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nouriphiliKON: i think python install --home works18:08
philiKONright. but that doesn't work from outside a zipped egg :)18:09
nouriit doesn't work with EasyInstall AFAIK18:09
faassenPYTHONPATHlib/python/ easy_install --find-links= --install-dir=lib/python zc.catalog18:09
faasseninstalls the egg nicely into my instance's lib/python18:09
faassengiven that I run that from the instance.18:09
nourifaassen: that means they need to add lib/python to their pythonpath, which is unnice18:09
faassenthe instance won't be able to actually pick up the egg for two reasons.18:09
philiKONnouri, z3 already does that18:09
faassen1) the zcml slug needs to be installed too. Ignoring that ofr now18:10
nouriphiliKON: i mean before installing18:10
philiKONnouri, every instance's lib/python is part of the python path18:10
faassen2) the lib/python directory in an instance is not actually a site.18:10
philiKONfaassen, right18:10
faassenthen there's a related but separate issue that the test runner just plain won't work with eggs.18:10
philiKONfaassen, lib/python is a python path, not a site...18:10
faassenso if I hack the bin/runzope, bin/zopectl and bin/test to add it as a site.18:10
nouriit will work if you install it site-wide :)18:10
philiKONso perhaps we should make it a site, like you suggested...18:10
faasseneverything works, except the test runner business.18:10
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philiKONnouri, stop suggesting that, this is unacceptable18:11
nourii don't see why you don't want to do that outside of lib/python, maybe you think that's evil :)18:11
faassendo what?18:11
faassenI just want a pattern where people install software into a zope 3 instance.18:11
faassenusing eggs.18:11
nourido what philiKON said i should stop suggesting18:11
faassenyeah, yeah, we've heard taht enough. I can install stuff into lib/python/site-packages and I'll be happy18:11
faassenbut I don't want that.18:11
nouriyeah, having lib/python be a site would prolly be nice too18:11
faassenit's just 1 line of code in those 3 files.18:12
nouribut that still means that you need to add it to PYTHONPATH before easy_install will let you install it there18:12
philiKONnouri, why?18:12
faassenI'm okay with telling people that the command does PYTHONPATH=lib/python18:12
faassensetuptools refuse to let you install stuff into places that aren't the python path.18:12
nouriyou're working against easy_install IMO, but I guess PJE has some ideas on this18:12
philiKONah, didn't know18:12
faassenI think it's a silly bloock, while at the same time setuptools *doesn't* stop you from running while cwd is not the directory is in.18:13
faassenwhich is apparently guaranteed to result in total mayhem.18:13
faassenwhy am I working against easy_install?18:13
nouriI think setting up a custom install location like in the link I posted might be easier than what you're trying to do18:14
nourianyways, PJE hangs out on #peak and he's pretty responsive18:15
faassenthis one?18:15
faasseni.e. tell people to edit their .pydistutils.cfg file?18:15
nourii meant
faassenwell, the other options don't apply.18:15
faassenMac OS X user installation, scratch that.18:15
faassenadministrator installation... what we're trying to avoid.18:16
nourii.e. "What do I do if I *cant* install site-wide" which your users are apparently not able to do18:16
faassenvirtual python, too hairy.18:16
faassennot in scope for a Zope 3 instance deployment, definitely.18:16
nouriso what i do is: 1) myself work with develop 2) tell my users to just easy_install it18:16
philiKONfaassen, i will very soon have to deal with eggs in zope 3.3 as well, so i'm interested in this.18:17
nourianyways, i think pkg_resources.require() is a good idea for zcml18:17
nouriok, need to leave18:17
faassenokay, see you.18:17
faassenthanks for the links.18:17
faassenanyway, develop doesn't work for another reason too..18:17
faassenthe testrunnre won't pick up tests.18:17
* mgedmin needs a widget for a set of words18:18
philiKONmgedmin, Choice(values=['hi', 'there']) ?18:18
mgedminno, the field is Set(value_type=TextLine())18:18
mgedminalthough I may change it to a Set(value_type=Choice(...))18:18
philiKONah. there's a Set+Vocabulary widget18:19
philiKONlook in
mgedminah, good18:19
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faassenphiliKON: it would be very attractive to sneak in 3 lines that do addsitedir into ZOpe 3.3 :)18:20
faassenphiliKON: basically that makes stuff work except for running tests in these packages.18:20
faassenanyway, I'll try the editing .pydistutils.cfg thing18:21
