IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2006-04-04

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kamalgillguys, quick zope 3 config question here...looking at zope.conf, what's zope3's equivalent of zope2's effective-user directive?00:26
kamalgillbasically, how do i control what user zope runs as?00:27
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kamalgillbasically, i'd like to release a Zope 3 installer for Mac OS X, and I need to set the effective user in zope.conf00:30
kamalgillhowever, zope 3 doesn't appear to have an effective-user directive in zope.conf00:31
benjiI don't think there's a built-in way to do that in Z3, kamalgill00:31
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kamalgilldoes Zope 3 run as root?00:31
LucasMIWI would assume it run as whatever user starts it.00:32
benjinope, we normally run it as a normal user and use Apache or Squid, or something else that's actually bound to port 8000:32
benji"we" being "the people I know" :)00:32
kamalgillyikes. seems i bit unusual to run it as a privileged user, no?00:32
kamalgill*seems a bit unusual*00:33
LucasMIWIt does seem like a bit of a risk...00:33
benjiwe don't run it as root, I said "we normally run it as a normal user"00:34
kamalgillwell, if zope is compromised, the cracker would have access to whatever the user starting up the process has access to on the machine00:34
kamalgillseems a bit dangerous00:34
kamalgillany reason why the effective-user directive was never ported from Zope 2 to Z3?00:35
benjithe "normal user" doesn't have to have many privs, you can also run it in a chroot jail00:35
benjinoone's needed it enough, apparently00:36
kamalgillbenji: well, it really hampers my ability to release a proper installer for Zope 300:36
kamalgillin fact, i built an OS X installer at the snow sprint in Austria a couple months ago00:37
kamalgillbut i never released it due to this apparent security lapse00:37
kamalgillseems to me that point-n-click installers would help spread the adoption of Zope 300:38
benjicouldn't you use  su -u unpriv_user (or moral equiv)00:38
kamalgillhmm, would i modify zopectl in that case?00:39
benjiI don't think people would run production sites from a point-n-click installed server though, so I'd just make a security note in the distribution about setting it up properly to run a production server00:39
whitwell...people don't try to until there are point and click installers ;)00:41
LucasMIWI could see that being an issue with a startup item, however - needing a password each time. Are you intending to include a startup item?00:41
kamalgillgood suggestion, but i'd hate for Zope 3 to receive any negative publicity just because some fellow decided to use the installer on a production system and potentially compromised his setup.00:41
kamalgilli'd prefer *not* to include a separate startup item00:41
kamalgillwe should stick with zopectl00:41
kamalgillor zeoctl00:41
kamalgillbasically, stick to conventions00:41
LucasMIWJust mentioning it because I know the Plone Mac OS X install includes one.00:42
kamalgillto keep documentation and support easier00:42
kamalgillLucasMIW: true, but the separate startup script in the Plone OS X installer is going away ;)00:42
LucasMIWBut then, they do all sorts of crazy stuff.00:42
kamalgillyeah, all that crazy stuff will go away in the next OS X Plone installer00:43
LucasMIWO, happy day!00:43
kamalgilltrust me, it will (since I'm building it)00:43
kamalgillbut, back to the effective-user issue00:44
kamalgillhow difficult would it be to get that directive in Z3's zope.conf?00:44
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LucasMIWActually, looking at the zdaemon code, it may still be in there...00:56
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kamal-nearbyLucasMIW: really?  last time i tried to set effective-user in zope.conf, it wasn't recognized.01:00
LucasMIWI'm still trying to figure it out...01:01
kamal-nearbyok, thx for looking into it.01:01
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LucasMIWIt seems that you may be able to use:01:01
LucasMIWuser your_username01:01
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kamal-nearbyhmm, where is this documented?01:02
kamal-nearbyor, should i say, what code are you looking at?01:02
LucasMIWNot seeing docs for it, just reading from lib/python/zdaemon/ and lib/python/zdaemon/sample.conf01:03
LucasMIWand  lib/python/zdaemon/schema.xml01:03
kamal-nearbyLucasMIW: ok, i'll give it a try.  thx.01:04
LucasMIWkamal-nearby: Let me know how it works. :)01:05
kamal-nearbywill do :)01:06
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b_52Freestupid noob question qre possible here ?13:10
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b_52Freeok i kniow the question is stupid bur is it possible to compile the ZServer alone ?  not alone i mean look in the source code and execute it ? to know how it work ?13:47
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srichterb_52Free: yes, though I would not recommend it14:43
srichterZServer in Zope 3 is a WSGI server14:43
srichterZope 3 is now switching to Twsited, which also provides a WSGI web server14:43
srichter(though ZServer s faster)14:43
b_52Freesrichter, just to see how the stuff work14:44
b_52Freetwisted you're talking about the api ?14:44
srichterno, we are using the twsited Web and FTP server; the Web server is connected via WSGI14:44
b_52Free  but i think that zope is a hole and i want to be more than a simple user so i think  there is no way  i must start with ZSERVER :)14:48
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srichterb_52Free: if you really want to understand the innerworkings of Zope, you should start with the publisher14:50
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baldtrolbefore i run off too far down this road, i'm curious...  it seems like coupling formlib with viewlets is a really potent way to create a page, but i admit, i haven't even close to mastered the complexities of either one yet.  am i looking at these correctly, that they can be used meaningfully together?15:23
baldtroljeff shell's discussion here indicates i'm on the right track, but i'm notorious for reading things the way i want them to be, and not necessarily as they are ;)15:24
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HammerToeanyone here know the whereabouts of a macos zope3 installer?  I'm sure I remember Stephan or someone at the snow sprint mentioning one19:03
whityou want to talk to kamalgill19:04
kamalgillsomebody mention my name?19:05
HammerToekamalgill: did you mention something about a z3 macos installler at the snowsprint?19:05
kamalgillyes, i built an OS X Zope 3 installer at the snow sprint19:05
HammerToeI can't get python 2.4.2 installed on here19:05
HammerToekamal: where is it?19:05
HammerToeoh, and is it tiger or jaguar? I'm still running jag19:06
kamalgillit's on tiger, but it should work on jaguar19:06
kamalgilli haven't officially released it since i had some questions about the effective-user directive19:06
HammerToekamal: ok well any place I can grab it from?19:07
kamalgilli was planning on building one for the latest 3.2.1 release19:07
kamalgilldo you need it asap?19:07
HammerToekamal: well only if you had it handy19:08
HammerToeit is mainly python 2.4.2 i can't get installed19:08
kamalgillHammerToe, well, if you just need Python, there's a new universal binary installer for 2.4.319:08
kamalgillor, do you absolutely need 2.4.2?19:08
HammerToeno 2.4.3 will do19:09
HammerToeall I can see in fink is 2.4.1 and that is wanting to compile x11 too19:09
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HammerToeI have to say, I think they've done a damn goood job on the redesign19:10
HammerToekamal: thanks, found it :)19:10
philiKONHammerToe, darwinports is pretty good with up-to-date packages19:11
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mgedminI'm a bit confused19:31
mgedminwhat does zope.i18n.translate do when the msgid is a tuple?19:31
mgedminor am I misreading the code of the SelectWidget?19:32
* mgedmin slaps his forehead19:32
mgedmin_("foo", "bar") is not a tuple, but a messageid, obviously19:33
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