IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2006-04-17

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baldtrolhi all...  i've been looking around, and see a number of threads about it, but nothing definitive.  is there currently a "right" way to do AJAX in zope3, or is it still in a roll-your-own status?20:22
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kamalgillbaldtrol: if JSON is an option for your AJAX dev needs, have a look at
benjibaldtrol, nothing definitive has emerged20:33
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baldtrolcool...  i was looking over the z3lab's CPSSkins/JSON/AJAX discussion and posts...  my ajax knowledge is limited, but i've been developing the architecture for a project i'm on in zope3, but the other devs coming in are going to be doing most of the javascript/ajax work, but i wanted to make sure that i do it the "right" way :\20:35
benjiJSON would be a good choice for transport, then the server side stuff would just be JSON views of your content objects20:36
baldtrolcool...  i'm more comfortable with JSON data representation anyway20:37
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reeHi, are there any reports (url) of the Swiss Easter sprint?20:38
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kamalgillguys, does 'zopectl start' work on mac os x?  i've built an installer for zope 3.2.1 on os x, and i'm getting the following error when i fire up zope via 'zopectl start' ...
kamalgillzopectl fg works fin20:51
kamalgilli can provide the installer to anyone who is interested20:52
kamalgillif that would help troubleshoot the issue20:52
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kamalgillhi dobee21:28
dobeehi kamalgill21:28
kamalgillhow was the sprint?21:28
dobeecool, very long days21:28
kamalgillyeah, reminds me of the snow sprint21:28
kamalgilldobee: will a sprint report be made available?21:29
dobeewe were a little more productive ;-)21:29
kamalgillhehe, that's good to hear21:29
dobeei don't know if anyone has written a report21:30
dobeethey made good progress with the certification site21:30
dobeewith your great css21:30
* kamalgill smiles21:30
dobeeI'be been working on the z3c.multiform package21:31
dobeewhich can be used to create content views for containers21:32
kamalgilldobee: sounds great, is the code in a public repos?21:35
* kamalgill is not familiar with z3c.multiform21:35
* kamalgill also needs to learn Zope 321:36
dobeethe package needs more documentation, which i'll write in the next weeks, because i'll use it21:36
dobeetake a look there again when it is moved from the sandbox to trunk21:37
dobeewe also started a widget namespace21:37
dobeei checked in a mce editor widget21:37
dobeethere we gonna put 3rd party js libraries21:38
dobeewhich are then available as zope3 resources21:38
kamalgillhey, you've been working on a tinymce editor widget for z3?  nice.21:39
kamalgilli see in there, cool21:39
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dobeei'll use for a contents view for IOrderedContainer21:40
dobeewhere one can order contents by dragging it21:40
dobeethe tinymce thing is also sandboxed at this stage, because the parameters are not fixed yet, but it works fine21:41
kamalgilldobee: nice.  you've seen the folder contents re-ordering in plone 2.5?21:42
dobeeno, just heard about it, it uses ajax too as far as i knnow21:43
dobeesorry, i have to leave now, cu next time21:45
kamalgillok, ttyl21:45
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