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faassenphiliKON: hm, the pydistutils.cfg thing doesn't seem to be very useful in our circumstances. that globally changes where any egg installs, that isn't what I awnt.18:23
philiKONthat's why i told nouri to stop suggesting it :)18:24
philiKONbecause it's useless to us18:24
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philiKONwe want to install into instances18:24
philiKONi honestly thought dropping eggs would work18:24
philiKONi'm not too surprised about the testrunner18:24
philiKONi guess it just uses os.path.walk or so to find test modules18:24
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philiKONit needs to use setuptools apis...18:24
faasseneggs don't work out of non-site directories.18:25
faassenthat's basically the problem.18:25
philiKONit all seems to point towards your solution :)18:26
faassenthe more I think of it, the more I think adding ..18:26
faassenwould be the simplest fix to make things work now.18:26
faassenI can't see it would break anything.18:26
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alecmphiliKON: So I've got a fix for the contentprovider issue on Zope 2.10, but I'm running into some odd ZTC issues it seems.18:50
philiKONoh, lovely18:51
alecmIt appears that adding a DocTestSuite, or a FunctionalDocTestSuite (which is what I'm using) to Products.PageTemplates.tests will cause 6 existing tests to error, even if that test suite is empty18:52
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philiKONoh, yeah, don't add ZTC stuff to Products.PageTemplates18:52
philiKONi know that it's tempting, but it makes things so much harder18:53
philiKONwhy not add the tests to five?18:53
alecmI think I've resolved to avoid the problem altogether and remove the support for the provider expression from Products.PageTemplate, and put it back in Five (along with the tests, which are currently there anyway).18:53
philiKONhmm, why move it again?18:53
alecmphiliKON: They are already in Five (though they need some extra stuff)18:54
alecmphiliKON: To me it makes sense to have the tests and code in the same product, and in particular it makes sense to have this code (which deals with zope 3 things, Content Providers) in Five, rather than in the core.18:54
philiKONhmm, ok18:55
philiKONfine by me18:55
alecmphiliKON: Great!  It's only in PageTemplates now because it just uses the pure z3 version of the expression, which doesn't work, since we have to write our own version it makes the most sense in Five, IMO.18:55
philiKONwhy do we need our own version again?18:56
alecmTo acquisition wrap the provider before returning it to the page template18:56
alecmin Five 1.4 we already use our own version anyway, because we can't go monkey-patching zope 2.9 ;-)18:57
philiKONthanks for looking into this.18:57
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regebroHow do I debug adapter lookup in Zope3.3?20:02
regebroI have an adapter registered in zcml, and the zcml does get loaded, and adapter lookup still fails... :/20:03
regebrosomebody has to know. :) srichter ?20:11
ignasregebro: it's kind of difficult to do that ...20:11
ignasregebro: you can try using Zope3 inspector20:12
regebro ignas as long as it's possible, that's OK20:12
regebroWhats that, and how do I use it?20:12
ignasregebro: i am not working with plain zope3 so I can't really help you with details20:12
ignasonly concepts ...20:12
regebroI'm not working with plain Zope3 either.20:13
regebroI just know that an adapter lookup fails, even though it clearly should not.20:13
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toni_When using <skin /> in a zcml file, Zope3.3 advises to use an <interface /> statement instead, but bails out when one actually tries to use it. Is this my error, or should I open a bug?21:04
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philiKONtoni_, likely your error21:06
philiKONwithout a proper description of the error, it's hard to see what you're doing wrong21:06
toni_ok, i have:  <skin name="waeup_default_skin" interface="" /> which works, but yields this message:21:08
toni_DeprecationWarning: The browser:skin directive has been deprecated and will be removed in Zope 3.5.  Skins are now simply registered using the 'interface' directive:21:09
toni_complete with a code snippet of such a directive. Replacing the <skin/> thing with the <interface/> thing yields:21:09
toni_... a long traceback, and then: ConfigurationError: ('Unknown directive', u'', u'interface')21:09
mgedminthe interface directive is in the zope namespace, while the skin directive is in the browser namespace21:10
toni_When I use ++apidoc++ and try to review the zcml directives under browser, there is no 'interface'.21:10
toni_@mgedmin: thank you, I'll try that out21:11
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