IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-06-28

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febbHi all08:09
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febbhi eins , dobee08:36
einshi febb08:37
febbwhats up ?08:37
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febbhi all09:09
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febbhi romanofski09:43
romanofskihey febb09:43
febbhow are you ?09:43
romanofskithanks fine - how are you?09:43
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febbfine thanks.....trying to get into this Zop3 thing....but documentatio is bad. as usual.      and this is knd quiet tonight.09:45
romanofskido you bought one of the zope3 books?09:47
febbwell, yes but haven't got it yet.09:49
febbi dloaded the zope 3 book in the is very outdated.09:49
febbwe want to jump into Zope 3 but it seems as hard as a learning curve as Zope2 was...09:49
romanofskiyeah unfortunately, but there are new to come09:49
febbspecially for the "new ones".09:50
romanofskihm... I think it's much easier for the new ones to jump into zope309:50
romanofskifebb: whats the biggest problem so far febb ?09:50
febbmmm..maybe.   we are building apps (transactional applications) and are considering Zope 3 seriously well as Django and turbogears....09:51
febbZope 2  was great in some sense but on the other hand it got quite messy...  so we want a Python development framework,   clean, no extra stuff.... but that helps with the tedious chores such as09:52
febbsession andling, user management, passwords, login/logout , etc.09:52
febbClear and updated documentation would be a great plus. ! of course...thats the most annoying part with Zope 2 and 3 so far.09:52
einsfebb Philipp's book is a good one09:53
einswritten in a good style:)09:54
einsand not messy at all09:54
febbof course we are willing to give, translations, docs updates, etc.. but, we have to "get it" first and decide which platform is the "good one" to work with Python, (and Apache, postgresql, ssl).09:54
febbPhilips's book.... let me look at amazon now....09:54
eins"Web component development with Zope 3"09:55
febbPhilipp von Weitershausen   got it...09:55
febblet me take a look at the index ...maybe I will order it now.09:56
einsit is worth it09:57
febbhe's got a web site also...cookery something... seems good.09:58
febbwould you say this book is current with the Zope3 latest version ?09:59
einsbut the book itself is good10:00
febbmm....thats bad.   I have gotten several online Zope 3 tutorials and documentations and suddenly the reader (a Zope trainee here) discovers that the "features" on the docs are deprecated......10:01
febbDo you know if there is an electronic version and where to purchase it ?10:01
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philiKONfebb, http://worldcookery.com10:03
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philiKONeins, i'm glad you like the book :_10:03
febbphiliKON, thanks...looks like a good book ...  ;)   (the first chapter I am looking at, so far).....10:05
febbare there plans to a new edition?  updated?10:05
philiKONyes there are plans10:05
philiKONbut no dates  yet10:05
febbI see.10:06
philiKONgotta go10:06
philiKONsee y'all10:06
febbAre there electronic versions of the book to buy it and d'load it asap ? can't find any...10:06
philiKONno, no electronic versions10:06
philiKONi need to eat too :)10:06
febbThanks philiKON.     take care.10:06
febbtoo bad no e-book version10:06
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febbwell..chapter 1 reads well...but talks about Zope X3 !!!......  not really what we are looking to get into...10:08
febbquite different.10:08
einsfebb it won't be too difficult to read the book and try everything on z3.210:18
einsmost of the things works well on 3.210:18
einsjust don't panic;)10:18
febbso, a bit of patience is a good advice here, isnt it?    Did you guys developed in Zope2 before ?10:20
febbor still ?10:20
febbmostly what I need is something where a working python app (at the python interpreter level)  just gets "moved" to a web environment....with all the required bells and whistles like10:21
febbsessions, userlogin/logout, passwords, etc.10:21
febbkinda like a web wrapper for the application.  if you know what I mean.. or am looking for.10:21
einsit will be reimplementation of your web app :)10:22
einsnot just moving10:22
einsand not a simple one:)10:22
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floxregarding permissions and ++apidoc++17:08
floxon my dev platform, i want to give permission to zope.Anonymous17:09
floxi hav to assign 2 permissions: and zope.ManageApplication17:10
floxi guess we only need the APIDoc permission... is it a bug, or is it normal?17:10
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floxif i give only the permission, I cannot reach /++apidoc++/17:14
ignashdima: ping17:14
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hdimaignas: hi17:28
hdimaignas: something related to the bug #525?17:30
ignaswe a.k.a. SchoolTool developers are preparing for a release17:32
ignasand as one of the parts of the application is a Calendar17:32
hdimaI think I'll rollback the change and add DateI18NWidget17:33
ignaschange in the default date format kind of breaks every integration/functional test ...17:33
hdima...before the weekend17:33
