IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-04-26

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dobeej1m: is it ok for you if i add zcml slugs for registering the ICollator adapter to zope.ucol,  additionally i will fix the adapter which passes the locale id which is a unicode to the Collator but the Collator wants a string11:18
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roymThought I had a good handle on adapters and registration, but16:57
roymam baffled by why the first form succeeds, and not the second.16:57
roymHow would I debug this further?16:57
roym(Pdb) zapi.getAdapter(pdf, IPDFObject)16:57
roym  *** ComponentLookupError:16:57
roym  (<general.PDFObject object at 0x408b93ac>, <InterfaceClass16:57
roym  interfaces.IPDFObject>, u'')16:57
roym(Pdb) IPDFObject(pdf)16:57
roym  <general.PDFObject object at 0x408b93ac>16:57
roymsorry - I meant the first fails and the second succeeds.16:58
philiKONroym, zapi.getAdapter((pdf,), IPDFObject)17:02
roymah! thanks.17:03
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roymhmm, that didn't work..17:05
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roymsame error: (Pdb) zapi.getAdapter((pdf,), IPDFObject)17:06
roym  *** ComponentLookupError: ((<general.PDFObject object at17:06
roym  0x408b93ac>,), <InterfaceClass interfaces.IPDFObject>, u'')17:06
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roym(<InterfaceClass interfaces.IPDFObject>, <InterfaceClass persistent.interfaces.IPersistent>)17:08
ignasroym: duh, IPDFObject is not adapting anything17:12
ignasit is plainly returning the object i think17:12
ignasthere is not such adapter registered, probably17:13
ignasor i am talking nonsense again ;)17:13
ignasgetAdapter is a different thing from IFoo(object)17:14
* mgedmin reads IRC logs17:14
mgedminroym: there are two different adapter mechanisms17:14
roymIsn't IPDFObject(pdf) supposed to be syntactic sugar for getAdapter?17:15
ignasroym: nope, it is more like IPDFObject(pdf) checks whether pdf already implements IPDF, if not looks for __conform__ and only then looks for adapters17:16
mgedminthere was a PEP 246 about including adapters into core Python17:16
mgedminit was, apparently, rejected17:16
mgedminbut Zope 3 wanted to support that PEP and introduced the shorthand notation of IFoo(obj)17:17
mgedminthat also checks for __conform__17:17
mgedminand then falls back to getAdapter17:17
mgedminas a result IFoo(obj) is a more powerful adaptation mechanism17:17
mgedminbut it doesn't support multiadapters or subscription adapters17:17
roymguys, thanks for the clarification.17:18
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mgedminit was very surprising to me once17:29
mgedminbut Jim said that's how it was supposed to be17:30
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SteveAmgedmin: we'd make IFoo(...) do multi-adaption if there was a clean API for it17:41
SteveAbut we also need to support default values17:41
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mgedminIFoo((x, y, z), barf)17:43
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mgedminIFoo((x, y, z), name='gargle', default=barf)17:43
SteveAyes, but then say goodbye to adapting tuples, unless you already know they're tuples17:46
SteveA  IFoo(x)17:46
SteveAif x is a tuple, you can't adapt it how you expect to17:47
mgedminIFoo((x, ))?17:53
mgedminit's about the same as the % operator on strings17:53
mgedminyou cannot reliably do "foo is %s" % foo17:53
mgedminif foo could possibly be a tuple17:53
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regebroHuh. Why is IBrowserPublisher sometimes called as a single adapter and sometimes as a multi-adapter?18:32
regebroI guess this in one of the traversal refactorings j1m was talking about. :)18:32
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regebroHey, mkerrin! Howsit hanging? :)20:42
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j1mI have a problem and I'd love to get some other folks optinions on it.20:56
j1mI'm testing my branch against an existing application.20:56
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j1mI have found lots of missing backward-compatibility that I've been dealing with.20:57
j1mTwo things have been particularly vexing.20:57
j1m1. Event reprs changed. Lots of tests depend on event reprs.  For now, I'm gonna try and work around this20:57
j1mby making the reprs the same as they were beforem, even if this means making them lie about their modules.20:58
j1m2. We are now generating events that we didn't generate previously.20:59
j1mI think both of these would be helped by better testing support in the future.20:59
j1mI'm at a loss to decide what do do for issue 2 now though.20:59
SteveAwhen you're testing events, you're generally only interested in a particular category of events21:01
SteveAand if an application raises other events, well that's fine, so long as they are outside the category you're interested in21:01
SteveAso, a test that checks to see all events raised for an operation is a fragile test21:02
j1mYes. We have lots of those.21:02
SteveAthere should be a standard piece of infrastructure (a categorized event channel...) to capture events from a category to help people writing tests21:02
SteveAin the interim, it hurts21:02
j1mI've encouraged that style I'm afraid.21:02
SteveAsure, all my event tests are like that too21:03
SteveAit ought to be fixable in one place per test21:03
j1mDo you think we should let these tests fail then?21:04
SteveAby making the test fixture event gatherer subscribe to a channel rather than all events21:04
SteveAi'm very -1 on failing tests on the trunk21:04
SteveAwant help on a field day to fix them up?21:04
j1mI wouldn't fail trunk tests, but I'd likely cause 3rd-party tests to fail.21:04
j1mAll tests are passing on my branch.21:05
SteveAi don't think that's so bad21:05
SteveAthat's an inevitable part of improving this kind of thing21:05
SteveAi think the improvement is worth it21:05
j1mIn this case, the new events are dou to the fact that registration events are generated by the global component registry as well as the local ones.21:07
j1mA hack would be to arrange that we don't get the events if you go through the convenience functions, component.provideAdapter, ... etc.21:08
j1mThese might be deprecated in the future anyway.21:08
j1mditto for the similat ztapi functions.21:09
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philiKONj1m, i think it's ok making people update their tests. the option you suggest would be quite hairy....21:18
j1mWell, I just tried it.  It was simple to implement and seems to work. :)21:18
j1mI'm inclined to try hard not to break tests.21:19
j1mHowever, we need to come up with a way to make event tests less brittle.21:19
j1mBut we can do this in the next release cycle.21:19
philiKONyes. even tfilterting is so easy, after all... it's usually just laziness21:19
j1mI'm feeling a lot of urgwncy to get this branch merged.21:19
philiKONyes, especially because we need its being merged so that zope 2 and five can follow21:20
philiKONby the way, how do you want to communicate that it is deprecated that the convenience functions won't throw events?21:20
j1mI'm afraid we're going t have to slip the freez date again.21:20
j1mI'll have to think about it.21:21
philiKONdo you have an estimate on when your branch might be mergable21:21
j1mI think we may want to encourage a style that doesn't use the convenience functions.21:21
j1mNot sure.  Maybe today.21:21
j1mBut that would require things going a lot better the rest of the day than they've gone the last 2 days. :)21:22
philiKONor we might provide different convenience functions21:22
philiKONprovide -> register perhaps21:22
philiKONthese might ahve different semantics21:22
philiKONthese being the new functions21:22
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j1manyway, I'm going with te hack for now.21:24
philiKONok :)21:27
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