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dommaHi, is this channel only for Zope3 core development or may I also ask general Zope3 questions?13:53
rockydomma: i recently discovered general zope3 questions are fine too ;)13:55
dommaOk, I have posted my code under
dommaI try to define an Interface which composes other content objects13:57
dommathe code shows the interface, the error message if I try to start zope with this interface and the matching line in configure.zcml13:58
dommaAny hint what I'm doing wrong?13:58
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yotasrichter: ayt ?14:16
yotaanybody knows a bit formlib ?14:16
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projekt01yota, yes15:58
yotaHi Roger :)16:08
yotaI'am translating formlib16:09
yotaand 1 have 2 small questions16:09
yotaWhat is 'process definition' ? 1/ definition of a process or 2/ a "production" process (synonym of Workflow for ex.)16:10
projekt01definition of a process16:12
projekt01a workflow reads the definition data and creates a process16:12
projekt01Does this help?16:13
yotahum I see16:13
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projekt01a definition defines the configuration which the process uses16:13
yotaand for "class-bases" or "class-attibuts" or "python-module", How I can translate these ?16:14
yotaI can make a complete sentence like "attributs of the class" ?16:14
yotaefrerich: hi :)16:15
projekt01In which langauge do you like to translate?16:15
yotaso I can choose "classes-attributs" or "attributs de la classe"16:15
yotaI don't have the context16:16
projekt01in german I whould say "Basis Klasse"16:16
yotaok, litteral16:16
yotathanks projekt01 :)16:16
projekt01does this make seence in french "Classe Attributs"16:16
yotayes but in French, needs to swap :) "Attributs de la classe"16:17
projekt01I think the translation in french is allways to long ;-)16:17
yotayes, btw It' a problem16:17
efrerichyota: hi16:18
yotabecause zope3 gui is not readable, I must truncate some sentances16:18
yotait's very bad16:18
projekt01Or improve the UI ;-)16:18
yotayes i love limi make some love with zope3 ui :)16:18
efrerichI uploaded a new pot-file to launchpad16:18
projekt01btw, did you also check the Boston skin?16:18
yotas/love/love see/16:19
yotanot yet16:19
yotaefrerich: I know, translated already16:19
yotabut I need to make some changes after projekt01 explications16:19
yotaI have never user formlib16:20
yotaand zope3 po files are "uncontext" :)16:20
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efrerichMy e-mail to i18n was blocked (Client host [] blocked using;)16:25
efrerichyota: do you translate in launchpad directly?16:25
yotano, download / work with i18n editor and uplaod16:26
yotano, download / work with i18n editor / uplaod16:26
rockysomeone mentioning zope3 UI? the default zope3 zmi looks absolutely hideous ;)16:26
yotarocky: We need to hire Limi I think ;)16:26
rockyyota: to be honest to me the zope3 zmi feels quite useless... but that may be because i'm used to all of the functionality that the zope2 zmi provides16:27
srichterwe really should switch to the Boston skin by default16:27
srichterand btw, Limi did do Rotterdam back then16:28
rockymy guess is rotterdam has, um, evolved since then ;)16:28
srichterno, not much at all16:28
srichterbecause none of the core Zope 3 developers understands it16:29
efrerichyota: I use poedit. In poedit you can say where the source (= Zope 3) is so you can get exactly the line of the module where the message comes from16:29
efrerichso you have the context16:29
rockysrichter: why hasn't zope3 switched to boston yet?16:29
srichterthere were some reservations earlier about its completeness but it is much better off now16:29
projekt01rocky, nobody change the configure zcml ;-)16:29
srichteryeah, I think this is the main reason16:30
efrerich(but sometimes it is difficult to find the exakt meaning)16:30
rockythe bug tracker included with zope3 is (UI-wise) baaaad ;)16:31
rockyPoi is nice16:31
srichterI like my bugtracker16:32
projekt01rocky, feel free, to improve it16:32
srichterit is not totally polished, i.e. I would do some things different now, but I think it is very usable to me16:32
srichterin fact, Roger and I installed it for a project last night16:32
rockysrichter: i mentioned UI tho... i haven't tried its functionality yet... could be every developers dream ;)16:33
srichterno it is not16:33
srichterbut it fits my brain and needs16:33
yotaefrerich: I translated only 1 sentence in the site directly and my new translation was transformed on suggestion and not translation16:33
rockyprojekt01: i would never dare trying to improve a UI ... i would make things worse ;)16:33
srichterspecifically dependency specification and statistical analysis16:33
projekt01rocky, ;-)16:34
rockysrichter: curious why you didn't use something like Trac16:34
srichterbut there is a lot to do still16:34
srichterbecause it would have been much more time to setup16:34
rockyreally? i always found Trac a breeze to get up and running16:34
rockyyou're right tho, the boston skin is soooo much nicer than the rotterdam skin16:35
projekt01rocky, we need just SVN support for the bugtracker, then we have all what Trac does.16:35
efrerichyota: ah16:35
srichterok, I am going to spend more time explaining than it took yesterday to setup; we had Zope 3 trunk installed and running, so all we had to do is create a bugtracker instance and make a DNS entry16:36
rockyprojekt01: umm... not quite =P16:36
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rockysrichter: oh sorry, thought you meant "writing your own bug tracker software in zope3" VS "configuring and setting up trac"16:36
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srichterrocky: oh no! :-)16:45
volvoxare there zope3 things (papers, sprints, whatever) foreseen for europython?16:53
projekt01volvox, many unit and doctests are included in the source code16:58
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projekt01volvox, there is also a tutorial from jim somewhere at:16:59
volvoxwell, I worded it incorrectly, I mean... I am going to europython in Geneve and I'd like to buy some core developers a barrel of beer :-)17:11
projekt01volvox, I'd like vodka not beer ;-)17:16
projekt01volvox, perhaps srichter or philiKON have some papers or presentations17:17
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