ignasoh, i hoped that there was a simple way to change the default date parser17:34
hdimaDateWidget now use zope.i18n so date/time formats now depends on the locale17:35
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hdimabut the zope.i18n date/time parser is so strict for most users17:35
ignasi see :/17:36
hdimafor functional tests the format changed because the default locale (see zope/i18n/locales/data/root.xml)17:37
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hdimaThere is also a some discussion on the mail list:
ignaswhat i found strange was that there is a trailing whitespace in the date format in there17:39
ignashdima: thanks for the explanation17:39
ignasi have to go now, bye17:39
hdimasee root.xml17:39
hdimaok, bye17:40
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Theuniwhat's the idea of a second beta? any date?18:12
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J1mTheuni, I don't think we should do a second beta until all of the critical bugs are resolves.18:48
J1m(We could decide to downgrade some, if we wish.)18:48
TheuniI won't be able to do anything on this until mid of next week18:48
J1mResolving bugs might be a good sprint topic for this weekend.18:48
TheuniI'm not on the sprint, though :/18:49
TheuniI'd love to help18:49
J1mYou already have quite a bit.  Of course, more help is welcome.18:49
TheuniI'll see what is left next week :)18:49
TheuniHopefully, for our release plan, nothing. :)18:50
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SteveAis it still okay to commit to the 3.3 branch?19:26
J1mYes, for bug fixes.19:27
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SteveAi made a small fix to the trunk in some BBB code for the LayerField, to allow import hooks to still work.19:29
SteveAI'd like to put that same fix on the 3.3 branch.19:30
SteveAThere is code in Zope 3 that wants to distinguish between an "immediate import failure" and an "import failure while importing something else"19:31
Theunioh yeah ... :)19:31
philiKONzope.deferredimport you mean?19:31
SteveAIt uses the number of stack frames in the ImportError to determine this.  But, this doesn't work when you have an import hook written in Python.19:31
SteveAOne way to solve this is to allow registering of code that says "I will tell you whether this is an immediate-import error or not".19:32
SteveAI don't know about zope.deferredimport.  I've seen this kind of code in a couple of places, in slightly different ways.19:32
philiKONzope.deferredimport defers improts to when the objects are acutlaly accessed19:32
mgedminthere was code somewhat like that in generations, only it checked str(exception) rather than the number of stack frames19:33
SteveAdoes it do that by poking stuff into sys.modules?19:33
mgedminit broke schooltool at the time, because str(import_error) is not very deterministic19:33
philiKONSteveA, yeah. it wraps the current module in a DeferredWrapper19:34
SteveAbzr and mercurial do a similar thing19:34
SteveAto make script start-up faster19:34
Theunimgedmin:  hmm. did that happen recently?19:34
mgedmina week ago, perhaps19:34
Theunithat was me19:34
mgedminignas fixed it, I think19:34
SteveAthere is various badness in the standard library where importing something seemingly innoccuous causes expensive regexes in "inspect" to be compiled19:35
Theunifixed school tool or generations?19:35
SteveAwhich adds to startup time for no particular reason a lot of the time19:35
SteveAso any code which (transitively) imports inspect can be problematic.  this includes 'copy'.19:35
mgedminTheuni: generations, I think19:35
TheuniSteveA:  how much is that in absolute numbers?19:35
* SteveA was talking with lifeless (bzr developer) about this19:35
mgedminpython -c 'import copy' takes 0.142s wall clock time on my laptop19:36
mgedmintime python -c 'import inspect' takes 0.202s19:36
J1mphiliKON, I'm pretty sure he isn't talking about deferredimport19:37
philiKONi realized that too :)19:37
Theunihmm. ~ 0.056 on two of my machines over here19:38
mgedminthere seems to be a need for a single, well-tested implementation of module = optional_import('pkg.subpkg.mod')19:38
mgedminthat swallows ImportErrors when pkg.subpkg.mod does not exist19:39
mgedminbut does not do so when pkg.subpkg.mod tries to import something else, which fails19:39
SteveAso, there is apparently a well-tested import thinggie in bzr19:39
SteveAlifeless is getting me a reference for it19:39
philiKONmgedmin, agreed. wehat would 'module' be when pkg.subpkg.mod doesnt' exist?19:39
mgedminphiliKON: None?19:39
philiKONsounds good to me19:39
SteveAthis could be open sourced nicely (not GPL) and packaged separately if it will be useful to Zope 3 etc.19:40
Theunithat would be good19:40
Theunii know of at least two places in zope 3 (somewhere deep core and generations) that make a dance for this right now19:40
SteveAbzr branch is here:
Theunione inspecting the stack frame of the exception, the other one aproxiguessing the str(exc)19:41
mgedminI guess grepping for ImportError will uncover all those places19:41
Theunihmm. anybody knows what the intended behaviours for fields operating on new objects is?19:44
TheuniIf an object doesn't have the attribute corresponding to the field, will you get an attribute error, or take the default?19:45
TheuniI think i discovered attribute errors somewhere19:45
