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floxi hv user zope.Manager declared in principals.zcml02:40
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floxbut if i go directly to a sub-site, he refuse to authenticate this user zope.Manager02:41
floxI can only authenticate if I request the root '[top]'02:41
floxi guess u cannot authenticate in a sub-site, with the users declared in 'principals.zcml'...02:42
floxany way to bypass this?02:43
floxfactly, i have a PAU inside the sub-site02:43
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einsromanofski hi:)09:39
* romanofski waves to eins 09:39
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baijumJ1m, how to fix something in 3.3 branch, I mean first in trunk then merge to branch?15:29
J1mOther way around is prefered.15:30
baijumdo you merge for every commit or set of commits?15:34
J1mThere is no fixed rule.15:34
J1mI merge sets myself most of the time because I am lazy.15:34
J1mDoing them separately is a little cleaner.15:35
faassenJ1m: hey.15:35
faassenJ1m: are we Snow White dwarfs?15:36
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baijumJ1m, let me commit this typo (Just curious to commit something :)15:40
baijums/typo/typo fix15:40
J1msure, as long as you run the tests before checking in.15:42
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* baijum Total: 7180 tests, 0 failures, 0 errors then... committed :)16:09
baijumis it necessary to subscribe to zope3-checkins to commit something?16:16
baijumThere was a mai "Your message to Zope3-Checkins awaits moderator approval"16:16
baijumanyway, I subscribed now16:16
J1mNo, you don't have to subscribe.16:17
mgedminbut it is a good idea16:18
mgedminyou can disable email delivery16:18
regebrobaijum: It used to be that nobody saw your commits if you were not subscribed. That may have changed.16:18
regebroBut probably not. :)16:19
J1myes, that has changed16:19
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floxany contrib for the current 3.3.0b1 should be made in /Zope3/branches/3.317:20
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Theuni+forward port to trunk if necessary17:20
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mgedminanyone seen a testbrowser error like this one: ?17:37
benjimgedmin, seems to be having problems17:38
mgedminyes, it is very slow here too... does anyone know an alternative pastebin?17:39
mgedminby the way, the error just disappeared17:39
benjihmm, "disappeared" :/17:40
mgedminI ran ftests a couple of times, got the same error17:40
mgedminadded a handleErrors = False, reran the tests, no error17:40
mgedminremoved handleErrors = False, reran the tests, no error17:40
mgedminsvn diff shows that the ftest file is unchanged17:40
mgedminso if the traceback doesn't ring a bell, don't bother investigating it17:41
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*** mgedmin changes topic to "logs available at || paste code examples into or"17:44
benjino bells, mgedmin, but from the traceback it looks like you're accessing an external site (i.e. not a functional test), so it is possible some transient error (connectivity, server, etc.) was the source17:44
mgedminno, it is a functional test17:45
benjihmm, that's quite strange then17:45
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mgedminis there an adapter that sets the dublin core title on IObjectAddedEvent?18:01
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mexiKONmgedmin, what would it set the title to?18:02
Theunihow should it do that?18:02
mgedminthe __name__18:02
mexiKONhmm, no i don't think there's such a thing18:02
Theuniprobably the right answer is: there might be one if you put one in :)18:02
mexiKONi'm not convinced that there should be one18:04
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mgedminI just thought there might have been one18:06
mgedminbut I was mistaken18:06
mgedminI just registered my adapter for the wrong interface18:06
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roymI can handle IUnauthorized exceptions so the user is taken to a specific (login) page, by making an entry in /etc/overrides.zcml. Is it possible to achieve the same thing on a site specific basis?18:47
mgedminI think so18:48
mgedmindo you have an authentication utility in your site?18:49
mgedminI think it is the job of the authentication utility to issue the challenge18:49
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roymI have a custom PrincipalFolder18:50
roymand have added a PAU with it.18:50
roymWould I need a custom credentials plugin to achieve this?18:52
philiKONroym, achive what on a site specific basis?18:59
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roymI need unauthorized accesses to go to site specific views....19:02
roymif I have 2 sites A and B, then a diffferent login page for each.19:03
philiKONah, you want different log in pages19:05
philiKONroym, simply override loginForm.html for *19:06
philiKONinside the different sites19:06
philiKONhmm, "simply"19:07
philiKONwe don't have local configuration thru zcml yet :(19:07
roymhow can I do this then? would it be in the zmi?19:08
philiKONthen you can create your own two versions of theSessionCredentialsPlugin19:08
philiKONclass FirstSCP(SessionCredentialsPlugin):19:08
