IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2006-04-01

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unegaAnyone have zope3 running on os x?00:02
unegaI get errors after I build it00:02
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benjiunega, we have people running it on OS X, but I don't think any are in the channel right now, what's the error?00:08
unega-bash: ./Zope/zopetest: /bin/env: bad interpreter: No such file or directory00:10
unegaI really appreciate any help you may have for me00:10
unegaI'm using python 2.4.4 and it asks for 2.4.3 - thats the only thing I can think of00:11
unegait configures/compiles fine though00:11
benjiseems that your system doesn't have a /bin/env00:11
benjidon't know if that's normal for a Mac or not00:12
unegait does00:12
benji<shrug>, that's what the error message says: /bin/env: bad interpreter: No such file or directory00:12
unegaoh wait /usr/bin/env00:12
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unegalemme make a sym link =)00:13
unegaOk, I found some new fun:00:15
unegaManifesto:~/Sites/Zope-3.2.1 seven$ ./Zope/zopetest00:15
unegaTraceback (most recent call last):00:15
unega  File "./Zope/zopetest", line 30, in ?00:15
unega    from zope.testing import testrunner00:15
unegaImportError: No module named zope.testing00:15
benjihmm, that one doesn't look familiar :(00:19
unegano worries, I appreciate the 1st fix =)00:19
benjia guess on the second one would be to look at the Python path and make sure it's set up properly00:20
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chris__my unauthenticated user is getting a TraversalError on a simple one-off zpt page12:52
chris__i can edit and view it fine under zmi12:52
chris__how can I set permission on it to allow unauthenticated user access to it?12:53
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ircleuserhi, anyone have zope3 running on os x?22:53
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unegaheh whoops22:53
unegaspectacular, can I ask you a couple quick questions?22:53
kamalgillircleuser: i've got z3 on os x22:54
andrew_munega: yeah, but i didn't really do anything different on OS X than on linux22:54
unegaI'm trying to get it to run, it compiles fine and everything but I can't run the make instance prog or zopetest22:54
unegai have python 2.4.422:55
unegaI was wondering if I need to downgrade? I had to specify where python was, and it seems to work up until I actually try and run the prog =/22:55
andrew_munega: when you run it, are you sure it uses the same python installation?22:56
unegahrmm.. I told configure where it was22:56
unegathat should set it up right?22:56
unegai mean /bin/python is a sym link22:56
unegabut i tend to think it's a version problem, zope is pretty touchy i've noticed22:57
andrew_myeah.. you should use the python version it recommends22:58
andrew_mi found it too hard to update the system wide python on os x, so I just installed python somwhere and then passed that path to the configure of zope322:58
unegaerr, i mean i have python 2.4.322:58
uneganot 2.4.4... but the problem is still the same22:59
unegayou rock22:59
unegai think that's what i need to do, but for some reason a local copy of python scared me. I'll man up =)22:59
andrew_mit's much easier actually22:59
andrew_myou can keep everything local in one dir: python, zope3, any other libraries23:00
unegaZope 3 requires that Python 2.4.2 or newer be installed. <-- well, I guess by "newer" they mean "newer" on non-osX platforms23:01
andrew_mi'm using python 2.4.1 but still with Zope 3.123:02
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unegaI think computers are like bears in that once you get a little sketch they maull you into oblivion23:05
unegaor I'm a dumb ass. Probably both.23:06
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chris_I'm interested in getting zope3 to serve photos so I'm looking at the zope3 photo/photoslide product23:42
chris_...but I don't anything in the zmi add: menu so I don';t know where to start :(23:42
chris_any suggestions?23:43
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