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roymIs there a more "modern" way to restrict the possible types for a container (than using __setitem__.precondition)?00:07
projekt01roym, yes, see contains and containers(interface or dotted name as string)00:11
projekt01from import containers00:12
projekt01from import contains00:12
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roymI know its late - but I have a baffling error. If I specify a container constraint on my object and then try to add it, I get a message as follows:01:55
roym  return zapi.getMultiAdapter((field, request), viewType)01:55
roymFile "/usr/local/Zope3-trunk/src/zope/component/", line 154,01:55
roym  in getMultiAdapter01:55
roym  raise ComponentLookupError(objects, interface, name)01:55
roymComponentLookupError: ((<zope.schema._bootstrapfields.Field object at01:55
roym0x44ee0b6c>, <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance01:55
roym<InterfaceClass>, u'')01:56
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roymAll is well if I remove the container constraint.01:56
roymWhat am I missing?01:56
projekt01The container method used in interfaces add implicit a __parent__ field to the interface01:58
projekt01can you post the form configure registration?01:58
roymprojekt01: are you talking about the FULL request?01:59
roymor the ZCML registration....01:59
projekt01no just the configure.zcml01:59
projekt01...and the interface of the object02:00
roymso you're saying the missing widget is that that corresponds to the implicit __parent__?02:01
projekt01yes, but you have to register the view exluding a __parent__ field02:01
projekt01you can do this with fields="foo bar butNotParent"02:02
roymI see - that's it then!02:02
roymso I would modify the addform directive.. but not the containerViews, correct.02:03
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projekt01and all other form directive like editform02:06
projekt01no problem02:07
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einshow do I specify several preconditions for lets say __setitem__?09:32
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dobeejukart: ayt?10:00
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einsis there a way to set default value for schema field that would depend on context?10:39
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aaalexanybody here?16:35
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Aisteaaalex: I suggest you ask the question first and then see if anyone will answer it16:54
aaalexokay... at least somebody is reading16:55
aaalexquestion: digging myself into zope3 site development... I haven't found anything about user management... can anybody tell me how I would integrate that into a simple site?16:56
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aaalexwhat I did find was prinzipals.zcml and pluggable-authentication-modules16:57
aaalexbut I want zope to manage the users not some external source16:58
ignasaaalex: you can use pluggable-authentication-modules with zopes principal folders17:13
ignasso zope will track users17:13
ignas pluggable-authentication-modules are not just for external sources17:13
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aaalexignas: thanks for the answer... do you have an URL with an example?17:29
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ignasaaalex: no, sorry, the code i have worked on is not open source :/17:30
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aaalexignas: hmm... so I will have to read the zope3 source ....17:37
ignasjust the documentation17:37
ignasfor PrincipalFolders17:37
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aaalexignas: thanks for your time17:38
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roymIs session data automatically persisted to ZODB? I have plans to store a very large set of data in the session, and am wondering if the performance impact will kill this idea.19:11
efgesession is stored in ram, not zodb19:12
roymI was a little unsure, because the introductory para in session/api.txt gives a rather stern warning about modifying session data too frequently.19:14
roymIf it is always in RAM, then why the cautionary note?19:14
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faassenroym: it's possible to have sessions be stored in ZODB I think but it takes special action.. sometimes done in ZEO setups. don't know whethe it is common19:16
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regebroIt still takes processing power. Session data is available over threads, through a special type of ZODB storage.19:17
regebro(At least, I assume this is the same in Zope3 as in Zope2).19:17
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roymThe only implementations that I see for ISessionDataContainer are PersistentSessionDataContainer and RAMSessionDataContainer (which unfortunately extends PersistentSessionDataContainer despite the name).19:18
roymam I missing a lighter weight one?19:18
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roymThe last time I asked this question, I was told that it might have been done that way to accomodate ZEO.19:21
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regebroThat's it, yes.19:24
roymok. thanks for confirming. Hope its not too ambitious, but I might try to roll my own SessionDataContainer.19:27
regebroYeah, I have no clue how much you can simplify. You still need to make the data safely accessible between threads, and be transactional Iguess.19:37
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mgedminhow do you uncheck a checkbox with testbrowser?20:58
mgedminbrowser.getControl('Label').selected = False?20:59
mgedmin(this didn't work for me when I tried it)20:59
mgedminoh, I forgot form validation20:59
mgedminno, the form validates just fine21:00
* mgedmin hates testbrowser at times like this21:03
Theunipoor mgedmin ...21:06
mgedminpoor testbrowser -- it works just fine, but my app behaves strangely21:08
mgedminaaagh, I'm an idiot!21:09
mgedminalthough I expected testbrowser's getLink('foo') raise an exception when there are several links with text 'foo'21:10
mgedminand not just follow the first one21:10
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benji mgedmin, It would be a backward-incompatible change, but making getLink raise an AmbiguityError like getControl does would probably be an improvement21:49
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