philiKON    loginpagename = 'loginForm.html'19:08
philiKONclass SecondSCP(SessionCredentialsPlugin):19:08
philiKON    loginpagename = 'loginForm2.html'19:08
philiKONyou provide loginForm and loginForm219:08
roymah - gotcha, thanks!19:09
philiKONobviously, they will both be avialable everywhere :(19:09
philiKONso, users could type in loginForm.html explicitly where they should be getting loginForm2.html19:09
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mgedminwhat's the right way to provide a computed default value for a field in a zope.formlib.form.AddForm?20:50
mgedminthe only way I can see is to override setUpWidgets20:51
philiKONmgedmin, you can also override __call__ and say self.foo_widget.setInputValue(...) or whatever the name of the widget api method is20:59
mgedminI'd rather override setUpWidgets21:00
mgedmin(which is what I did)21:00
mgedmin(works fine)21:00
philiKONk :)21:00
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roymCan someone help me understand why I get a bunch of NotFound exceptions on pl.gif and mi.gif. I have the latest trunk, and haven't even created anything in there.21:17
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roymhmmm... the files mi.gif and pl.gif are available as ++skin++Rotterdam/++resource++pl.gif; however it looks like the tree renderer is trying to get them as @@/pl.gif and @@/mi.gif21:31
roymIs this a bug?21:31
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floxnot a bug21:35
floxwhich OS u use?21:35
floxURL is something like:
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philiKONroym, @@/pl.gif is correct21:40
philiKONin fact, a_site/@@/pl.gif is the way the URLs will appear21:40
philiKONwhere a_site is a site folder21:40
roymmy mistake... pl.gif is ok21:42
oferwphiliKON: what you say about brazil today?21:50
philiKONthey hardly moved at all :)21:50
oferwphiliKON: but they still won and this is what important...21:51
oferwphiliKON: don't you think?21:51
oferwphiliKON: if they will win it all nobody will remember this game ;-)21:51
philiKONbut they'll lose to germany in the finale :)21:52
oferwlet's see :-)21:53
philiKONindeed :)21:53
oferwwhen is germany next game?21:53
philiKONright when i leave my airplane in geneva21:54
philiKONso i might stick around the airport just to watch the match :)21:54
oferwwhen is the flight?21:55
philiKON15:30 - 17:10 UTC+221:55
philiKONthe game is at 17:00 UTC+221:55
oferwright on time...21:56
philiKONlet's hope so :)21:56
oferwhere also in the city many places put outside big tv screens (cafes and bars)21:56
philiKONwe have a big screen on the university campus21:57
philiKONwith beer and a grill :)21:57
oferwthis is for you
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d2manyone got 'fssync' running ? i can't get it to checkout files to the filesystem for a start22:06
oferwphiliKON: you know that here we need to pay money to see the whole games on tv - part of them not costs money, how it is in germany?22:07
J1md2m, it's probably got serious bitrot by now. :(22:07
J1mIt isn't supported atm, but I hope it will be someday.22:07
d2mJ1m: i see everything in debugprint, but have no idea to get the data back into the response22:07
J1mSorry, I can't offer any suggestions.  I haven't played with it in years.22:09
roymphiliKON: I think I see now what was going on with the mi.gif and pl.gif22:09
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roymThey are fine except when you are looking at a site.22:10
roymhttp://++skin++Rotterdam/++etc++site/@@/pl.gif fails22:10
philiKONroym, of course22:11
philiKONroym, because @@ is only available at sites22:12
philiKONoferw, matches are free on german television22:12
roymphiliKON: This means that one just has to live with the NotFound exceptions when managing  a site?22:13
philiKON no, not really22:13
philiKONresource should be looked up even when inside the site manager22:13
philiKONno idea what's going wrong with your site there22:13
* philiKON out22:14
mgedminroym: page templates ought to use tales expressions to figure out the URLs of resources22:18
mgedmine.g. <img tal:attributes="src context/++resource++my.png" />22:18
mgedminthen in the rendered html that <img> element will have a proper (absolute) url to /site/@@/my.png22:19
roymmgedmin: agreed.22:19
roymI was trying to protect the top level of the site by denying View access to unauthorized users.22:19
roymI think this is what caused the issues. So my question is: what is the correct way to protect the root level (ie: force an Unauthorized exception).22:20
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mgedminI still do not understand why denying zope.View would cause NotFound errors22:26
roymmaybe it's not on account of that... here's what I did:22:29
roymI made a new zope instance22:29
roymI then visit the manage-site tab.22:29
roymdril down to default->error reporting.22:29
roymthere are already errors about missing mi.gif and pl.gif22:30
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roymI think my issues are on account of opera (and javascript). Things look much cleaner in IE and firefox. Is anyone out there using opera (8.51) primarily - can you confirm if there are glitches with mi.gif etc...23:13
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