IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2006-05-30

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efrerichoferw: ayt?00:46
oferwefrerich: whatsup00:46
efrerichcan you upload your translations?00:47
oferwefrerich: when is your next release?00:47
oferwwe have holiday this week so I will have few hours free00:47
efrerichI didn't here something about the release00:48
oferwso why to upload the file?00:48
efrerichbut it was scheduled for June, 1st00:48
oferwyou mean after my testing?00:48
efrerichI looked up launchpad and your translation are from May, 9th00:49
efrerichand I assume, you have done some more translations.00:49
oferwI told you that I am doing in in my local computer not on launchpad00:50
oferwbut I will update the file no problem ;-)00:50
oferwefrerich: good to have you here to remind me00:50
efrerichI'll download them tomorow an put them in the repository00:51
rockysrichter: ping00:52
oferwefrerich: I will update it only later tonight or tommorow00:52
efrerichIf I know a date for the next release I send a mail in I18n00:52
oferwanyway you will get email after i will do it00:52
efrerichyes - is ok00:52
oferwefrerich: I was in intersting lecutre this afternoon about creative commons00:55
oferwthere is local hebrew project for it as well00:56
srichterrocky: pong00:56
rockysrichter: i remember you mentioning someplace about providing some sort of zcml such that you could setup a site with local utilities... is my remembering correct?00:57
srichteryes, but it is not written00:57
efrerichoferw: I'll have a look00:58
srichterit was part of my Google SoC proposal that was denied00:58
oferwefrerich: it's hebrew site so not sure if you understand anything :)00:58
oferwefrerich: it's the hebrew version00:58
oferwbut check out the site without the .il00:58
rockysrichter: oh ok, thats too bad00:59
efrerichah -Yes00:59
rockysrichter: we're just now realizing its a little frustrating trying to setup an ISite outside of CMF/Plone00:59
srichterI told you it is important for Plone ;-)00:59
rockywell, plone has its own way of dealing with this sort of thing (its not as clean as what you described but it gets the job done )... its building apps in z3 in a cmf site'ish sort of manner thats the problem now ;)01:00
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tristilThe command zapi.getService(servicenames.PrincipalAnnotation) from Phillip W's book doesn't work in Zope 3.3. What should I use?05:35
benjitristil, services have been replaced by utilities05:37
tristilbenji, so getUtility...05:37
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guruzis there something that gets called after a successfull login? i want to auto-expand the managment tree after login10:39
guruzi suppose the best thing is to do this via javascript. i am using the session credentials plugin.10:39
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rockyg'morning J1m13:54
rockyMacYET__: congrats on the release!14:01
rockyMacYET__: despite the repetitive tag fixing ;)14:01
MacYET__thanks go to philipp14:01
MacYET__as always14:01
rockyMacYET__: mcdonc's blob support didn't go in, did it?14:02
rockyMacYET__: 2.10 is still trunk right?14:03
rockyMacYET__: just out of curiosity (doesn't affect me) why not branch now?14:07
MacYET__because i am lazy and fixes for 2.10 have to be made on at least 3 branches14:08
MacYET__too much chance to mess things up14:08
rockygood enough reason for me14:08
rockyyou being the release manager, i think that's a very valid reason14:08
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MacYET__possibly 4 branches since we maintain 2.8 for now :)14:09
rockyhow much longer are we maintaing 2.8 ?14:09
MacYET__i have the impression only few ppl adopted 2.914:10
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MacYET__so 2.8 is still very important14:10
rockyMacYET__: its unfortunate that plone is still clinging onto zope 2.8 with plone 2.5 ... that will slow down a lot of public migrations from 2.8 to 2.914:10
MacYET__there is a world outside plohn :)14:11
rockythere is indeed... but there is a large world inside plohn as well :)14:11
* MacYET__ shuts up 14:12
rockyMacYET__: so how much longer you plan on supporting zope 2.8 then?14:12
MacYET__i mean we will maintain 2.8 as long as need ...bugfix releases are not that big pain14:12
* rocky thinks once zope 2.10.0 final is released, support for 2.8 should be dropped to help force people to 2.914:13
MacYET__i think a lot of ppl won#t follow the half yr schedule..14:13
MacYET__also dieter refuses to go for 2.914:13
rockyany special reason dietre refuses to go for 2.9 ?14:13
MacYET__too few new features in 2.914:13
MacYET__but I won't force ppl to do anything14:14
MacYET__we're not microsoft14:14
rockyperhaps not, but maintaining 2.8, 2.9, 2.10, 2.11, 2.12, etc all simultaneously will be a nightmare =P14:15
MacYET__we have to find the golden way around.14:16
