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J1m_mexiKON, deleting and recreating the jim-adapter branch was a really bad idea.14:37
* mexiKON looks guilty14:37
J1m_It makes merging really hard.14:37
mexiKONthe point was to make merging really easy14:38
J1m_My fixes to zpt didn't get merged and now I can't seem to merge them.14:38
J1m_You see if you can merge 6635814:38
* mexiKON takes a look14:38
J1m_This was the revision in which I changed tales "|" handling to look for LookupError.14:39
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mexiKONi wonder why it didn't get merged in the firs tplace]14:39
J1m_The lack of this fix is making test_zeo fail on the trunk.14:39
mexiKONJ1m_, on the trunk? why on the trunk. i didn't merge anythiing to the trunk14:40
J1m_from now on, let's just make new branches.14:40
mexiKONi'm very confused14:40
mexiKONsure, ok. essentially, that's what i did14:40
mexiKONi'm looking at jim-adapter branch14:40
J1m_probably someone got rid of NotFoundErrpr on the trunk and didn't run all tests.14:40
mexiKONzope/tales/ contains your fix14:41
J1m_are you talking about the trunk?14:41
mexiKONyou were talking about jim-adapter14:42
J1m_I am talking about the trunk14:42
mexiKONoh, ok14:42
J1m_no, I was talking about the trunk.14:42
mexiKONwell, i didn't do anything to the trunk atall14:42
J1m_I can't merge my fix from jim-adapter though14:42
mexiKONso, my recreating the branch shouldn't have affected it14:42
mexiKONah, you have to use the different spelling14:42
mexiKONsvn merge path@rev1 path@rev214:42
J1m_fine, but now I can't merge the fix14:42
mexiKONsvn is stupid about this14:42
mexiKONi think i even mentioned this in an email to you (though probably it was hardly understandable)14:44
J1m_OK, so from now on, let's just create new branches.14:44
mexiKONi was trying to do the Right Thing again, by making it easier for you (you would just have to svn up your workspaces)14:45
J1m_Yay! That worked14:45
J1m_I appreciate that.14:45
J1m_I would have been surprised if that worked.14:45
mexiKONwe have a saying in germany. Meaning well is the opposite of well :)14:46
J1m_I didn't have any outstanding work,14:46
J1m_Hey, I appreciate what you did,14:46
J1m_I'm just saying, let's do it differently next time.14:46
J1m_I'm also merging the deprecation fix. :)14:46
mexiKONheh, good14:47
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zopePloneConsultmexiKON... phil?14:51
zopePloneConsultmexiKON... why the name change? u have a nwe gf?14:53
mexiKONno, this is my old alternative nick14:53
mexiKONfrom when i used to live in mexico14:53
zopePloneConsultmust have been before china?14:53
mexiKONyes, the past 6 months i lived in china14:53
zopePloneConsultyeah... i got that from ur blog14:54
zopePloneConsultso what doess well is the opposite of well mean?14:54
mexiKONthe translation is a bit rough14:54
zopePloneConsulti thought all is well that ends well would have been apt there14:54
mexiKONa better translation might be "meant well is the opposite of done well"14:54
mexiKONthis was a good example14:55
mexiKONi meant very well14:55
mexiKONby not creating a new branch14:55
mexiKONbut that got us into more trouble than creating a new branch would have14:55
mexiKONso, my meaning well didn't mean i actually did a good job14:56
mexiKONit happens all the time14:56
zopePloneConsultcool... i understand... something like the road to hell is paved with good intentions :)14:56
mexiKONhmm... no14:56
zopePloneConsultwell... both have to do with good intentions and bad results14:56
mexiKONbut the paving with intentions is more about someone who wants to do good but never does14:57
mexiKONthe german saying i mentioned is about someone who actually *does* do something and means well, but just does the opposite of what would have been good14:57
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zopePloneConsultu mean like the diference between a zope2 and a zope 3 developer ;)?14:59
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zopePloneConsultso is the XingXao in china just as good?15:01
mexiKONyou mean QingDao?15:02
mexiKONor, as the old transliteration is, Tsing Tao beer?15:03
zopePloneConsultThats better15:03
zopePloneConsultI thought they just use X15:03
mexiKONQ has the should of 'ch' in 'china' or 'chopper'15:03
zopePloneConsultwow... how did that happen :)?15:04
mexiKONX doesn't have an equivalent sound in english15:04
mexiKONX has the sound of 'ch' in german's 'Kirche' or 'Tuecher'15:04
mexiKONthis is pinyin15:04
mexiKONit's an "artificial" system15:05
mexiKONthey invented it and needed to place different sounds on different characters15:05
mexiKONthe Q was available so they took that sound. it's that simple :)15:05
zopePloneConsultok... so what were u doing there?15:06
zopePloneConsultTeaching/Developing Zope?15:06
mexiKONnope. working in the automotive business15:06
zopePloneConsulthmm... used cars? :)15:06
zopePloneConsultjust pulling ur leg.. :)15:07
