IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2006-04-03

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einshi all08:14
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d2mhey, anyone awake with a link into Zope hosting NOC ? is redirected to zope.com12:43
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J1mI'll ask someone about it.12:51
J1mThanks for the specific info.12:51
d2mok, thanks12:52
srichterit seems that not all servers do it12:52
srichterI reloaded a couple time and once I got zope.org12:52
J1msrichter, I got my checkins done yesterday.12:53
J1mI still have lots more work on that branch, but I'll try to keep it to smaller increments.12:55
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srichterJ1m: I saw13:04
srichterI will have a look later this week as preparation for the sprint13:04
srichterphiliKON: started working on the branch as well13:04
J1mI saw :)13:09
J1mHe fixed a bug of mine.13:09
J1mI need to get in the habit of running all tests13:09
J1md2m, someone is looking into the redirection problem13:11
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J1mare people who go to still being redirected to
J1mCould some folks try?14:08
Aistej1m: it works fine for me14:10
J1mmeaning you get
J1mI still get :/14:11
Aistehm... something got cached somewhere?14:11
J1mI dunno14:12
J1mThe problem was definately caused by a missconfiguration of our cache teir.14:12
J1mHm, cleared my browser cache and that seemed to have helped.14:13
J1mNow I'm getting
J1mHopefully it's fixed.14:13
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clasuxcould someone give me a hand.. :/15:16
clasuxis it possible to replace filestorage with pgstorage, have anyone use it? or is there a somekind of another way to replace filestorage with a real database system?15:17
srichterclasux: most people her use filestorage15:18
srichtersome projects use directorystorage or oraclestorage15:18
srichterusually the ZODB is sclaed using ZEO15:18
clasuxok, thanks15:19
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andrew_mis it normal on a running zope instance with lots of users to get this type of error in the logs:17:39
andrew_mERROR ZODB.lock_file Error locking file /home/..../instance/var/Data.fs.lock17:40
andrew_m... IOError: [Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable17:40
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Theuniandrew_m:  no. this usually happens when you try to start zope although it is running already17:43
andrew_mhmm.. that is def. not the case17:43
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philiKONj1m, can go?18:06
philiKON(on your branch that is)18:06
j1mIt's needed for backward compat18:07
j1mso it can go eventually18:07
philiKONit's slated to go in zope 3.318:07
philiKONbut perhaps it's needed for old pickles?18:07
j1mIt should be largely or entirely deprecations at this point.18:07
j1mit is?18:07
philiKONyes. it was deprecated in zope 3.118:07
philiKONstuff was moved to
j1mah, ok then18:08
philiKONi'm just wondering about old pickles. how do we deal with them anyways?18:08
srichteryes, the new registration code lived in
srichterphiliKON: generations18:10
philiKONwere old pickles from taken care of?18:11
philiKONin other words, should we still encounter them or can we get rid of w/o problems?18:11
srichterI am pretty sure I did do that18:13
srichterbenji_york: j1m: GaryPoster: I really, really like zc.table!18:14
benji_yorkglad to hear it srichter :)18:15
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benjiand thanks for letting me know that my nick was wrong :)18:15
srichterbenji: we need an API in zope.testbrowser to add new controls manually18:15
benji"add controls manually" means insert HTML into the page?18:16
srichterbenji: our list widget creates its control using Javascript18:16
srichtermechanize already has a way to add controls to a form18:16
benjioh, but the moral equiv.18:16
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srichterbasically manipulate the DOM18:16
benjiit'd be nicer if it had a JS interpreter18:16
srichteryeah, but I think the scope is much larger18:17
srichterI guess it would be even better if we could manipulate the DOM18:17
srichtereither way would be fine18:17
srichterbut I had to hack into the mechanize layer for a test yesterday and that was not so nice18:18
benjiwe need to be careful though, testbrowser shouldn't grow general purpose HTML parsing stuff (I'd like to leave that to ElementTree, lxml, XPath, etc.), but your use case seems like a fairly common one18:18
srichterright, I totally agree18:19
srichterI do not want to grow testbrowser either18:19
srichterin fact, I would add such functionality via a wrapper/adapter18:19
srichterbrowser = TestBrowser()18:20
srichteror something like that18:20
srichterthis way it is clear that this is a limitation API18:21
benjihmm, that's kinda strange :)18:21
srichterwell, I am just thinking out loud18:22
benjiI wouldn't mind a browser.addControl method; we could even move it to a subclass of the main interface if we didn't want to support it universally18:22
benjiI'd just start with adding the method first and see if we want to restrict it to a sub-interface later18:24
srichterthen all controls would need to grow a method too that would know how to insert itself correctly into mechanize18:25
srichterthe mechanize add interface is butt ugly18:25
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