IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2006-03-30

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LucasMIWHowdy: A quick question about programming for Zope 3 for anyone who can answer.. Is this the right place to ask?00:37
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smLucasMIW: yes, this is the place, but you may have to wait a while00:43
LucasMIWThat's fine. I'm not in a hurry. :)00:44
LucasMIWI'm trying to use includeOverrides in my configure.zcml file of my module, but Zope throws up ConfigurationConflictErrors saying my overrides conflict with the original directives whenever I try to start it. I thought that's what overrides are for, overriding the original directives. Am I wrong?00:44
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* eins greets romanofski 10:14
romanofskihey eins :)10:14
romanofskihow is life?10:14
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einswell despite having sleep shortage everything seems to be ok;)10:16
einshow is yours?:)10:16
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romanofskiwell... got this week off so I was working on my zope product10:22
romanofskicurrently migrating the views to Five10:22
* eins is fighting with bugs in zope3 sqlscript10:23
einsfighting = doing workarounds10:23
romanofskieek! eek! :)10:25
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philiKONeins, patches are welcome :)10:55
einsphiliKON I will bug-report it probably:)10:57
* eins slaps philiKON around a bit with a large trout10:58
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philiKONhey srichter10:58
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philiKONvelkom in ze sviss mountens10:59
srichterthanks :-)10:59
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philiKONfor all you mac users out there:
srichterwow, so the mini is much faster16:37
philiKONtwice as fast, basically16:37
srichterthey must have really messed something up on the powerbook16:37
philiKONwell, "messed up"16:38
philiKONit's just an old architecture16:38
srichterwe basically stopped supporting SchoolTool for the MAC because of the unacceptable performance16:38
philiKONthey should have had the G5 equivalent technology in the powerbook when i bought mine16:38
philiKONsrichter, well, you can resume now :)16:39
srichteryeah, Tom needs to get his hand on a mini and check it out16:39
srichterI wonder how the new intel computers are working16:39
philiKONthe mac mini core solo 1.5 GHz is basically the slowest intel mac you can get right now16:39
srichteroh, it is the intel version16:39
philiKONall others have Core Duos (two processors) and up to 2.0 GHz16:39
philiKONthat's the point16:40
srichterok, wow16:40
philiKONit's my powerbook against the slowest intel mac out there16:40
srichterhe he16:41
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philiKONsrichter, you guys sprinting?18:18
LucasMIWI'm trying to use includeOverrides in my configure.zcml file of my module, but Zope throws up a ConfigurationConflictError exception saying my overrides conflict with the original directives whenever I try to start it. I thought that's what overrides are for, overriding the original directives. Am I wrong? Anyone ever have a problem like that?18:22
SteveAwhere exactly are the directives that you want to use as overrides?18:23
LucasMIWbrowser:addform and browser:ediform18:24
LucasMIWI suppose those aren't overridable? :(18:24
philiKONthey are18:24
SteveAyou need to override these at the time that meta-directives are parsed18:28
SteveAwell, that is, if you're overriding how browser:addform itself works.18:28
SteveAi'm confused actually.  are you changing the very nature of browser:addform and browser:editform?  or, are you changing some particular pages that are defined using the regular browser:addform and browser:editform directives?18:29
LucasMIWThe latter.18:29
SteveAso, in what file do you have your new browser:addform and editform directives?18:29
LucasMIWoverrides.zcml in my package's directory.18:30
SteveAi see18:30
SteveAand you included this using <includeOverrides file="overrides.zcml" /> ?18:30
SteveAand, if you comment out or remove the <includeOverrides file="overrides.zcml" />, does zope start up with no conflict errors?18:31
LucasMIWCorrect. :)18:31
SteveAdoes your overrides.zcml file contain anything else?18:36
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LucasMIWNope, just that.19:04
SteveAthen this is most odd19:04
LucasMIWI agree. :)19:05
mgedminincludeOverrides is very non-intuitive19:09
mgedminthere's this tree of little ZCML files that include each other19:09
mgedmindirectives in parent files override directives in child nodes19:09
mgedmindirectives in siblings conflict19:10
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mgedminincludeOverrides just tells the zcml machinery "treat the directives in this file as if they were spelled out directly here"19:10
mgedminso it doesn't create a child node in the tree19:10
mgedminbut it doesn't override directives that are outside your current subtree19:10
LucasMIWThat's probably it. Hmm..19:11
