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rockyare there any z3 util methods anyplace for generating "safe" id from a given string?14:29
rockysafe id to place as the name of an item in a container i mean14:30
mgedminhow do you define "safe"?14:31
rockymgedmin: well, if i have a string "Hello, this is a & very odd string" i assume & and probably spaces are invalid characters for a contained name ?14:31
mgedminno, zope 3 containers allow any nonempty Unicode strings as names14:32
rockyoh, i didn't realize that14:32
mgedminand it all ought to work if you're careful enough to quote them when you generate URLs and sucj14:32
rockyz2 has a high restrictions14:32
rockywell, in any event i've created my own util method that "sanitizes" the url so "Hello, said the big Cheezy" would become hello-said-the-big-cheezy  ... something easy to type into a url14:33
mgedminyes, that produces nicer URLs14:36
mgedminSchoolTool has a SimpleNameChooser adapter that makes these from an object's title attribute14:37
mgedminactually, I'm not so sure about there being no restrictions whatsoever14:37
mgedminstarting a name with a '+' or a '@' may interfere with traversal rules14:37
mgedmina name that contains '/' might also cause problems14:38
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rockyhm, if i'm inside a view template and i have an instance of a content object, what is the quickest way to determine its url?15:28
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Theunii remember something like object/@@absolute_url15:33
Theunii'm not sure that's correct15:33
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rockyi'd like to have several of my properties map directly to dublin core properties ... i guess the best way to do that would be to provide my own dublincore adapter ?15:38
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philiKONrocky, yes and no15:55
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philiKONrocky, you can also update the DC data whenever your main object data changes15:55
philiKONrocky, my book has an example for that (for dc:title)15:55
rockyphiliKON: well, i'm currently using your technique in your book to use events to update my dublin core attributes15:55
rockyphiliKON: hehe, yeah15:55
rockythats what i'm using currently15:55
philiKONand yeah, @@absolute_url is correct15:56
rockybut seems redundant to have name/description mapping to DC title/description attributes, i'm storing double the data ;)15:56
philiKONyeah, you can customize the DC annotation adapter15:56
philiKONshould be pretty easy :)15:56
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rockywell i wouldn't even need to customize the DC annotation adapter... but rather just provide an adapter for IDublinCore and the adapter would know to read non-annotation properties for title/description and write the same15:58
rockyhm, default formlib.EditForm doesn't send a notification event after its updated the object? that seems strange15:59
rockyoh yes it does16:00
rockyi guess it'd help if i plugged my subscribers into the zcml16:00
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rockyphiliKON: ping16:59
philiKONrocky, pong17:00
rockyphiliKON: i'm unit testing my view components on z3.3, what setup stuff do i normally have to do to accomplish that?17:00
rockyobviously zope.component.testing.setUp17:00
philiKONdepends on what your view needs17:00
philiKONsee fi zope.component.testing is enough17:01
rockythe views extend formlib forms but other than that they are very rudimentary17:01
philiKONand work your way up :)17:01
philiKONyou might need widgets, etc.17:01
rockywell, how do i go about registering my view for my object? i assume i don't simply load up the zcml for my browser stuff...17:01
philiKONyou can either load the zcml17:02
philiKONor just do z.c.provideAdapter17:02
philiKONor, why do you want to register it all? you could also just instantiate it17:02
philiKONafter all, you're testing a specific component17:02
philiKONso you know which one to instantiate17:02
rockyhm... thats an idea17:02
philiKONno need to do the register/lookup dance17:02
philiKONi'd really not spend too much time unit testing views, btw. i prefer writing testbrowser tests17:03
rockyi guess the register/lookup dance should probably be left to functional tests?17:03
philiKONin ftests, all ZCML gets loaded anyways17:03
rockyfor zope, functional and integration are synomonous right?17:03
rocky(wrt tests)17:03
philiKONwell, test browser makes ftests more blackboxy than they used to be17:04
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philiKONdepending on which test browser object you instantiate, it actually goes over a live HTTP wire17:04
philiKONso, that'd be 100% black box17:04
rockyso 3 classes of tests: unit, integration, and functional (functional being testbrowser) ...17:05
