IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-04-05

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philiKONIBroken is just a marker14:26
philiKONi wonder if it should be somewhere more visible. ZODB.interfaces perhaps?14:26
srichter+1 from me, but you14:27
srichter'have to ask Tim14:27
J1mNote that Tim doesn't work for ZC anymore.14:28
philiKONyep, i know14:28
J1mso he doesn't spend as much time on ZODB as he did.14:28
philiKONgeneral question regarding ZCML directive handlers:14:29
philiKONfive reuses a great deal of zope 3's directive schemas and handlers14:29
philiKONthey're all in zope.app14:29
philiKONwhere would be sensible places to move them?14:29
philiKONfor example, the ones, as a simple example14:29
philiKON<adapter />, <utility /> etc.14:29
philiKONzope.component.zcml ?14:30
philiKONzope.componentconfig ?14:30
J1mI think zope.component.zcml would be fine.14:30
J1meggs let you have optional dependencies, which gives us more flexibility.14:31
philiKONwhat about all the things? Resources, Menus, and the various directives... i dont' feel like bloatiing zope.publisher with all that stuff14:32
philiKONi thought about creating zope.resource perhaps. or zope.browserresource14:32
philiKONand zope.browsermenu etc.14:32
J1mhow about zope.browserjunk ;)14:32
philiKONthat crossed my mind as well :)14:32
philiKONi used another 4letter word14:33
philiKONexcept that the resource and menu stuff isn't all about zcml; there's also some utility stuff there14:33
philiKONlike getMenu()14:33, zope.bowserzcml14:34
philiKONnot zope.browsermenu?14:34
philiKONperhaps it's too long14:34
J1mok, zope.bowsermenu14:34
rockyburtwill we have zope.firefoxmenu sometime? :)14:35
philiKONif you write it :)14:35
philiKONok, zope.browsermenu and zope.browserzcml it is14:35
J1mOK, I gotta get ready to go to f12g.14:35
philiKONok, np14:36
philiKONthanks for the advice14:36
philiKONbah, zope.browsermenu is too long :)14:36
J1mThanks for all the great work.14:36
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philiKONsrichter, ayt?15:25
srichterphiliKON: yes15:32
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philiKONsrichter, back15:44
philiKONsrichter, still there?15:44
philiKONi'm looking at the LocationProxy15:44
philiKONit says it's not picklable15:44
philiKONhow do we persistent location-proxied objects then?15:44
philiKONi mean, how does the location proxy info (__name__, __parent__) stick?15:44
srichterI think they don't15:45
srichterLocationProxy is meant to be used on temporarily located objects15:45
philiKONah, hang on. now i remember there's containedProxy15:45
philiKONwhich *is* picklable15:46
srichterah ok, I never looked at it15:46
philiKONok, thanks15:46
srichternp ;-)15:46
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whitwhat is the logic behind having inherit from IObjectMovedEvent?19:04
whitcurrently, right now, not having these 2 interfaces disambiguated is causing me extra code and I was wondering if I was doing something wrong19:05
whitis there any sort of behavior in zope3 that depends on this inheritance relationship?19:06
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benjiHe's sick.19:23
benjiMy best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with a girl who saw Ferris pass-out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious.19:25
* whit chuckles19:28
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* TresEquis looks for red Alfa Spyder in trees19:54
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philiKONwas it a spider? i thought it was a ferrari20:03
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benji1961 Ferrari 250 GT, philiKON20:08
benji(so says google :)20:09
philiKONyeah, i thought it was the GTO, but then i remembered that the one in the movie was a convertible20:11
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drzoltron_I've got a sqlos problem with some national chars in a UTF8 encoded postgresql ... should that theoretically work ?23:05
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drzoltron_actually SQLObject throws a UnicodeEncodeError23:07
drzoltron_got it replace StringCol with UnicodeCol and everything is fine !23:10
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whitwhere would I find information on modification descriptors?23:38
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philiKONwhit, you mean properties?23:43
philiKONclass foodescriptor(object):23:44
philiKON    def __get__(self, inst, name): pass23:44
philiKON    def __set__(...): pass23:44
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philiKONwhit, you mean properties?23:45
philiKONclass foodescriptor(object):23:45
philiKON    def __get__(self, inst, cls=None): pass23:45
philiKON    def __set__(self, inst, value): pass23:45
whitphilikon: I mean whatever this is pointing to:
philiKONi wonder who wrote this23:48
philiKONsvn blame will tell you :)23:48
philiKONask him23:48
philiKONwhat he meant23:48
* whit blames23:53
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