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b_52CEntosis there any reader of "web component developement with zope3"01:05
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volvoxthere is the author, if you come back tomorrow01:17
volvoxcan I help you?01:18
b_52CEntosyeah the actual question is just with organisations of the examples01:19
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baldtrolsrichter: when's the next training class that you're going to be teaching?02:39
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srichterbaldtrol: we have one planned at the beginning of August03:11
srichterbaldtrol: best ask Kamal for details03:11
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baldtrolcool, thanks03:36
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guruzi'm using DatabaseOpenedEvent to create a pluggable authentication and a credentials plugin and a authenticator plugin. I am also registering them. from the ZMI everything looks nice, but they don't get used. what could be wrong?11:12
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b_52CEntoszope.schema ; is a product a part i must install it separatly ? ; i haven't not find hit in !12:23
d2mb_52CEntos: zope.schema is at src/zope/schema12:23
philiKONor at lib/python/zope/schema :)12:24
d2mbtw, i added a zope.schema.Dict to my interface definition and now get ComponentLookupErrors when creating the content object12:24
b_52CEntosd2m,  philiKON  it this case " import zope.schema " should be ok :^ ?12:25
philiKONb_52CEntos, sure. if you have z3 installed, import zope.schema will work12:25
philiKONd2m, addform?12:25
d2maddform, yes12:25
philiKONwell, duh, look at the traceback12:25
b_52CEntos>>> import zope.schema12:26
b_52CEntosTraceback (most recent call last):12:26
b_52CEntos  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?12:26
b_52CEntosImportError: No module named schema12:26
philiKONthere's no Dict widget12:26
philiKONb_52CEntos, check your PYTHONPATH12:26
philiKONd2m, you'll have to create your own widget that populates the dict12:26
d2mok, got it12:26
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mgedminit only sounds simple ;)12:29
* philiKON hides12:29
* mgedmin once tried to cross ObjectWidget and ListSequenceWidget to make a widget for editing containers that contain objects providing some schema12:30
philiKONListSequenceWidget(subwdiget=ObjectWidget) ?12:30
mgedminyes, but I wanted to store a dict of objects rather than a list of objects12:31
philiKONah, ic12:32
mgedminwhen list items have __names__ forms become somewhat more reliable (no more race conditions if you delete item #2 in browser window #1, and the indexes all shift making the rendered form in browser window #2 refer to outdated indexes)12:32
mgedminanyway, the easiest solution turned out to be to create form fields dynamically12:33
philiKONstill sounds wild :)12:33
philiKONbut i can see how that can be more reliable12:33
b_52CEntosimport zope.schma related  prob  :
mgedminb_52CEntos: where is your zope 3?13:03
mgedminubuntu has/had some zope3 packages like python2.4-zope-interface13:04
mgedminif you have that installed, then your /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages has zope and zope.interface, but not zope.schema etc.13:04
b_52CEntosmgedmin,  /usr/local/Zope-3.2.1/13:04
mgedminwell, /usr/local/Zope-3.2.1/src/ is not in your pythonpath, unless you ran python from that location13:04
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* mgedmin looks at 'freebsd6' and decides Ubuntu's zope-interface packages are not at fault here ;)13:05
b_52CEntosif each time i had a small problem with a Unix or a linux i change it .....  :^13:06
mgedminb_52CEntos: if you did a mkzopeinstance then there should be a .../instancedir/bin/python script that sets up PYTHONPATH and runs an interactive python prompt13:09
mgedminI think...13:09
b_52CEntosmgedmin,  yeap i create a zope instance  ; the script is pyskel ?13:12
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b_52CEntos./importchecker /usr/local/Zope-3.2.1/lib/python/13:18
b_52CEntos  and i'm waiting the result :)13:18
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lamikeHey Stephan, hast Du meine Emails gelesen?16:19
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ignasi have got a bit stuck with evolution scripts for a Zope3 based application18:58
ignaswhat could be the reason for "Couldn't load state for 0x2f" errors ?18:58
ignas the traceback18:59
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ignasi am not sure whether the problem is with the Data.fs with schooltool or with Zope3 ...18:59
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mgedminzcml question19:43
