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rockyhm, what does the z3c.* toplevel namespace package stand for in ?15:38
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rockyhm, my post to z3-dev doesn't seem to be coming through on gmane16:06
rockysrichter: ping16:09
philiKONrocky, you most likely need to be subscribed to be allowed to post16:10
rockyphiliKON: well, gmane allows posting via gmane once you've registered with gmane16:11
philiKONwell, IF the mailinglist allows it16:11
philiKONit may still disallow it if the "From" addr isn't subscribed16:11
rockyphiliKON: no, gmane itself is already registered with the mailing list i thought16:11
philiKONyes, it is16:11
rockyphiliKON: so extra registration through gmane is all that was needed i thought16:11
philiKONwith most lists, yes16:12
rockyi would expect gmane to at least email me back then and tell me my message can't go through if that were the case16:12 lists are pretty rigorous16:12
philiKONnope16:12 simply discards not-allowed stuff16:12
rockyphiliKON: *all* of the other 7 or so zope mailing lists i use via gmane don't have this restriction16:12
philiKONhmm, weird16:13
philiKONrocky, better ask j1m :)16:13
rockyphiliKON: basically what i asked on the list was if it was ok for me to add a Time schema field to zope.schema on the zope3.3 branch16:13
rockyand trunk16:13
philiKONtrunk, probably16:13
philiKON3.3 is in feature freeze16:13
rockyblech, such a small thing tho ;)16:13
philiKONwe already had a beta16:13
rockymissing Time is a bug imho ;)16:13
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rockyphiliKON: i think the zope mail server needs to be kicked or something, i just sent a subscription request to zope3-checkins and its taking a long while to send me back the confirmation email16:18
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philiKONrom|zZZZ, in austrialia?16:22
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rockyphiliKON: when we commit a fix on zope3.3 branch, is up to ourselves to commit the same fix to trunk or does some zope3 maintainer do this later on?18:06
philiKONyou commit yourself18:06
philiKONyou'd also have to commit to z3.2 really18:07
philiKON3.2 is still in maintenance mode18:07
rockyblech =P18:07
philiKONafter all, 3.3 isn't even final yet18:07
rockyright... i understand18:07
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philiKONnot sure how you guys do it in plone, but this is how we do it in zope 2, zope 3, five, etc.18:07
philiKONyou're responsible for applying fixes on all active branches18:08
rockyphiliKON: for plone we have hannosch, he prefers we do our fix on the maintenance version of plone and he migrates all fixes upwards in batches18:08
philiKONyou're lucky to have hannosch :)18:08
rockyindeed :)18:08
philiKONman, merging like this is hard with svn18:08
rockyhe scolded me once for applying my fix to both maintenance version and plone 2.5 ;)18:08
philiKONsvn is conflict-prone18:09
philiKONyeah, he scolded you because of potential conflicts18:09
philiKONsvn doesn't "see" when a fix has been appleid or not18:09
philiKONother systems are better18:09
philiKONsvk :)18:09
rockymy big beef with svk atm is its lack of support for svn:externals18:09
philiKONyeh, sucks18:10
* philiKON back to physical spreadsheet processing18:10
philiKONerr, s/physical/physics/18:10
philiKONit's not like i'm eating them or something ;)18:10
* rocky back to eating his bbq grilled burger he just made for himself18:11
philiKONman, why did you have to mention your burger...18:12
rockybecause it was so yummy :)18:12
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tarekhello, anyone is working on zope3org in here ?18:16
srichterno, Uwe is18:18
srichterI sitll have to send out some info18:18
tarekhello srichter, do you now his nick on irc ?18:19
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srichtertarek: no18:19
srichterI think he is not online usually18:20
rockysrichter: see my post on zope3-dev regarding adding zope.schema.Time to zope3.3 branch? is it too late?18:20
tareki am looking for simple publication wf, simple versionning and things linke that. to reuse in a simple webste18:20
srichterrocky: yeah, too late for Zope 3.3; no more features18:25
* rocky uses some radical rationale to exclaim that this is indeed a bug fix since Time should have been there all along ;)18:26
srichternope, argument does not fly ;-)18:26
rockyoh well ... i'll apply it against trunk at least18:27
rockyand i'll implement it inside my project for current use18:27
rockyits quite odd that it doesn't exist already18:31
rockyman it hurts me everytime i hear someone in #zope mention that using dtml is a good idea :(18:32
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* rocky cheers for Tres supporting his "missing Time is a bug" argument :)18:36
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tarekI have added a tag on delicious to try to list zope 3-powered sites, if some of you know any of these site out there,18:41
tarekthe tag is "zope3-site"18:41
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roym`To use a vocabulary ('all names'),19:11
roym`  names = List(value_type=Choice(vocabulary="all names"))19:11
roym`I would register it as:19:11
roym`  <utility19:11
roym`    provides="zope.schema.interfaces.IVocabularyFactory"19:11
roym`    component="my.package.NamesVocab"19:11
roym`    name="all names"19:11
roym`    />19:11
roym`How do I do the registration if "all names" is to refer to a Source19:11
roym`instead of a vocabulary?19:11
rockyroym`: i suggest you use or some other pasting server for such large pastes19:12
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rockysrichter: any chance you have a few minutes to explain formlib subpages to me?19:50
srichterrocky: actually, I do :-)19:51
srichterfirst of all it is much less magic than you think :-)19:51
rockythats comforting :)19:51
srichterso here is the basic layout:19:51
srichterclass SubPageOrForm(FormBase):19:51
srichter    def update(self):19:52
srichter        # update stuff here; usually implemented for forms19:52
srichter    def render(self):19:52
srichter        # rendering the template here; done for forms, for browser pages:19:52
srichter        return self.template()19:52
