IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2006-03-31

SteveA  rewrite like this: .*  http://localhost:port/$100:00
SteveAwith a [P] after it00:00
xshivahh ok yea00:01
xshivi was using the old style00:01
xshivlemme give that a shot00:01
SteveAif you're using ssl, then replace :80/ with :443/ or whatever00:01
xshivright yeah00:01
xshivthanks ;)00:01
philiKONand the http: with an https:00:01
SteveAphiliKON: didn't you write a book about this?00:01
philiKONi think i did :)00:02
LucasMIWHmm... Sitting right here - "Web Component Development with Zope 3" - thanks for the excellent book, BTW.00:02
philiKONyou're most welcome.00:03
philiKONthanks for buying it :)00:03
xshivhmm well00:04
xshiv A system error occurred.00:04
xshivi think i know00:05
xshivthere we go00:05
xshivwicked thanks guys00:05
xshivso the ++ stuff essentially replaces all the old VirtualHostBase etc00:06
SteveAalthough, i'm making it an option to use the Host: header instead00:06
SteveAand list allowed hosts in the .conf file00:06
xshivah that would be cool too00:06
SteveAnow that apache has an option to pass through the Host: header00:06
philiKONSteveA, didn't know. that's great.00:07
philiKONwill this be ready for 3.3?00:07
philiKON*cross fingers*00:08
SteveAdepends when 3.3 is00:08
philiKONfeature freeze in 1 month00:08
SteveAhmm, then maybe.  maybe not.00:08
SteveAi have a vacation in the middle of that00:09
philiKONnice. where you're going?00:09
SteveAvarious places in the US00:09
xshivthanks again00:12
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einshi all08:08
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mexiKONJ1m, i just responded re: the twisted test failure on your branch14:46
J1mvery weird14:47
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mexiKONJ1m, on
mexiKONJ1m, Zope 2 and Five depend on ISite15:20
mexiKONwhere shall it go?15:20
mexiKONor perhaps we create zope.component.local with all the local stuff?15:20
J1mabsolutely not15:20
mexiKONok :)15:20
J1mzope.component shouldn't have anything to do with sites or locality.15:21
mexiKONvery well15:21 ?15:21
J1mI'm not really sure.15:22
mexiKONme neither15:22
J1mI guess, at least for now.15:22
mexiKONhm, ok15:22
J1mor perhaps we should think about it15:23
mexiKONi think we should15:23
mexiKONi'm off shopping. let me know when you have an idea... it's all not that urgent, but we'll have to come up with something at some point15:25
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roymWhat are the semantics of '<fooname>-empty-marker' in widget html16:39
roymcode. Is it used to show that a value has not been picked for a16:39
roymwidget - meaning the value in the context will be left untouched?16:39
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whitare there any resources explaining how test coverage works?19:05
* whit is trying to decipher the output19:05
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benjiwhit, "how it works" or "what the output means"?19:08
whitbenji: latter19:08
benjithe tabular output or the copies-of-source-with-prefixes output19:09
whitor both19:09
benjithe tabular output is pretty self explanitory, the % column is just the % of lines that got executed at least once19:11
benjithe prefixes are just how many times that line was executed, or ">>>>" if the line was never executed19:13
whitand that covers all module loaded into memory by a particular process?19:14
* whit seems to have gotten a coverage report only on his test modules19:16
benjiit's supposed to, but there is apparently a bug in the test coverage, it worked before, but I'm seeing something similar19:18
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whitbenji: seems to depend on the option used...... -s on the whole package seems to work19:42
benjihmm, let me try that19:42
benjithat's what I did, and it missed files19:43
whityeah, I get alot of reports on stuff I don't care about....but I am trying to use this with Zope219:45
benjiyeah, you always get lots you don't care about, but with -s zope.testbrowser, it doesn't create coverage files for several of the files that are executed; I think someone else noticed this and fixed it, but hasn't contributed it back (yet)19:47
whityeah, I notice some conspicuous absences too19:51
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wtanyone here?23:01
wtI am trying to get apidoc to work23:01
wtI have zope 3.2.023:01
wtdo I need to add a configuration directive or somthing23:01
benjiwt, I think you have to turn development mode on, don't remember if it's on out of the box or not23:03
wtdevmode on?23:05
wtThere are indications everywhere that the default was changed to on in 2005-Oct23:06
wtbut I added a line "devmode on" to the bottom of the config file23:06
wtapidoc still doesn't work23:06
benji<shrug> sorry, don't have any idea; is this a fresh install/checkout?23:07
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wtit is an install from debian packages23:26
wtI haven't been able to find anything from web searches or anywhere else yet23:26
wtI know that 3.1 has working apidoc23:26
benjidon't know, try a checkout or release, if that works it's a packaging issue23:28
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wtWhere would the following go?: <apidoc:moduleImport allow="true" />23:31
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