IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2006-04-10

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tareksrichter, ayt ?01:56
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tarekanyone has a comment about this bug: ? I don't understand the testTag() test02:11
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srichtertarek: yep02:23
tareksrichter, hi02:28
tareki was trying to understand the test here:
tareki don't understand why the object itself, (ImageData) should have an absolute_url method02:29
tarekthe tag() method even uses it :
tarekbut it doesn't exists02:30
srichtermmh, I think you fix suggestion is good02:44
srichtertarek: btw, really good job on the web site02:45
srichterit looks very good02:45
tarekthanks :)02:45
tarekstill need a few things, like pdf for all recipe pages, and a serach engine, but should be usable already02:46
tareksrichter, ok i'll go for that fix, which branch the fix must be backported to, these days ?02:47
srichtertarek: trunk is fine02:53
tareksrichter, k will do02:56
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mgedmincan somebody explain the curious behavior of the IAnnotations adapter on security-proxied objects?14:59
mgedminIAnnotations(foo)[key] = value14:59
mgedminworks, stores the annotation in the zodb14:59
mgedminin another transaction, IAnnotations(foo).get(key) returns None14:59
mgedminno errors14:59
mgedminIAnnotations(removeSecurityProxy(foo)).get(keys) returns the value that I need15:00
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benjihi, regebro15:59
regebroI found ze little problem: The language negotiator in Zope3 will "normalize" the list of languages. That is, it will convert from pt_BR to pt_br.15:59
regebroHowver, it will NOT do the same with the list of user preferred langauges.16:00
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regebroI take this as a hint that the adapter to get the user preferred languages should return normalized strings, right? Yes/No/Opinions?16:01
regebro(Because Five doesn't, do pt_BR doesn't work).16:01
* benji disavows any knowledge of i18n16:02
regebroLucky you. :)16:03
regebroBasically, I guess I'm asking if this is a bug in Zope3 or Five. :)16:03
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benjiFive.  Definately Five.  You can take my word on it.16:05
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regebroWell, fixing it in Five has swifter turnaround, so I'll fix it there. :)16:20
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benjiregebro, all kidding asside, it /might/ be a Z3 bug, so perhaps a collector issue would be in order16:52
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srichterj1m: Uwe is spending the rest of the sprint customizing his Bebop application for a Zope 3 development website18:03
srichterj1m: I think you will really like it :-)18:03
whitsrichter: how's the sprinting?18:04
srichtergoing good18:04
srichterRuss can report at the Norway sprint18:04
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whitexcellent! Russ is going to both? tell him hello for me :)18:12
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regebroThere is something with adapting I don't get....20:54
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regebroI'm trying to register a traversable adapter for an interface.20:54
regebroBut the lookup always returns a COntainerTraversable...20:54
philiKONthe object you're adapting provides IContainer?20:55
regebroThe interface inherits from IContainer, sure, but I register and ITraversable for the subclassed interface.20:55
regebroShould't it use my adapter in that case?20:55
philiKONare you using zapi.traverse?20:56
philiKONor are you looking up the adapter manually?20:56
regebroI haven't tried looking it up manually, but that should make no difference.20:56
philiKONyes, it does :)20:56
philiKONhmm wait20:57
philiKONbefore i start lying :)20:57
philiKONi *thought* they were also registered as views20:57
philiKONsome adapters in the traversing machinery are registered as views and as single adapters20:57
philiKONbut i think those were namespace adapters20:58
regebroYes, namespace adapters.20:58
philiKONhow are you registering the adapter?20:59
regebroWell, I tried bot provideAdapter and XMLConfig('configure.zcml', z3repo)()21:00
regebrowith a configure that registers it...21:00
regebroNow I tried manually doing ITraversable(ob) and it still returns ContainerTraverser.21:00
regebro(this is all just a doctest yet)21:01
philiKONright, that's ok21:01
philiKONperhaps you can paste it somewhere21:01
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regebroI cut it out to just the things that doens't work. :)21:05
philiKONther eyou go21:05
philiKONthe provideAdapter line reads wrong21:05
philiKONprovideAdapter(ProxyingFolderTraversable, (IProxyingFolder,), ITraversable)21:05
regebroAha... That explains that. :)21:06
philiKONi don't see the ZCML so i can't tell you about that21:06
philiKONbtw, i really like to use z.c.adapts() so that i won't have to remember how to use z.c.provideAdapter...21:07
regebroAh, spelling mistake.21:07
regebroThat didn't raise an error? Weird.21:07
regebroOh, right, you can use adapts now...21:08
regebroI'll try that.21:09
philiKONyeah, you can use it since zope2.9/3.221:11
regebroHeh... How do you use it? :)21:11
philiKONlike z.i.implements21:11
philiKONclass ProxyFolderTraversable(object):21:12
philiKON    zope.component.adapts(IProxyingFolder)21:12
philiKON    zope.interface.implements(Itraversable)21:12
philiKONbrb, phone21:12
regebroHmm, that didn't work, I'm back in the ContainerTraversable again. :-/21:13
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regebroAh well, I give up. provideAdapter works now. :) Thanks!21:21
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