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mexiKONmornin' j1m19:50
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andreshm. Is some/url/manage still a special case?20:05
mexiKONwhat do you mean, special case?20:05
mexiKON@@manage is a view20:05
mexiKONit's a bit like manage_workspace in zope 2. it redirects to the url of the first menu item in the zmi_views menu20:06
andresmexiKON, ok. Thanks. I will have to fix my traverser then.20:06
andresmexiKON, i have my own ipublish traverse implementation. It traverses into attributes of some of my objects. But does a view lookup first.20:07
andresSo it doesnt traverse down my attribute manage but shows the @@manage view.20:07
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j1mmorning mexiKON21:10
srichterj1m: I think some people at the upcoming Swiss sprint could work on the branch21:33
j1mwhen is that sprint again?21:33
srichterstarting next Saturday21:34
j1mmeaning a week from this coming saturday?21:34
j1mI think that timing could work out well.21:34
j1mWil you me there?21:35
j1mWill you me there?21:35
j1mcool.  I think that would be great.21:35
srichterAnd there will be people there that have worked on WebDev and thus know the old registration code too21:35
j1mBy then, I hope to have ripped most of the old code out.21:36
srichteryou just need to dump your vision into my brain somewhen in the next week21:36
srichteror best now21:36
srichterbecause I am leaving to Switzerland in a few hours21:36
j1mI don't have time atm.21:36
j1mwell, my vision was pretty well captured in the component-registration proposal.21:37
srichterok, I'll read it carefully again and then I can always give you a call from there21:37
j1mGiven your experience and reading the proposal, you could probably see it taking shape on the branch.21:38
j1mMy next checkin will get it a lot close, I think.21:38
srichterI am very excited about it21:38
j1mI still have a few hours to go on that though.21:38
j1mme too.21:38
j1mI don't expect the next checkin to hapen until this weekend.21:39
srichterI have to check out the branch; I am still planning to take a stab at some of the deprecation warning situations, if it is still relevant21:40
j1mNot sure.21:41
j1mI need to reevaluate after the next checkin.21:41
srichterI will not be able to look too closely till next Friday anyways21:41
j1mk, well, I think the proposal captures the goal.21:42
j1mTo summarize:21:43
j1m- No dead chickens (death to ILocalUtility)21:43
j1m- Anything is registerable, anywhere21:43
j1mat least, this is the most significant to the UI.21:44
srichterdoes this include content space?21:44
j1mMy thought is that everything will have a Registration view, but only people with "Manage Services" (or whatever it's called these days :) will see it.21:44
srichteroh, interesting21:45
srichterso will the site management space have any meaning at all?21:45
j1mThere should still be a place out of content space where people can put components, but this need not be a hard requirement.21:45
j1m1. A possibole place to hand the sm ui21:46
j1m2. A convenient place outside of content space to put components or adapter factories.21:46
* rockyburt snickers everytime he sees the "utilities" folder auto-created beneath an ISite in Zope2 when a local utility is registered to that ISite instance21:50
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mexiKONsrichter, i've got some ideas as well22:10
mexiKONthey're quite use-case driven22:10
mexiKONzope 2 mostly22:10
mexiKONwhatever we come with i'd like to be as reusable for zope 2 as possible22:10
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srichtermexiKON: send me an E-mail about it22:46
mexiKONwill do22:47
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