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sashavwhere can I find the handler for browser:page directive?11:33
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philiKONsashav, have your asbestus underwear ready :)11:45
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tonico:he magic11:49
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sashavphiliKON: I need a full asbestus outfit :)11:58
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regebroHello all!14:55
regebroI have cleaned up and half-finished my "Hello!" product, that contains an alternative to philiKONs broser:page compromise.14:56
regebroComments are warmly welcome, even non-constructive ones. ;)14:56
regebroquick update for philiKON (who saw an earlier version):14:57
regebroI removed the template support for the page statement.14:58
regebroI wanna use faassen s clarity templates anyhow. :P14:58
regebroBut patched it in again in a hello:template statement.14:58
regebroFor those who want to publish just one single template.14:59
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sashavregebro: what's clarity templates?15:20
regebroBasically, it's like TAL, but you have no expressions.15:22
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faassenregebro: I want to rewrite that using something like SAX, as unfortunately clearsilver's templating system is not XML compliant.15:24
faassenregebro: anyway, it's cool you want to use that. :)15:25
faassenregebro: I should have more time to do interesting experiments.15:25
regebroI agree, you should. :)15:25
faassenwhy, thanks. :)15:25
regebroI've advicated 25 hour days for years. :)15:25
* faassen laughs.15:25
faassenno, I should just get paid to do interesting experiments. :)15:25
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jukartdobee, ayt ?15:44
dobeejukart: jep15:44
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TheuniHmm. I just noticed that "zopectl run" doesn't exist in Zope 3 ... is that on purpose?16:10
Theunihmm. seems to be replaced in 3.3 with scriptzope.16:12
Theuniwell. i'll take that then.16:12
faassenmore gratuitous changes to the startup scripts?16:14
faassenI'm tempted to start considering any of those a bug if so. :)16:15
Theunilooks more like the "run" was missing in 3.2 and is back in 3.316:15
Theunizopectl in 3.3 seems to support that "run" command again, but implements it with a separate script16:15
Theunii'm trying to port it to a zope 3.2 right now16:15
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Theunihmm. where does the package "paths" come from?16:20
Theunithis looks like it can't work at all16:20
* Theuni is confused16:20
Theuniah damn. my checkout is barfed.16:21
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j1mphiliKON, ayt?16:25
Theunihmm. that zopectl run stuff seems to be broken on the trunk. too bad.16:27
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mgedminI need to refresh my knowledge about Zope 3.2 skins and layers17:29
mgedminwhat's the canonical reference document?17:29
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tonicomgedmin: i guess such a document does not exist. i'd try the ++apidoc++ zcml reference for the browser namespace and the source code of existing skins.17:48
mgedminyeah, I'm digging through the sources now...17:48
mgedminthe <skin> directive automagically makes my skin/layer interfaces directlyProvide ISkin/ILayer, right?17:48
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tonicosorry, i have no idea, but that sound rasonable to me :)17:50
srichtermgedmin: right, but you can also use real interfaces, which I would suggest17:50
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cilkayHello. Is there a tool like ArchGenXML that one can use for Z3?17:58
cilkayAGX generates Plone products from a XMI containing class and state models.17:59
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cilkayThe states are used to create the workflows.18:00
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cilkayThere are various tools that claim to be able to generate Python code from UML class diagrams. Given that Z3 seems to be able to work with Python modules without having to make changes to the modules by the use of adapters and ZCML, perhaps that would be one approach.18:02
cilkayGaphor is one such tool.18:02
cilkay... or claims to be anyway.18:02
cilkayNo idea how well it works.18:03
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mgedminwhat, I can't use classProvides in an interface declaration?18:17
mgedminclass MyLayer(IBrowserRequest):18:17
mgedmin    classProvides(ILayer)18:17
mgedminI get zope.interface.exceptions.InvalidInterface: Concrete attribute, __provides__18:17
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mgedmindirectlyProvides(MyLayer, ILayer) after the interface declaration doesn't seem to work either18:21
mgedminoh, my mistake18:22
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philiKONmgedmin, btw, for zope 3.3 see basically, ILayer is superfluous and deprecated19:40
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j1mphiliKON, ayt?20:44
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philiKONj1m, yep21:03
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j1mphiliKON, wasn't really deprecated. :(21:47
j1mso now I have to redeprecate it.21:47
regebromkerrin: I have now checked in PublishTraverse adapter support in
regebroThere are two tests failing in Five that I can't figure out.21:52
philiKONj1m, grrrr21:53
philiKONtaht sucks21:53
j1mYeah, the deprecation framework seems rather unreliable.21:53
regebroI'm hoping you figured them out last week and fixed them in the publish-refactoring branch.21:53
j1mI fear this will take a lot of work to clean up.21:53
regebroIf so at least we can get the traversal work into 2.10.21:54
mkerrinregebro: I will take a look21:54
regebroI also lookes more at trying to find a clean break between ZServer and ZPublisher but failed.21:55
regebroMaybe we should try to only support ZServer + old publisher and twisted + new publisher?21:55
j1mAll this from zope.component.bbb import  ... is absolute crap21:55
