IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2006-04-11

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* kamalgill continues testing the Zope 3.2.1 OSX installer (PPC)09:57
* kamalgill waves to swiss sprinters09:57
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kamalgillsrichter: ayt?10:04
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kamalgillsrichter: how's the sprint going?10:05
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sashavgood morning kamalgill10:30
kamalgillany swiss sprinters here?10:30
kamalgillhi sashav, are you at the z3 swiss sprint?10:30
sashavcouldn't make it :(10:31
kamalgillsashav: was jodok able to make it?10:31
sashavdon't think so, haven't heard that he was going10:33
sashavkamalgill: he had to cancel it10:36
kamalgillah, ok.10:37
kamalgillbtw, i just finished building and testing an os x installer for zope 3.2.1 (ppc)10:37
philiKONcool. any chance that could also be a universal binary?10:38
kamalgilli'm going to build an intel installer as well10:38
kamalgilli was unable to build it universal on my powermac10:38
philiKONaha. how come?10:39
kamalgillphiliKON: well, for one, apple's documentation on building universal using ./configure just isn't accurate10:40
philiKONkamalgill, right, but it's possible to merge multiple builds, afaik10:41
philiKONah, yah, there it is10:41
kamalgillphiliKON: i'm going to try building universal on my intel imac.  i may have better luck there.10:41
philiKONlipo -create hello-intel hello-ppc -output hello10:41
philiKONit doesn't matter where you build them10:41
philiKONyou have to cross compile on both platforms10:41
kamalgillyeah, i think lipo might be worth a shot10:41
kamalgillone drawback of building universal is that it would bloat the download size10:42
philiKONthe bulk amount of data is .py files10:43
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kamalgillwell, that's true for zope, but python is mostly compiled C code, right?10:43
philiKONah, hmm. why are you shipping python with zope?10:44
kamalgillphiliKON: os x is still stuck on python 2.3.510:45
philiKONbut there are other python distros10:45
philiKONe.g. macpython which is afaik also available as uni bin10:46
kamalgillyeah, but the installer aims for a seamless experience, bundling everything in a single directory.10:46
kamalgillthat way, all that is needed to remove zope 3.2.1 is to delete a single folder.10:46
* dunny blindly connects dots
kamalgillconsistent with conventional mac apps.10:46
kamalgilldunny: thanks for the tip!  must've missed that one in my google search10:47
dunnyfresh development10:48
srichterkamalgill: I am here :-)10:48
kamalgillhi srichter :)10:48
kamalgillhow's the sprint?10:48
srichtervery good10:48
srichterthe ZSCP site is making good progress10:48
srichterI think we will have something by tomorrow afternoon10:49
kamalgillthat's great news10:49
kamalgillyou have the code in svn somewhere?10:49
srichteryeah, it is all in zf.zscp10:49
philiKONwhat's zscp?10:50
srichteryou install it as a package and the Web site should be available10:50
srichterZope Software Certification Program10:50
philiKONah, right :)10:50
srichterkamalgill: I dunno, hwat setup you have to manually do right now, but the static pages should come up already10:51
srichteralso, Uwe will have a Zope skinned version of Bebop by tomorrow for testing10:51
srichterBebop is an awesome app for online communication10:51
kamalgillsrichter: sounds great.  i also heard that Uwe is working on the new
srichterkamalgill: he is working on a collaboration tool; whether this will become the front page is not clear yet, but it would replace our Wiki10:53
srichterthe advantage is that it is a real wiki, but with blog and news views10:53
srichterso that you can see the latest changes, for example10:53
srichterit also has versioning, including merging, which is very nice10:54
kamalgillsrichter: ah, ok.  need any help with the design of
kamalgillUI design, that is10:54
srichterkamalgill: yep, once the app is up, I would love for you to take a look and make suggestions :-)10:55
kamalgillok, will do10:55
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kamalgillalright, i better get some sleep soon (1am in california)11:00
srichtersee ya11:01
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sashavhi srichter, say hi to Roger from me11:04
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srichterwill do11:06
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zopePloneConsultsrichter: url for bebop?11:39
srichteraehm, I have to check11:48
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zopePloneConsultsrichter... please... google aint helping11:50
zopePloneConsultsrichter... ty11:50
srichterbut you really have to get the SVN version11:50
srichtersince there has not been a release for a while11:50
zopePloneConsultjust wanna see what it does11:51
srichterthe site does not talk about the Web capabilities much; it concentrates on the wx client11:52
zopePloneConsultwhat does zope do here?11:53
srichterit provides the backend server11:59
srichterit also has a real site associated with it11:59
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sashavhow can I use dtml template in browser:page ? I need to prepare a javascript12:41
philiKONyou can't12:43
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