rockyand in my case i appear to be only doing unit and functional (i will be doing testbrowser tests)17:05
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rockyso you think with good unit and functional tests, integration tests aren't necessary ?17:05
philiKONdepends on the app, i guess17:06
philiKONand the components you test....17:06
philiKONgotta go. ttyl17:06
rockylater, and thanks17:06
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projekt01benji, ayt?17:46
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benjiam now, projekt0117:48
projekt01Does your testbrowser make progress?17:48
benjithe browser backend?  yep, it's my current "personal" project; I hope to have a working version in the next week (two at most)17:49
benji(or were you referring to something else?)17:49
projekt01no that sounds cool, I just was thinking of testing some JS code.17:50
projekt01I can't wait to see that working ;-)17:51
benjiis it "pure" JS tests (unit tests) or embeded in a page (functional tests)?17:51
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projekt01benji, sorry, I got a phone call, its a base test for a small library where does xml http requests18:06
projekt01the JS is located in a file used in sample page18:07
projekt01I like to setup a browser test and use etc. Is this possible?18:08
benjiIf I understand you correctly, yes it should be possible, the main reason I was asking was to let you know that there are (passable) JS unit test frameworks available; I'm considering the one mochikit uses18:09
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projekt01benji, I know I implemented some years ago JSUnit for Zope3 and wrote some tests forthe xmltree in Rotterdam skin.18:12
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projekt01I'm not sure if I should re-activate the old project again. svn://
projekt01Benji, do you know if there is another jsunit implementation for z3 or something similar?18:15
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TheuniJ1m:  lol *G18:58
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* faassen tries to find out what funny thing happened where. :019:02
benjiI think they're referring to a thread on zope3-dev19:04
philiKONTheuni, see my email regarding the missing BBB packages in zope 3.3b119:11
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Theunisaw it19:13
Theunigood that it's so easy to resolve19:13
philiKONyeah, make a new beta ;)19:14
J1mNobody tris beta.19:14
J1mhas to be a final.19:14
J1mIn fact, probably a .1.19:15
benjiapparently Theuni tries betas :)19:15
philiKONJ1m, i think lots of people are trying zope 3.3b119:15
philiKONif they're not tryin gthe release, it's because they're trying the checkout directly19:15
Theuniapparently i get so confused how to work with checkouts that I also use the releases19:16
Theuniand as long as we have packaging issues, we should be betaing19:16
philiKONTheuni, what's confusing abut them?19:16
Theunidunno. that's the confusing part ;)19:16
philiKONuh huh19:16
philiKONsvn co ...; make ; bin/mkzopeinstance19:17
philiKONthat's the usual dance for me19:17
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Pupenois the macro context/@@form_macros/widget_rows provided by zope ?19:31
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mgedminPupeno: yes, usually -- although a skin can override it19:41
mgedminjust look for a view named 'form_macros' in various zcml files19:41
Pupenook. thank you.19:41
mgedminI suppose ++apidoc++ can be useful here19:41
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rockyhrm, what do you all do when you change the signature of your class and installed instances can no longer be listed in the zmi so its not possible to just delete them from the zmi ?20:01
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mgedminrm Data.fs*20:05
mgedminwell, that's what I do20:06
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mgedminthe alternative is to make an alias for the old class name in the old module20:06
mgedminwhat exactly do you mean by "changing the signature of a class"?20:07
rockyclass Foo(btree.BTreeContainer) becomes class Foo(ordered.OrderedContainer)20:07
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rockyhm, is it possible to query an adapter on a class such that i have an adapter than i can apply against any instance of that class? or does that just not make any sense?20:26
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mgedminrocky: your situation is tricky: what you need to do is to write a generation script that finds all instances of your class and recreates them20:36
rockymgedmin: yeah, this is only during development though... so what i ended up doing was fudging my couple instances with enough dummy attributes to make the zmi work and then i deleted them ;)20:37
efgerocky: you can monkey-patch __bases__ too if that helps :)20:39
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