IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2006-04-09

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J1msrichter, How's it going?15:15
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srichterJ1m: doing pretty okay15:22
srichterJ1m: Dominik will hopefully start tomorrow with some site work15:22
J1mSorry I couldn't check in yesterday. My internet was down all day. :(15:22
srichterif not, then I'll have a look alone15:22
srichterthat's okay15:22
J1mYou mean the registration stuff?15:23
srichterwe had a bit of organizing going on15:23
J1mI was going to send a note, but I don't think there is much to say.15:23
srichterwe also have a lot of beginners, so I had to give out simpler tasks15:23
J1mThe new API is quite simple.15:23
srichterbtw, Uwe's wikification work is really impressive15:23
srichterhe uses it at his institute15:23
srichterhe also has a concept that blogs, news and wikipages are just views on simple document liek content15:24
J1mThat sounds right.15:24
srichterI really hope that he will be able to get something with a Zope 3 skin going at the end of the sprint15:24
srichterI like it a lot too15:25
srichterRuss Farreday from the Plone community is here as well, and he works with Dominik to learn Zope 3 and some tiks-specific stuff, which Dominik will check into soon15:27
srichter(Russ wants to give a presentation on Zope 3 and how Plone can utilize it in at the Plone Norway sprint in a few weeks)15:27
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