srichter    template = ViewFilePageTemplate(...)19:53
srichterclass PageOrForm(BrowserPage):19:53
srichter    template = ViewFilePageTemplate('')19:53
srichter    def update(self):19:54
srichter        self.subForm = SubPageOrForm(self.context, self.request)19:54
srichter        self.subForm.update()19:54
srichter        # Next comes the main page stuff; for forms just use:19:55
srichter        super(PageOrForm, self).update()19:55
srichter    def render(self):19:55
srichter        # forms do already the right thing, for browser page do:19:55
srichter        return self.template()19:56
srichterin main.pt19:56
srichter<div tal:replace="structure view/subForm/render" />19:56
srichterclearly this is the simplest way of doing this sort of thing19:57
srichterthere are complex cases where the order and separation is not as clean, but you will know when you have a situation of that kind19:58
rockycouple questions, shouldn't your first class subclass SubPageForm instead of FormBase ? and update() seems to be only required by ISubPage (and not IForm so in your second class how is it known that there is an update method to call?)19:58
srichterno, you do not need SubPageForm necessarily19:59
srichterif you have a update/render method pair you are all set19:59
rockyrender() makes sense to me, but update() does not19:59
srichterit is part of your interface (formally defined or not) to always have an update() and a render() method20:00
srichterit will; I'll explain20:00
srichterthis is a solution for the infamous "render" bug20:00
srichterlet's say my main page displays a list of objects20:00
srichterin my subform, which appears *below*/*after* the list, I allow to add objects of this type20:01
srichternow, if I only had a render method, then the object would be added after the list has been rendered20:02
srichterthus, the new object will not show in the list20:02
rockyoh ic20:02
srichterbut, if I call update() before I even start rendering, then we have a chance to do our data manipulation beforehand20:03
srichterso basically, the task is to call update() on all view elements before a single line is rendered and then render them20:04
rockyhm, i guess i don't need to map my subform as a view component in zcml then?20:04
srichterthis is a bit of a problem for content providers right now, since we do not know which ones we use till we started rendering20:04
srichterno, not at all! :-)20:04
srichteronly if you want to replace the subform20:05
srichtersometimes I have menu items that control the sub-form/page to use20:05
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rockycontent providers and viewlets will be the next UI piece for me to tackle after i'm satisfied with understanding formlib ;)20:05
srichterok :-)20:05
rockyi'm going to try and apply my new understanding to my current problem... stay tuned :)20:06
srichterin the next weeks I am going to write a case study of an app I developed with Roger that realy features the power of all that20:06
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srichterrocky: I only have about 4-5 mins, before I have to leave20:08
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rockysrichter: k, in case i don't finish before you leave, thanks for the info! :)20:09
srichterI hope it helps, and write up a little how-to; people ask that question daily :-)20:10
rockyi'm hoping to blog on the subject20:10
rockysrichter: do you always use schema interfaces when defining form_fields btw?20:11
rockyor do you sometimes construct form_fields based on manual field definitions?20:11
srichtermost of the time I do20:11
srichterthere are some very interesting cases when I dynamically generate fields20:12
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srichterbut that's pretty special20:12
rockylast night i was running into the situation where i defined a schema to respresent these subform fields but then when i tried rendering the view it blew up because the current context didn't implement that interface20:12
srichterah, in that case, just initiate the form with a context that does20:13
srichterthere is nothing special about:20:13
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srichter        self.subForm = SubPageOrForm(self.context, self.request)20:13
srichterI often do something more like:20:13
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srichter        self.subForm = SubPageOrForm(self.context.someAttr, self.request)20:13
srichter        self.subForm = SubPageOrForm(self.context['item'], self.request)20:13
srichterok, I gotta run now20:14
srichterI'll be back tonight20:14
rockyk, take care20:14
rockythanks alot20:14
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rockysrichter: i just applied the subpage technique you just described to my problem and now everything is working like a charm! :)20:30
rockymucho gracias20:30
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philiKONrocky, ts ts... much*as* gracias...20:31
philiKONyou clearly didn't live in the U.S. long enough :)20:32
roym`rocky: from my end, I pasted 12 or so lines... why would I have to use pastebin for that?20:33
rockyroym`: you can easily flood dial-up users off with that much content ;)20:34
rockyroym`: its no big deal to me, i was merely offering a suggestion ;)20:34
rockyphiliKON: did you see the patch i attached to my most recent time schema field response? i'm just curious if i modified the correct changelog and in the right place20:34
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roym`hmmm - I just noticed a rather long session w/you and srichter... hence I am confused.. am I missing something here?20:35
rockyroym`: i would have suggested that srichter use a pastebin as well, but he's the op on this channel so i have no place to comment ;)20:35
philiKONrocky, not yet. will take a look20:37
philiKONrocky, looks good.20:38
rockyphiliKON: great, i'll give it another couple hours and then commit to svn20:39
* philiKON dives into zpt land again20:42
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rockystrange, if i have an IContainer implemented class (extends btree) shouldn't i be able to map contents.Contents directly against it as a view component?21:52
rockynm, i had a mishap in my zcml21:56
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