mgedmindoes <class class="Bar"><implements interface="IFoo" /> set up security declarations for IFoo on Bar?19:44
* mgedmin is trying to debug ForbiddenAttribute: __annotations__ on one of his IAttributeAnnotatable objects19:44
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philiKONmgedmin, adapters that access __anotations__ are typically trusted19:49
philiKONe.g. IZopeDublinCore19:49
philiKONis a trusted adapter19:49
mgedminphiliKON: thanks for the hint19:49
mgedminI've actually "written" my own IZopeDublinCore adapter19:49
mgedminwhere "written" means19:49
mgedminMyDC = zope.dublincore.annotatableadapter.partialAnnotatableAdapterFactory(['title', 'description'])19:50
mgedminnaturally I registered it as an untrusted adapter...19:51
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srichterJ1m: how does the subprocess stuff of the testrunner working?21:33
srichterI think that if a subprocess is used, the coverage is not working correctly21:33
J1mi'm on the phone21:33
J1mIf we have to run a subprocess, because we can't tear down a layer, then the testrunner reinvokes itself with the original options with some extra options saying which layer to run.21:46
srichterthat breaks coverage21:46
J1mI know nothing about the coverage except that the tests were very sketchy.21:46
srichterI think there is nothing we can about this21:46
srichterbasically coverage installs a tracer in sys21:47
srichterand records which lines of the code were executed21:47
J1mI'm sure that there is something we can do about it, it just takes someone with enough interest and ability, which is not me. :)21:47
J1mIdeally, the tracer data would be writted to a file.21:47
J1mI thought it already was.21:47
J1ma directory actually.21:48
srichterthe current format just does not work well for merging21:48
J1mLike I said, I'm sure it can be fixed.21:48
srichteryes, but it the source file plus a counter at the beginning of the line21:48
srichterit can, but it would be a good amount of work21:48
J1mnot it. :)21:48
J1mMaybe benji will do it. ;)21:49
srichterhe he21:49
srichterI think my fix for now will be to provide a cheap teardown for my non-teardownable layer ;-)21:49
J1mare we gonna have a bug day? :)21:53
srichterJ1m: we should :-)21:54
srichternoone ever responded21:54
J1mLets do!21:54
srichterany preferred day?21:54
srichterI probably can do a couple hours that day21:55
srichterotherwise I am pretty swamped: teaching contracts and house buying21:56
srichterthanks :-)21:57
srichterwe are excited :-)21:57
srichterI am sending the E-mail now21:57
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volvoxphiliKON, ping23:00
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RaFromBRCi'm subclassing an interface that defines a schema, and all i want to do is modify slightly some of the schema fields, but retain their original order...23:35
RaFromBRCwhen i define the new fields in the subclass, however, the fields are moved to the end of the schema... how would i maintain the original order?23:35
volvoxthere is an 'order' argument, i guess23:39
volvoxbut i don't know if it spans classes23:39
J1mIt does.23:41
RaFromBRCi'm assuming the argument belongs in the field declaration?23:42
J1mRight, as an argument to the constructor. You should be able to copy the order from the old field.23:43
RaFromBRCthe original field order is implicit, but i can work it out... thx.  :-)23:44
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mgedminRaFromBRC: you can also access it, I'm sure23:44
mgedminclass IDerivedForm(IOriginalForm):23:44
J1mEvery field gets an order whether you pass it in or not.23:44
RaFromBRCah, got it23:44
mgedmin   field_x = Whatever(..., order=IOriginalForm['field_x'].order)23:45
* mgedmin once looked up the machinery that zope.schema uses to order fields in the order of definition23:45
J1mBut if you care that much about ordering, it might be better to specify the order you want in your form definition.23:45
* mgedmin found it educational23:45
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volvoxbtw, IWriteMutableSchema.moveField(name, position)   is declared twice the same in 3.3.0b123:48
* rocky has spotted a bunch of "this will be removed in zope 3.3" BBB comments still lingering on the zope 3.3 branch and trunk23:49
benjirocky should feel free to remove them23:54
rockyguess i should remove them on both 3.3 branch and trunk ... not too late to remove those for 3.3 i assume23:55
benjiI'd say so23:55
rockyyou'd say so what? that it is too late? or isn't? ;)23:56
benjiI'd say that it's not too late23:56
rockyperhaps i should run it by the list first23:57
benjisure, if you want an argument :)23:57
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