IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-05-31

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projekt01good morning09:42
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tlotzeQuestion (maybe I overlook the obvious...): In Zope3, how would I give a principal a certain permission wrt to a single content object?10:51
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mgedmintlotze: you can use local grants11:04
mgedminadapt the object to IPrincipalPermissionMap, IIRC11:04
tlotzeAh, the object.11:05
* tlotze slaps his forehead11:05
mgedminthere's a default IPrincipalPermissionMap adapter for IAnnotatable11:05
tlotzeI wondered how to get the object into play...11:05
* tlotze tries it out11:06
tlotzewait... IPrincipalPermissionMap has only get* methods11:07
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tlotzeah, IPrincipalPermissionManager looks like the interface to use.11:16
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ChrisWthere a channel or mailing list for Five?13:45
d2mChrisW: check #z3-base13:45
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rockyyeah, #z3-base is for five stuff13:46
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rockywhat is the common pattern for "overriding" how a widget is rendered site-wide ?14:22
rockyoh, yuck! default form is rendered as a table :(14:22
rockytime to start my sz.plonedz3 pkg :(14:23
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MJWe have a schema IFoo15:01
MJthat should contain a list of IBar's15:01
MJLike so:15:01
MJbars = schema.List(15:02
MJ        value_type=schema.Object(schema=IBar),15:02
MJ        unique=True)15:02
MJNow formlib has no idea what widget to apply15:02
MJI'd like to be able to select a IBar implementation in the object hierarchy elsewhere15:03
MJAny ready code, or are we on our own?15:03
mgedminMJ: you have to register a custom widget15:11
mgedminI have the code15:11
mgedminbut I have to run away Right Now15:11
mgedmintry pestering alga if he's on IRC15:11
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* MJ looks into schema.Choice instead of schema.Object15:51
MJwe don't need a tree picker...15:51
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MJIs source preferred over the vocab registry?15:56
MJso, should I define a context source binder, or rely on the registry instead/15:56
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* MJ found a bbb warning on the vocabulary ZCML directive..15:59
* MJ goes for a context source provider then..15:59
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MJJust the people I am looking for :)16:16
MJI see BBB entries on the ZCML vocabulary directive16:16
MJWhat's the 3.3 way to define a dynamic vocalubary?16:17
MJvocabulary even.16:17
MJphiliKON: Ping16:17
MJbenji_york: ping16:17
benji_yorkpong, MJ16:17
MJIContextSourceBinder implementations?16:18
MJThey require defining an implementation in for a Choice field in a schema..16:18
philiKONMJ, ping16:18
philiKONerr, pong ;)16:18
* MJ points to the logtext since you guys entered the room.16:19
philiKONwhat's a dynamic vocab?16:19
philiKONin short, you register vocabs by registering an IVocabularyFacotry utility16:19
philiKONso, either a class that classProvdides(IVocabularyFactory)16:19
philiKONor a function or something that provides this16:19
MJNamed utility?16:19
MJIt's just that I don't see any code in Choice that'll look up vocabularies as named utilities..16:21
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* MJ scratches his head16:30
MJphiliKON: I see no code in the Choice field implementation that looks up vocabularies as utilities..16:31
philiKONMJ, nope, it gets them from a vocabulary registry16:31
philiKONwhich can be plugged in16:31
philiKONthe vocabulary registry looks up utilities16:31
MJyes, I just found that :)16:33
MJI did a grep16:33
MJand found the implementation16:33
* MJ gets lost in the woods of zope.schema and
philiKONyeah, i think they should be combined somewhat16:43
philiKONthe vocabulary stuff16:43
philiKONit's in a proposal i've written16:44
rockyif i have an interface, what is the easiest way to know if it was registered a content type via <zope:interface> ?16:46
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projekt01rocky, there is a method guessType16:56
projekt01I guess something like guessType(IInterface)16:56
rockywhich pkg?16:57
projekt01no sure16:57
dobeehi all, what is the best method to filter the items in the add menu without using constraints?16:58
philiKONqueryType(some_obj, IContentType)16:58
projekt01philiKON, thanks16:58
rockyphiliKON: i have the class, not an instance so i can't use that ;)16:58
rockyphiliKON: but i've been digging around in the source and it should be easy enough to create my own that works based on class16:59
philiKONjust use implementedBy instead of providedBy then16:59
rockyits "odd" to say interface.providedBy(IFooBar) to figure out what interfaces it provides ... ;)17:02
rockynote IFooBar is an interface in my example17:03
rockymesses with my head17:04
rockykinda like metaclasses ;)17:04
philiKONinterfaces are components too...17:05
rockyyeah... thats what helps make it weird ;)17:07
rockyi'm not criticizing, its just above my level of grasping right now ;)17:07
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* MJ has a vocubulary containing objects taken from the ZODB..17:28
MJand these are, of course, security proxied.17:28
MJPicking them in a list works fine.17:29
MJBut hitting apply on the form complains about the non-pickleability of the security proxies17:29
MJSo, unwrapping them first?17:29
MJAnd if so, how?17:30
* MJ feels he just stepped into a big tarpit..17:30
MJphiliKON: ping17:30
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MJ's okay17:32
* MJ imports removeSecurityProxy17:32
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MJThat works; I suspect that that's what we need exactly, as the stored objects now get security proxied when accessed through their new parent.17:35
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volvoxnewb alert: i'm trying to set up a mock vocabulary for a test, but it doesn't find it, raises unknown vocabulary17:46
volvoxoutside of the docsuite it works well, I've used component.getGlobalSiteManager() and gsm.registerUtility(...)17:46
volvoxI can find it with getUtility(). guess I should get back to the book :-)17:47
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b_52CEntosboys and girls :) ; i try to run zope 3  but :(   ./runzope22:42
b_52CEntos2006-05-31T20:36:50 ERROR ZODB.lock_file Error locking file /home/b_52globemaster/Zope3Instance/var/Data.fs.lock22:42
b_52CEntosi chage the right access i put 777 to all the file in /var it didn't change the problem22:42
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rockyperhaps the file already exists with the wrong permissions?22:45
b_52CEntosrocky,  i set the permissions to 777 :)22:45
rockythought you said you set permissions on the directory22:45
rockyi'm referring to the file22:45
b_52CEntosthe file too22:46
b_52CEntosthe /var and all the file that are inside /var :)22:47
b_52CEntosok solved :)22:48
b_52CEntosstupid tricks22:48
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