mexiKONi should say automotive industry15:07
mexiKONworked for a huge automotive supplier. one of the biggest world wide in fact15:08
zopePloneConsultthey need zcml too?15:09
mexiKONuh, no :)15:10
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baldtrolcan someone let me know if i'm just confused?  i'm on zope3.2 (not the svn trunk).  looking at Action out of zope.formlib.form.  looks to me like submitted is defined twice.  not that it's currently affecting me, i was actually looking for something else entirely, but i noticed it, and wondered what was up18:48
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kamalgillguys, i'm nearly finished building an OS X installer for Zope 3.2.1, and I need some help setting the effective-user directive in zope.conf19:22
kamalgilli tried this in zope.conf, without success...19:22
kamalgill  user your_username19:22
kamalgillmake that <runner>19:22
kamalgill  user zope319:22
kamalgillugh, should've used pastebin (sorry).19:23
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kamalgillok, paste at
kamalgilli'd like z3 to run as user 'zope3', an unprivileged user added by the installer19:25
kamalgillany ideas on how to set the effective-user in zope.conf?19:26
* mgedmin usually uses 'sudo -u $youruser zopectl start' in an init script19:30
mgedminkamalgill: I think you need to put the <runner> user ... </runner> in zdaemon.conf, not zope.conf19:31
kamalgillah, zdaemon.conf, ok19:32
* kamalgill looks...19:32
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kamalgilli'm hoping to avoid shipping the installer with its own startup script, so a directive in a conf file is what i'm hoping for.19:33
kamalgilllemme try zdaemon.conf...19:33
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kamalgillmgedmin: right on!  looks like zdaemon.conf did the trick.  thanks. :)19:39
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kamalgillnow i need to cook up a different way to add 'user zope3' to zdaemon.conf (inside <runner>...</runner>), as I was previously appending the directive to the tail of zope.conf.19:41
mgedminkamalgill: do you use the mkzopeinstance script?19:45
mgedminit performs some variable substitutions already19:45
kamalgillyes, i've got a postinstall script in the installer that sets up the instance, with a random pw19:46
kamalgillmgedmin: here's the script that's called from the installer's postinstall script to set up the instance...
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* kamalgill wonders if the Zope 3 admin password can be changed TTW20:07
kamalgillsince the installer generates a random pw when creating the zope instance, i'm wondering how the user would change the pw for the manager account.20:09
* kamalgill needs to include some documentation with the installer20:09
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* mgedmin hates functional tests that catch and ignore KeyboardInterrupt20:14
mgedminZopeXMLConfigurationError: KeyboardInterrupt, hah!20:14
mgedmin*mumble* *mumble*20:15
mexiKONkamalgill, the admin password can be changed. just edit etc/principals.zcml20:15
kamalgillmexiKON: thx, but that would store the pw as cleartext.20:16
mexiKONyeah. no idea if the password generation function is available outside the mkzopeinstance script20:16
kamalgillthe install script sets up the pw with SHA1 encryption20:16
mexiKONwould be a nice idea to write a zope3 version of the zpasswd script20:16
kamalgill+1.  any takers?20:17
mexiKONyou just volunteered :)20:18
kamalgilli would love to, but it's a bit over my head i'm afraid20:19
kamalgillwell, perhaps i'll give it a shot20:19
mexiKONgive it a shot. if you have questions, you can ask back here20:19
kamalgillok, will do.20:19
mexiKONthe mkzopeinstance script would be a good place to start with20:19
mexiKONbecause it creates and sets the principals.zcml file20:20
mexiKON"sets" as in "sets the password"20:20
kamalgillmexiKON: sounds good--thx for the tip20:21
benjikamalgill, I don't know if it helps any (not really paying attention), but you can tell mkzopeinstance not to encrypt the password20:25
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baldtroljust posted a quick "embedding forms in viewlets" bit over at  ...Gary, Stephan, and Alen all helped me figure out what i needed to do to make that work, so i thought i'd document what i came up with.22:33
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* mgedmin sees a lot of ftest failures in zope 3.2 branch22:42
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* mgedmin remembers that he removed a whole bunch of package includes to speed up zope 3 startup22:54
* mgedmin runs 'make' to restore those package includes and reruns zope 3.2 ftests again22:54
* mgedmin wants more RAM22:55
* benji likes this third-person speaking style22:56
mgedminnext time I'll start in a clean checkout instead of trying to save time22:58
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