IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2006-06-26

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floxi hv tested: it is broken00:06
floxlittle error: variable 'help_actions' is not defined on the right node00:10
floxthe rendering in Firefox is workable, even if some text  overflow from the Navigation box00:12
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mikka_is it possible to use different namedtemplates from formlib for different skins?14:49
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SteveAThe|uni: ping17:29
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edgordonwhat is the easiest way to define a principal that would only exist in a site, ie, not at the root level.17:36
philiKONedgordon, add a pau, add a principalfolder inside, add a principal in the folder17:38
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The|uniSteveA:  i'm on the run, can you mail me what you want to know?18:40
SteveAThe|uni: sure, np18:42
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mikka_is it possible to use different namedtemplates from formlib for different skins?19:10
philiKONmikka_, nope19:17
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mikka_hmm, so first I'll try to describe what I'm doing, maybe there is a better way to do that19:20
mikka_I'm building a internal reporting system19:20
mikka_each report has a form for parameters input19:21
mikka_built dynamically from interface19:21
mikka_this is done by form, which is subclassed by every report19:21
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mikka_which is a subclass of form.Form19:22
mikka_right now I specified the template for it by setting template = ViewPageTemplateFile('')19:23
mikka_but I would like to have a possibility to change the template in different skins19:24
mikka_is there any way to do that?19:24
philiKONdifferent skins or different forms?19:24
mikka_different skins. The base form class is always the same19:25
mikka_and should use the same template19:25
philiKONuh huh. so you have different skins for what purpose?19:25
philiKONi thought you had different forms19:25
philiKONand each form should have its own template19:25
philiKONperhaps i misunderstood, though19:25
mikka_one skin is just plain HTML skin and I'm building the second one using dojo and few ajax tricks19:26
philiKONlet's say FooForm is registered in the plain HTML skin19:27
philiKONclass FooForm(Form):19:27
philiKON    template = ViewPageTemplateFile('')19:27
philiKONnow, for the ajax skin you make:19:27
philiKONclass AjaxFooForm(FooForm):19:27
philiKON    template = ViewPageTemplateFile('')19:27
philiKONyou registere AjaxFooForm for the ajax skin19:28
philiKONnow, FooForm might contain more stuff19:28
philiKONAjaxFooForm is just what i gave you19:28
philiKONit only does one thing: override the template in FooForm19:28
philiKONmakes sense?19:28
philiKONhope that helps :)19:29
philiKONggotta go, bbl19:29
mikka_but I think my problem is a little bit different19:29
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mikka_see ya19:29
mikka_the class structure for my reports is like this19:29
mikka_form.Form -> CommonReport -> SpecificReport19:30
mikka_the template is defined in CommonReport and doesn't change in SpecificReport19:30
mikka_using your solution I would have to register every SpecificReport twice19:31
mikka_If you like, I can paste some sample code19:32
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J1mIs anyone else having difficulty accessing while logged in?20:54
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d2mJ1m: works for me atm20:54
J1mlogged in?20:54
d2mlookiing at /manage_UndoForm atm20:55
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d2mthere have been problems 2 hours ago with unaccessible or just serving blank pages20:57
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