IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-06-07

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romanofskimoin :)09:35
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dobeedoes anybody know where to vote for zf Board Directors? i must have missed some email, hm15:49
srichterdobee: yeah, Jim wrote a little App15:51
srichterdobee: he sent a mail out earlier15:51
dobeesrichter: hm i saw that  mail about the app, but no information of its location15:52
srichterssh vote cmd115:52
srichterssh vote cmd1 <choices>15:53
srichterssh vote cmd1 faassen efge srichter15:53
dobeesrichter:  ah i thought it was an example because in the mail: ssh vote issueid args15:54
dobeei'll try, thx stephan15:54
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projekt01dobee, Do I have to write this lines in a mail and send it ti J1m? ;-)16:01
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dobeeprojekt01:  yeah, espacially the 'cmd1' thing is new to me, and unfortunatly it does not work, but i sent my agreements yesterday so that might be the reason16:03
projekt01dobee, really by mail I was just asking as joke, I was thinking of a terminal client cmd?16:05
dobeeprojekt01: no!16:05
dobeenormal terminal16:05
dobeeor cnd for you ;-)16:05
dobeeprojekt01:  hm maybe the documentation comes with a response to the new agreements16:07
projekt01Uhh, I guess that's different with putty on windows.16:08
projekt01Ok, I take a look at the mails.16:08
projekt01dobee, thanks16:08
dobeeprojekt01: afaik the ssh.exe file should be  somewhere in your putty folder16:09
dobeedepends on your installation16:10
projekt01Yup, that's no problem, I guess I only have to use a putty session. And the call would look like: ssh+svn shortNameForPuttySession vote cmd1 faassen16:11
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dobeethis has nothing to do with svn i guess16:14
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projekt01I see16:17
projekt01dobee, the following works:16:20
projekt01C:\Programme\TortoiseSVN\bin>TortoisePlink.exe -ssh vote cmd1 srichter16:21
projekt01But use it only if you vote for srichter ;-)16:21
dobeeprojekt01: it seems that i have no access, i get "You are not permitted to vote on this issue."16:22
dobeei sent my agreements yesterday, so the group might not be updated on the server16:23
dobeei'll try tomorrow16:23
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benjinouri, the collector issue about the zc.testrecorder label bug mentions opening another issue about also handling enclosing <label> tags, do you know if that was done?17:21
nouribenji: no it wasn't17:21
nouribenji: i can do it though, and look into it if time allows17:21
nouribenji: the current bug is a real PIA for me right now, as the recorder bails when it finds a label without for _anywhere_ in the HTML17:22
benjiyeah, it'd be great if you could add that issue too (and even better if you tell me the issue number) :)17:22
nouriok, will do17:22
mgedminfwiw MSIE doesn't support <label> without for=, so it is a good idea to avoid those17:23
nourisounds reasonable17:23
mgedminand by "support" I mean that if you have <label><input type="checkbox" ...> Some Text</label> then in msie clicking on SomeText does not toggle the checkbox17:23
nouriright, so that's not really high priority to get that into testrecorder.  i think we can just not support it in the meantime17:24
nouriit'll pick up the form element's name anyways17:24
benjiright; this use case is about finding the control via user visible text17:24
projekt01benji, is there a new output limit in the testbrowsers method "contents"?17:27
benjino, why?17:27
projekt01The output ends in the middle of nowhere if I call "print user.contents"17:28
projekt01nowhere means in the middle of a word where can't have a special char.17:29
benjiok, nouri I fixed that, and ran all the tests (which is to say, there are no tests so I hope it worked)17:30
benjiprojekt01, hmm, that's interesting17:30
nourithanks, benji17:31
projekt01<a href="http://localhost/++skin++Recruiter/000000/0001/1/details.html?comm17:31
projekt01should be:17:31
projekt01<a href="http://localhost/++skin++Recruiter/000000/0001/1/details.html?communicate=invited">17:31
benjiyep, that looks like the middle17:31
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nouriprojekt01: ooh, Recruiter ;)17:31
projekt01nouri, hi17:31
benjiis this a Zope 3 test?17:32
nourihi projekt0117:32
projekt01benji, yes17:33
benjiI'd put a pdb in the part of the code that interfaces with the publisher and make sure the full content is being returned there, then do a binary search from there "down"; also note that it's entirely possible you found a bug in mechanize17:34
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BjornTprojekt01: is that near the end of the page? if so, which zope3 version are you using?17:35
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projekt01BjornT, I'm using the trunk (updating now)17:36
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projekt01BjornT, it's at line 228 of 69617:38
BjornTprojekt01: ok. there was a bug causing the page to be cut off at the end in some cases, but it was fixed almost two months ago.17:38
projekt01BjornT, benji, if I comment out the previous tests the output is OK.17:52
benjiand the bug fix BjornT referred to didn't help?17:52
projekt01I just updated, the first test runs with the trunk form yesterday.17:53
projekt01I'll check if the newest zope version is Ok17:53
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projekt01benji, for what is the _start_timer method?18:05
projekt01the error happens after a goBack() call18:07
projekt01benji, coul it be that this is a cache-like problem and only the half site get returned on goBack()18:12
projekt01If I call reload() after goBack() it's working.18:12
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projekt01benji, goBack() forces not to return the full html if calling contents18:24
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