IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2006-04-18

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kamalgillguys, can anyone here verify that 'zopectl start' works on zope 3.2.1?07:49
kamalgill'zopectl fg' works for me, but 'zopectl start' refuses to work07:50
kamalgillthis is what z3.log shows when i use zopectl start...
kamalgillboth zserver and twisted show this problem.07:52
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kamalgillguys, i've finished building an testing an os x installer for zope
kamalgillanyone care to help test the installer?19:18
kamalgillit's powerpc for now, intel to be built soon.19:19
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kamalgillhi sashav19:35
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sashavhi kamalgill , where can I see the css you did for the new z3c site?19:39
kamalgillsashav: one sec, lemme look it up...19:39
kamalgillhey sashav, btw, do you have access to a mac os x box?19:42
kamalgillcare to try the os x installer for zope 3.2.1?19:43
sashavsure, intel or ppc?19:43
kamalgillppc for now19:43
kamalgillintel will be built soon19:43
philiKONno universal?19:43
yota the new z3c site is up ?19:43
kamalgillno universal, since i didn't feel comfortable forking python to get it to build universal19:44
yotaor a preview ?19:44
sashavkamalgill: will I get your path when I get errors? :)19:44
* kamalgill smiles19:46
kamalgillwell, give it a try and lemme know what you think19:47
sashavok, the one you made on snowsprint was ok, but it was your path in the errors, /Users/kamal....19:47
kamalgillphiliKON: an excerpt from ... "The latest Universal Python source code is currently a fork of Python 2.4.3, and currently resides outside of the official Python subversion repository. "19:47
kamalgillthe part about "...a fork of Python..." scares the hell out of me19:48
smoh why fear19:48
smpython needs a lot more forks imho19:48
* sm is in a forking mood today19:49
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kamalgillhey sashav, the installer i built at the snowsprint for 3.2.0 was a bit of a rush job, but i've spent far more time on the 3.2.1 installer to "get it right"19:51
sashavkamalgill: ok, takes time to download :(19:52
kamalgillthe latest one builds python with readline support, and it shouldn't give those path errors you mentioned.19:52
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