IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2006-06-12

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baijumYesterday I send a mail to, but it's not reached in the list, now re-send it, but still I cann't see that.06:42
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__mac__hi, I was offline for a some days and i wonder what happened to the zope3-maillists?11:18
baijum__mac__: I think only for zope3-dev11:30
baijumI send a mail to jim fulton now regarding this problem, can any one else confirm this?11:33
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b_52CEntos ------13:48
b_52CEntos2  2003-06-02T20:09:13 INFO PublisherHTTPServer zope.server.http (HTTP) started.13:48
b_52CEntos3          Hostname: localhost13:48
b_52CEntos4          Port: 808013:48
b_52CEntos5  ------13:48
b_52CEntosi got this but i can't reach my zope13:48
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baijumb_52CEntos: are you accessing http://localhost:8080 from same machine?14:03
b_52CEntosbaijum,  yes14:04
baijumwhat is the error output?14:05
b_52CEntosno error14:06
b_52CEntos ./runzope14:06
b_52CEntos2006-06-12T10:38:29 INFO root -- HTTP:localhost:8080 Server started.14:06
b_52CEntos        Hostname: localhost14:06
b_52CEntos        Port: 808014:06
b_52CEntos2006-06-12T10:38:29 INFO root Startup time: 16.168 sec real, 11.102 sec CPU14:06
rockysounds like a firewall issue14:08
rockyb_52CEntos: try doing "telnet localhost 8080"14:08
b_52CEntostelnet localhost 808014:09
b_52CEntostelnet: connect to address Can't assign requested address14:09
b_52CEntostelnet: Unable to connect to remote host14:09
rockyheh, sounds like you have your 'lo' device messed up somehow14:09
rockyb_52CEntos: can you connect to any network service running on localhost ?14:10
b_52CEntosrocky,  i don't have any service connected to localhost ; except  zope  ; may be that will explain why sendmail is cryng this days ...14:11
rockyhaha, most likely14:11
rockyb_52CEntos: paste your /etc/hosts file to zope3.pastebin.com14:11
rockylol, FreeBSD14:13
rockyb_52CEntos: i figured for sure you'd be running CentOS Linux14:13
rockyFreeBSD is out of my realm, sorry, but it does seem as though you really have the network misconfigured on the machine14:14
b_52CEntosrocky,  yeah ; but having multimedia package in centos 3.x ; it's a full time job :)14:14
* rocky runs CentOS 4.x on his production servers14:14
rockyb_52CEntos: basically you need to hack your box until you can get *any* network service running properly ... at which point zope3 should run fine14:15
rockyb_52CEntos: is the name of your box f-15.belkin ?14:15
b_52CEntosrocky,  hm ok ; thanks for the help14:15
b_52CEntosrocky,  f-15 yes :)14:16
rockyb_52CEntos: try doing  "telnet 8080" when you have zope3 running and see what it says14:16
b_52CEntosrocky,  telnet 808014:18
b_52CEntostelnet: connect to address Operation timed out14:18
b_52CEntostelnet: Unable to connect to remote host14:18
rockyyuck ;)14:18
rockyoh well... i tried, i failed, i moved on ;)14:19
* rocky recommends b_52CEntos get out his freebsd owner's manual ;)14:19
b_52CEntosyeah :)14:19
b_52CEntosrocky,  thanks for the help  by the way14:20
rockyfor purposes of learning zope you might just want to pull up a spare windows or linux box and throw zope onto it for testing purposes ... i know zope2's favourite platforms are windows and linux14:20
rockynot dissing freebsd or anything, but many more in the zope community run macosx/windows/linux14:21
* b_52CEntos offer rocky a Freebsd Box :^14:21
rockyi *had* freebsd installed here in vmware on my ubuntu workstation ... may still be installed, not sure14:22
baijumHello, I tried something now in debian the same problem for me here, this is what I did, #ifconfig lo down  then 'runzope' now server started but cannot connect to http://localhost:8080/14:26
baijumno error in background14:26
b_52CEntosi don't how you could connect if you put it down14:26
baijumso check your lo is up14:26
baijumi did it14:26
baijumthough, I have other interfaces (eth0)14:27
b_52CEntoscan you past your lo parameters ; i need to copy them :)14:27
baijumhow to get parameters, I only did 'ifconfig lo down' then started zope3 (runzope)14:29
baijumthis is not FreeBSD14:29
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b_52CEntosit work finnaly ; just fix the loppback setting ....14:34
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volvoxphiliKON: i see there are z3 sprints for europython. when? can a neeb possibly attend and be useful?15:33
philiKONwe are planning on sprinting the weekend before the conf15:34
philiKONsat + sund15:34
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volvoxwith neeb i mean: i have 8 yrs experience with python, just not as deep as it needs to be a core dev or anything like that15:34
philiKONno problem15:35
volvoxso I should be there 31/6 ?15:35
philiKONspritns are also there to learn15:35
philiKONthere is no 31/6 :)15:35
volvoxit's been stolen already. ok, saturday morning?15:36
philiKONthat's my current planning so far15:37
philiKONi'm not organizing anything, really15:37
volvoxis there something after the conference also?15:37
philiKONi'm just saying that i'd like to sprint15:37
philiKONnot sure15:37
philiKONi won't have time15:37
volvoxso I'll book the hotel a few days more, and at the worst i'll tourist myself around15:37
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philiKONk :)15:39
volvoxcount on me. available for cleaning/cooking also15:40
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dwooCould someone please help me with a skin problem I'm having?17:46