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j1mI'm never gonna get this branch merged.21:57
philiKONespecially because there's stuff in zope.component.bbb.interfaces that's used all over the place21:57
philiKONIView, IViewFactory...21:57
j1mwe have to bring back everything that was imported from bbb21:58
j1mI was hoping to merge today, but I don't think it's gonna happen.21:58
j1mI have a lot of other z3 work to do.21:58
j1mI mean non-z3 work21:59
philiKON+1 for bringing it back for now21:59
j1mOh, we have no choice.21:59
j1mWe'd definiately break things if we didn't/21:59
j1mI'm finding these by trying the branch with an existing app.22:00
philiKONwell, one place is to leave it in zope.component.bbb22:00
philiKONor do you mean the other junk we already deleted22:00
mkerrinregebro: from 2.11 ZServer and new publisher via the publish_module_* methods seems doable.22:00
j1mother junk we already deleted.22:00
j1mfrom zope.component.bbb import getGlobalServices, getGlobalService22:00
j1mfrom zope.component.bbb import getServices, getService22:00
j1mfrom zope.component.bbb import getServiceDefinitions22:00
j1mfrom zope.component.bbb import getView, queryView22:00
j1mfrom zope.component.bbb import getMultiView, queryMultiView22:00
j1mfrom zope.component.bbb import getViewProviding, queryViewProviding22:00
j1mfrom zope.component.bbb import getDefaultViewName, queryDefaultViewName22:00
j1mfrom zope.component.bbb import getResource, queryResource22:00
j1mall that shit has to come back.22:00
j1mat least.22:00
regebromkerrin: OK.22:00
philiKONbut... but... why?22:00
philiKONi thought these things rendered depreation warnings22:01
j1mbeacuse we never generated any deprecation warnings for it.22:01
regebromkerrin: It's only 6 months. :) We'll survive. Florent will be dissapointed.22:01
philiKONj1m, yes, i'm pretty sure these rendered deprecation warnings. in fact, i'm quite certain22:01
philiKONnot via zope.deprecation, bu tprobably via warnings.warn22:02
j1mNote that the deprecation calls in did nothing.22:02
philiKONthat's a bit weird, indeed22:03
j1mso, I have this app that had:22:03
j1mfrom zope.component import getService22:04
j1mNow, this was an unused import.22:04
j1mso it never generated a warning.22:04
philiKONdeprecation is so hard22:04
j1mBut now, of course, the thing fails.22:04
j1mYes it is.22:05
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j1mOh there are sooooo many of these.22:07
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j1mwell, OK, I'm gonna run around fixing the breakage for one of our larger apps.22:13
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j1mBut I suspect that lots of other apps will be broken.22:13
j1mI'm not sure how to handle this.22:14
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mkerrinregebro: I have the Five traversing view bug - it was the same problem has I had in Paris22:47
mkerrinI made the change to the easter-sprint_traversal-refactor branch22:48
regebromkerrin: Super!22:51
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regebroWell, mkerrin is da man! :) Even though he just left.23:01
regebroWe now have a branch using Zope3 PublishTraverse adapters for traversal.23:01
regebroWhich most likely will be merged this week.23:02
regebro(Branch of Zope2, that is).23:02
regebroMichael fixed the last bug.23:03
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philiKONregebro, are you saying that this will go into zope 2.10?23:06
regebroI hope so.23:06
regebroThe branch is easter-sprint_traversal-refactor.23:06
regebroIt would be good if somebody checked it over.23:07
regebroI will also try it out with CPS before merging.23:07
philiKONnow, basically, the way it works is that it uses IPublishTraverse adapters23:09
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philiKONFive's Traversable adapter hack won't pull no longer, right?23:09
philiKONalso, five:traversable will no longer be necessary, right?23:09
regebrophiliKON: Exactly.23:10
rockyburtwhoot... heard the magic words, "five:traversable will no longer be necessary"23:11
rockyburtwhats the timeframe? :)23:11
rockyburtohhh... reading scrollback its from the cps sprint?23:12
rockyburtzope2.10... nice :)23:12
philiKONregebro, we should get five in shape for that too. five:traversable should be deprecated and just be a null thing23:14
philiKONalso, are you guys covering five:defaultViewable?23:14
philiKONoh, and if i forgot, you guys rock :)23:14
regebrophiliKON: A: Yup. B: don't think so.23:14
regebroWell, we have a half-assed and half-workable twisted 0 z3 publisher integration too. ;)23:15
philiKON__browser_default__ is just one of these Zope 2 traversal methods like __bobo_traverse__ that really suck23:15
regebroBut only half, so it will have to wiat for 2.11.23:15
philiKONi'd also like to properly see it replaced with a default view thing23:15
regebroMm, yeah. You are right.23:16
philiKONregebro, yeah, let's test the twisted integration some more time :)23:16
philiKONregebro, not that i love putting additional work on your shoulders ;)23:16
philiKONit's just a symmetry kind of thing. if you kill A, B should also be killed ;)23:16
regebroWell, I would have liked it to be in 2.10 so it could be tested, but right now, it works fine, but ZServer 0 Old publisher don't. ;)23:16
philiKONreminds me of my current lectures on quantum mechanis II23:16
philiKONmatter and antimatter ;)23:16
philiKONregebro, yeh...23:17
regebroWell, __browser_default__ probably have to wait for 2.11 too, sorry.23:17
philiKONk :)23:17
philiKONit's ok. we'll have to get used to postponing features,23:18
philiKONthat's better than postponing releases23:18
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regebroHeh. That worked surprisingly well. :) I'm trying to insert a WSGI interface between ZServer an ZPublisher.23:52
regebroAnd it almost works! It creates one DB connection per request, but that seem to be the major problem. :)23:53
regebroI'll look at that more tomorrow, because I called my gf 2 hours ago and said I would be home in an hour. :)23:53
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