MacYET__2.8.7 is pretty much stable...and if there are some serious bugs we can backport them to 2.8 and make 2.8.8 if necessary14:17
MacYET__that's not much effort14:17
rockywell, hopefully then those people who aren't upgrading to zope2.9 ... once they are able to upgrade they'll just upgrade to the current major version, be it 2.10 or 2.11 or whatever14:18
MacYET__we'll see14:21
* rocky just realized how off topic this discussion is14:28
rockyMacYET__: which irc channel should we discuss zope2 dev on ? :)14:28
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MacYET__better an off-topic channel than a dead channel :)14:52
rockyMacYET__: i noticed your release announcement says zope 2.9 requires python 2.4 ... is that a slip in zope docs or just your announcement ?14:53
* rocky thought it should say zope 2.10 requires python 2.414:53
MacYET__evil cut&paste14:53
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rockyMacYET__: just out of curiosity, any idea why when running the unit tests on zope2 trunk we get ZCTextIndex, ZGadfly, and ZClass deprecation warnings?14:57
MacYET__no idea14:57
MacYET__only buildbots run unittests14:57
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SureshVI have defined a view pt but I can getting the HTML rendered as text14:58
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MacYET__'structure' is your friend14:58
SureshVno... The problem is not with the PT14:59
SureshVok... let me see14:59
rockysounds like your content type header isn't getting set14:59
rockyanyhow, i'm off15:00
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SureshVMacYET__: Thanks... Can't believe I fell for that one again!15:00
MacYET__foe what?15:01
SureshVthat was the problem15:01
MacYET__looks like repeating the 10 most FAQs helps always15:01
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rockyg'day srichter15:50
srichterrocky: hi15:50
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rockysrichter: working on anything interesting these days?15:53
srichterrocky: buying a home, teaching, etc... :-)16:10
rockyon... good luck on the home part ;)16:10
projekt01rocky, and bugfixing with me ;-)16:11
einscan I simply get adapter by name?16:15
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rockysrichter: my latest project was that i wrote a very simple forums application for running on zope 3.3 ( and then i wrote a plone compatibility package that makes the same thing run on zope 2.10+Plone (
srichterwas it hard?16:18
srichter(to do the compatibility)16:18
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projekt01rocky, I like the separation first z3, then z2 based on the z3 package16:20
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projekt01hi benji16:20
benjihi, projekt0116:20
projekt01benji, how do you make progress?16:20
benjion testbrowser?  Pretty good, it's a complex project, but I made some good progress this weekend (3 day weekend in the US)16:21
benjiTonight I want to set up a branch in so people can start looking at it (and hopefully help with it)16:22
benjiI reinforced one long-held belief of mine... browsers suck!  :)16:22
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projekt01yeah, looking forward to test it.16:23
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rockysrichter: well, it was a little worse than i would have liked (making the compatibility pkg) ... but its helped me identify some aspects of zope2+five that need to improve16:25
rockyprojekt01: yeah, i decided it was the cleanest way of doing the separation16:25
rockythat project even uses formlib16:25
rockythanks to srichter ;)16:25
rockyright now i'm discovering that one of the big problems of making a zope3 app work on zope2 is how different and gruesome the z2 request object is16:26
rockywhich hurts formlib since formlib expects for example the locale to be on the request16:26
rockybut in z2 its not16:27
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projekt01rocky, I see, I guess ree is also working on a z2/z3 jsonserver implementation16:39
projekt01I guess they also need a solution for the request part.16:39
rockyprojekt01: well, its a little different as he can ensure his z3 part of jsonserver doesn't rely on z3-specific parts in a request so then the z2 version will work fine ... for me i couldn't change zope.formlib code just to make things work in z216:40
rockyunless of course i monkey patch :(16:41
projekt01Ah, right, they use two separated implementation in one package.16:41
projekt01But I really don't like to have z2 code on a z3 server. This is ugly and breaks e.g. because of nonsense z2 imports.16:43
rockyme too16:43
rockythats why i have sz.forums and sz.ploneforums16:43
projekt01btw, we allready have such a stupid package in z3 ;-)16:44
rockyno z2-specific code in sz.forums ... but inside sz.forums i'm careful to not use z3 stuff that isn't available in z216:44
projekt01that's clean and cool. That's the way to go.16:45
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