IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2006-06-17

Theunicurrent zope 3.3 branch unit tests pass for me00:01
Theunii'm still running the zodb tests independently00:01
J1mI don't know if I'm failing because the mac is too fast, or because it's too slow. :(00:02
Theunizodb tests came through for me too, also the logger dies when shutting the tests down00:03
Theuni  Ran 2405 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 285.871 seconds.00:03
J1mOh, one of those tests failed on my linux machine.00:03
J1mI bet my machines are too fast.00:03
Theunidoesn't look like a failing test00:03
Theunidoes look like a failing test runner00:03
Theunilike that: Error in sys.exitfunc ...00:04
J1mThat's the stupid logger.00:04
Theunithought so and ignored it happily00:04
J1mI find the logger leaves things in a state where the only sane way to exit the test runner is with the hard exit that doesn't try to do a cleanup.00:04
J1m(I don't remember which one it is.)00:05
J1mI soooooo hate these tests.00:05
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TheuniWhoever implemented the zptpage has _never_ tested the expand macro feature04:28
TheuniI'm inclined to say that bug 199 should be rejected and the expansion feature ripped completely away for 3.3.04:31
Theunihmm. maybe by refactoring to formlib ...04:32
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Theuniphew. got it.05:01
* Theuni squashed a bug for the bug day. 05:02
* Theuni is happy but has no beer.05:02
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Theunihey benji05:11
benjihey Theuni05:11
benjiI suppose you got home OK :)05:11
Theuniactually the cab stand was 50ft next to the grocerie store05:12
Theunithe guy in the store looked at me as if i'm crazy05:12
Theuniand actually i called their number05:12
Theuniand told the guy that i didn't reach anybody, but he was like, "yeah, whaddeva"05:13
Theunianyway. he brought me home, so i'd better not complain.05:13
benjithat's the important part, I was just a little worried about you, especially because I was over an hour away at the time05:16
Theuninah. no problem.05:18
Theunii'm used to get around.05:18
Theunii was just annoyed that i (for safety) picked 5 cab numbers, 3 of which didn't exist anymore, the other two didn't answer05:18
benjiyeah I figured, just projecting I guess, I don't travel well :)05:18
TheuniJust a matter of exercise and trial-and-error ;)05:21
* Theuni is just a matter of seconds away for his checkin for the first bugfix for 3.305:22
* benji is still wrestling with testbrowser/mechanize05:25
Theunii decided to just kick the stupid stuff and use formlib which made the fix trivial05:27
Theunihmm. benji: do you know which changelogs i have to fill in? only the one on the branch?05:32
Theunithe fix goes to 3.3 branch and trunk, right?05:32
benjifix and changes go in both05:32
Theunihmm. in what section in the changelog on the trunk does it go? i can't find a place to put this05:33
Theunioh. ah. 3.3.0 (date) .... -> bugfixes?05:33
Theunibetas are not recorded there?05:33
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benjioh, sorry, that's for "future" releases only05:34
benjiright, so you'd fix on both and record the change in the branch05:34
benjiand if it's a fix that applies to 3.2 you should port it there too05:34
Theunii'm not suicide :)05:35
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Theunihmm. weird06:16
Theunilast bugday i did stuff i was mostly encountering bugs i couldn't fix. today is like stealing a php-guys lollypop.06:17
benjiheh :)06:18
benjiI'm having the opposite experience06:19
Theunithe world is all about balance ;)06:24
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* Theuni is waiting for tests ... *tap *tap06:27
* Theuni wants j1m to give him his fast computers, he is complaining about their speed anyway06:27
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avoinei try to code the messageboard of the zope3 book this is the configure.zcml:    but i have a error saying:  Conflicting configuration actions07:07
avoinedo you have a idea of what my mistake can be07:07
febbHi all07:09
febb Question:  Any recommendations on the best way to work with openssl from Python? I need FULL openssl functionality, like creating key pais, certification management, x509 objects management..07:09
Theuniavoine:  can you show me the complete error message?07:19
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Theunii'd suspect that both IMessage and IMessageContainer define an attribute called "__setitem__"07:34
Theunii don't know the messageboard example, though07:35
Theunibenji:  still there?07:35
Theunidokai:  ho ... greetings to finland07:35
avoineyeah they define both __setitem__07:43
Theuniare you sure that the book tells you to include both interfaces in this directive?07:51
Theunibecause every attribute can only be protected once ...07:51
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dokaiTheuni: cheers09:18
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dobeesrichter: ayt?16:48
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srichterdobee: yeah17:15
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dobeesrichter: 'seen my private message?17:17
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Theunisrichter:  was the fix i did to the missing query parameter what you intended?17:23
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J1m3 cheers for Theuni bug fixing!17:44
J1mGo Theuni17:45
J1mGo Theuni17:45
J1mGo Theuni17:45
* benji joins in the cheering17:46
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* Theuni takes a break18:09
* Theuni goes to the guitar center and buys himself a new electrical guitar as a bonus18:09
Theunithat btree-thingy is actually still biting me. didn't know the btrees silently fail in subtle ways on 64bit linux machines.18:10
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J1mWe aren't trying to solve the BTree issue are we?18:12
J1mI suppose we could.18:13
J1mIf you wish, I could look at adding input checking for integer trees.18:14
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Theunihmm. what a nice guitar store ...19:53
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TheuniJ1m:  if you have a moment, can you check the thread about the 64-bit-weirdness of the btrees? I need some feedback on which 'fix' to choose and implement.22:00
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baldtrolmgedmin: thanks for the pointer the other day, it worked on the first try :)23:26
mgedminyou're welcome23:26
* mgedmin doesn't even remember the pointer... formlib and hidden fields?23:27
baldtrolthat was the one ;)23:27
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baldtrolthe more i use formlib, the more i'm curious how i survived without it.  ;)23:31
mgedminoh yes, formlib is very nice and addictive23:35
baldtroli'm currently using it to build both forms i want/need on a page, one of which is using pylon's link_to_remote out of it's rails reworking to pull in the form right next to the modified element.  keen!23:36
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