thanks!23:25
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benjigumpa: email is on it's way, I added a bit of discussion and disclaiming :)23:48
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