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dwooI get a ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'type', 'ImportError: Module zope.publisher.interfaces.browser has no global IBrowserSkinType') when I try to register the skin as an interface in /browser/skin/configure.zcml17:51
philiKONdwoo, which zope version?17:53
dwooHow do you tell?17:55
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dwooI'm sorry, where is that?17:59
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philiKONdwoo, uh, where you installed it?!?18:00
philiKONdwoo, alternatively, you can go to localhost:8080/++etc++process and see the version nuimber there, i think18:01
dwooIt says Development/Unknown there.18:05
philiKONyou using svn checkout?18:06
philiKONwell, what branch and how old is it?18:08
dwooI just did an svn up, so it's whatever the latest version is.18:08
philiKONwhat branch?18:08
dwoothe trunk18:09
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volvoxre: the europython sprint, the italian i18n has a huge need for a rewrite. i'd rather learn something from y'all, but maybe I could be more useful in translating, if I can have some feedback while doing it, it would be good18:38
philiKONvolvox, have you ever been at a sprint?18:39
volvoxnope, does it show?18:39
philiKONa bit :)18:40
philiKONvolvox, at sprints, we always pair18:40
philiKONtwo people, one computer18:40
philiKONa good combination is an expert and a newcomer18:40
volvoxwho says I could not pair with somebody? :-)18:40
philiKONthat's the point. you should18:40
philiKONnewcomers especially should pair with an experted18:40
baldtrolg'day all ;)  ...quick question.  i've built a set of events and subscribers and am quite happy with the way they're working.  but in doing so, it occurred to me that i don't really know for sure when and where IObjectCreatedEvent and the rest really ought to be notified, and when the machinery notifies them automatically.18:41
volvoxi does from the container, usually18:41
philiKONvolvox, not really18:41
philiKONbaldtrol, object events should be thrown by the component doing something to the componnt18:42
philiKONe.g. IObjectMOdifiedEvent should be thrown by the piece of cod ethat changes the object18:42
volvoxok, it could be not contained, right18:42
philiKONIObjectCreatedEvent is hence thrown by the component that creates the object18:42
baldtrolok, that's what i thought, but i wasn't sure18:42
philiKON(the addform usually)18:42
philiKONIObjectaddedEvent is thrown by the container18:43
baldtrollike, i've built a registration utility where users can sign up, and on activation, they have some default content created for them.  i should notify IObjectCreatedEvent on the objects i build for those users then, yes/no?18:43
philiKONif you're instantiating the objects18:44
philiKONyou should throw the events18:44
philiKONas said, the code that does things to objects shoudl also throw the events18:44
baldtrolok...  and that's necessary for other bits that need to know, like IntIds, etc?18:45
philiKONyeah, like catalog indices and such18:46
baldtrolcool...  thank you sir18:47
baldtroloh!  i have another question.  and it may just be that it was like 3am when i was staring at it last night...  i created an interface for a form with formlib, but the sequence widget in 3.2.1 keeps throwing me an error on len(sequence)18:50
volvoxphiliKON, i will try with the translation, the trouble is I know nobody which uses z3 in italy, nobody that can check the work I do. do you know somebody?18:50
volvoxbaldtrol: which file and line?18:50
baldtrolarg, brb18:51
philiKONbaldtrol, it might be because your default vlaue is None18:51
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philiKONvolvox, man, a sprint is for coding, not for translating things18:51
philiKONlet translations be handled by noncoders18:52
philiKONor at least total noobs18:52
volvoxbeen there18:52
philiKONif you have the possibility to attend a sprint, do something exciting :)18:52
volvoxdone that18:52
volvoxthe current one is done by a t.n.18:52
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baldtrolvolox: to answer you question from before (sorry, i was on a call), it's in under _getRenderedValue, line 128.19:36
baldtroland philiKON... under value_type in my list, i have textline with a default of u''...  does my List need a default too?19:36
philiKONbaldtrol, no, i mean the default on your content object19:37
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baldtrolhmm...  that's an interesting bit, actually.  i'm not using a content object here...  i'm using formlib to build a form that i need to run a test against a particular URL.  in pure tal, i did it as a form method="get" against the url i wanted, but i'm trying to duplicate the same form using formlib.19:39
philiKONno idea then19:39
baldtrolthe interface is merely a representation of the form fields i want.  formlib allows me to have the error handling and such done by posting back to myself first, then running the get from my @form.action19:40
baldtrolor, i should say "i want it to allow."  so far i haven't gotten it to, but i assume that's because i'm missing something in either building my interfaces, or something about the way formlib's handing my interface back to the default sequence widget19:41
philiKONyou should check what the widget gets for setRenderedValue19:41
baldtrolhmmm.  i saw that further up in the traceback.  i'll look at it.19:42
baldtrolif i can't get it to work, isn't it just a matter of overriding setUpWidgets?19:49
baldtrolwell "just" in the sense that i don't know *how* to do that, but i can read form.txt and such until i get it19:50
baldtrol"possibly" makes me afraid :D19:51
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