mgedminLucasMIW: if you create a yourpackage-overrides.zcml that includes our overrides.zcml, and put that slug directly in Zope's package-includes/ directory, it should work19:11
mgedminI think19:11
LucasMIWI'll try that.19:12
LucasMIWWorked. Thanks.19:14
* SteveA gives mgedmin kudos karma points19:15
philiKONSteveA, is that a new rosetta thing? ;)19:16
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regebroToodeloo dudes! Two questions:20:34
regebro1. In doctests, I'd like to do things like20:35
regebro>>> ob20:35
regebrowhich returns < at 5765757657>20:35
regebroCan you test that in doc tests? I tried < at ...> which I have a vague memory of seeing, but it didn't work.20:36
smI believe there is some convenience feature like that.. can't remember it either20:37
regebroQuestion 2: Where can I read up on what ContainedProxus really are and why they are. :)20:37
mgedminregebro: you need to enable the ELLIPSIS doctest flag20:37
smwhat about >>> assert type(ob) is
mgedmineither do >>> ob # doctest: +ELLIPSIS20:37
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mgedminor when you create the DocTestSuite20:37
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regebromgedmin: Ah, ok, thanks.20:37
mgedminpass optionflags=doctest.ELLIPSIS20:37
regebroWait, is ContainedProxys something that wraps around objects that do not implement IContained, perhaps?20:39
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mgedminsomething like that, yes20:42
regebroRight, I let my DummyObject implement IContained, and hey presto, no proxy! :) Good.20:43
regebrothe I can test with >>> a is b. Much neater. :)20:44
regebroWhoho, I have a repository. It is a stupid repository, but it is a repository. :)20:47
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benjiI was going to tell regebro about the doctest rewriting capabilities in Jim's new testrunner, but he left20:54
smwhat are those ?20:55
benjiyou can register a "thing" (forgot what they're called) that will post-process the expected doctest output (matching regular expressions and replacing them with text)20:57
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benjiso for the example above, instead of having <FooClass at ...> in your doctest you'd have20:58
benji<FooClass at 0x12345678>; where the address was translated from the random memory address into some constant20:58
benjiso it looks more like real interpreter output, but is still constant across test runs20:58
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benjimake sense, sm?20:59
smsorry.. yes pretty much21:02
smsounds handy21:03
benjiyep.  It can really make doctests look much cleaner and more understandable21:03
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* mgedmin drools21:15
mgedminbenji: where could I find examples of that?21:16
benjihmm, let me look21:16
* benji thought mgedmin was drooling because they'd upped his meds21:16
mgedminbenji: you know what would be a Really Really Nice feature to have in testbrowser?21:18
mgedminHTML -> plain text rendering (links/elinks/w3m style)21:18
benjihere you go, mgedmin, the "renormalizing" module:
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benjimgedmin, I don't think it should be /in/ testbrowser, but it might be nice to have a helper /for/ testbrowser that would do that21:19
mgedminactually, I would like to be able to use XPath (or maybe the ElementTree API that seems to be widely used) to select subsets of HTML documents21:20
mgedminand render just those21:20
mgedminso that I can write unit tests for forms21:21
mgedminand in the meantime change the header/footer/page macro globally21:21
mgedminwithout having to go through all the ftests21:21
benjiyou should be able to do that now, feed the .contents attribute to ET or another XML toolkit21:21
benjiI don't understand the header/footer/page macro comment; it sounds like you might want to use an HTML parser to assert that certain form fields exist21:22
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philiKONbenji, while i do like renormalizing, i spend way too much time setting up the regular expressions etc. than it takes me putting in a # doctest: +ELLIPSIS comment...21:30
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benjiIt definately doesn't do away with the need for ellipsis (although I hate the comment flavor and prefer it in the test suite), it is nice for instances where the output with ellipsis is virtually meaningless to a human, but where dummy output makes things clearer21:32
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xshivsup fellas23:54
xshivis there a way to override the hard-coded paths that zope3 spits out into pages by default?23:55
xshiveg i have it listening on a private ip, with a rewrite rule from apache on the external side, yet everything gets rendered with the private ip:port23:56
xshivand is then inaccessible as you would imagine23:56
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benjixshiv, there is support for virtual hosting, but I don't know much about it :)23:58
xshivahh k23:58
SteveAi'd love to put virtual hosting into the server conf23:59
SteveAbut as it is:23:59

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