philiKONnot sure what you're doing19:45
* mgedmin would expect an attribute error19:45
philiKONwhere would you get the attribute error exactly?19:46
J1mattribute error19:46
J1mdefault doesn't actually make sense imo :)19:47
philiKONhmm, you all seem to know what Theuni's doing already :)19:47
J1mNo, I'm just answering his question at face value.19:47
J1mI'm not actually trying to help him. ;)19:47
philiKONperhaps he's talking about widgets :)19:47
TheuniI'm talking about fields :)19:48
mgedminthe way to use a field to get a value is field.get(obj), right?19:48
mgedminand if obj doesn't have the attribute, I would expect field.get to raise an error19:48
philiKONwhat does IField say?19:48
Theuni        """Get the value of the field for the given object."""$19:48
SteveAabout import speeds and demandload19:49
Theunion the (broken) naming convention of get() in zope 3 i'd expect an attributeerror too, now that i'm thinking more about it19:49
J1mThere are different kinds of fields.19:49
J1mOf coursem fields shouldn't have a get method.19:50
Theuniinstead of python's notion of get19:50
SteveApython has a flexible notion of get19:50
J1mPython doesn't have one.19:50
philiKONdicts have one19:50
J1mYeah, flexible.19:50
Theuniright, that's what i'm referring to19:50
SteveAalthough, I've found Zope's 'query' API confuses people19:50
Theunipeople over here where at least annoyed by it19:51
J1mgetattr vs d.get19:51
Theuniin that way the z3 api is a bit unpythonic19:51
SteveAget and getdefault may be less confusing19:51
philiKONyeah, come to think of it, it might've been better to swap 'get' and 'query' in the z3 apis...19:51
philiKONnever thought about it, actually19:51
Theunidarn! we all didn't speak up because we thought you know what you're doing!19:52
mgedminthe way recent bugfixes have been breaking people's software we might try to sneak that change into 3.3, and nobody would notice ;)19:52
Theuniis it *that* bad?19:53
philiKONyeah, let's do that19:53
philiKONi think only dmitry's premature datewidget-ru fix19:53
mgedminwell, maybe not that bad, but I know someone complained about one of my bugfixes19:53
mgedminand I know I complained about one of Theuni's bugfixes19:53
philiKONmgedmin, big deal, i get this all the time :)19:53
Theunitell me his name and address ... i'll stop him complaining :)19:53
Theunitip-toeing around those problems is reaaaally hard and in the end it still doesn't work19:54
Theunibut anyway, the get/set/query stuff is understood by most people by now and the need for a change is pretty small19:55
TheuniJ1m:  why did you say fields shouldn't have a 'set' method?19:55
SteveATheuni: get/query is understood by people who already understand it.19:55
J1mBecause fields were meany to be specifications.19:55
philiKONSteveA, let's make zope.component2 :)19:55
J1mWe should do some sort of adaptation to get get and set.19:56
TheuniJ1m:  so you mean bound Fields would have to have those?19:56
SteveAit is not so easily understood by those who don't yet understand it.  And 'query' has caused semantic conflicts with a desire to make a zope3-compliant API and also support a "query" interface for querying over a collection of things.19:56
philiKON+1 to NoMoreSchemaBinding19:56
J1mTheuni, right19:56
TheuniSteveA:  hmmmm19:56
*** alga has joined #zope3-dev19:56
Theunibut the behaviour of the current get method is as you expect: raising attributeerror, right?19:57
J1mphiliKON, a few months ago I made peace with schema binding, but I don't remeber why. :)19:57
philiKONJ1m, i remember that you did, but i don't remember either why you did :)19:57
J1mYes, unless it is on an accessor.19:57
TheuniOk, i think my question is answered, then ...19:58
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* SteveA wonders what the schema binding issue is20:00
* Theuni discovers a small annoyance in the data flow between widgets and fields20:02
TheuniTo have the presentation issues totally separated between field and widget, i'd need to store the input value (getInputValue) in a slightly different form for future re-display than in the form that gets passed to field.set() later on20:04
J1mThere is a need for storage of raw input.20:05
J1mThis would be used, for example, to store incomplete and possibly incorrect input in sessions.20:05
Theunithe second one is my use case20:05
*** flox_ has joined #zope3-dev20:06
J1mRight, we know we need that.20:06
J1mIt has been proposed for a looong time.20:06
* mgedmin has this dream where authentication errors triggered on POST requests store the form data in a session and redirect back to the pre-filled form after a successful login20:06
mgedmin(out of the box)20:06
*** flox_ is now known as flox20:06
Theunididn't find a proposal immediately20:07
Theunihmm. maybe cleanup of schema and widgets20:07
Theunihm. nope.20:09
mgedminSteveA: bzr get is incredibly slow here (stuck at 20% in fetch phase 0/4 after 30 minutes)20:09
*** volvox has joined #zope3-dev20:11
SteveAmgedmin: it will take a while.  bzr get is still not optimised well, and you're downloading all of bzr :-(20:13
SteveAfortunately, there is interesting work afoot to optimize bzr a whole lot20:14
BjornTmgedmin: it'd probably be quicker to rsync down a copy of bzr and then use bzr pull --overwrite20:19
BjornTmgedmin: i guess this is the file you want, though:
mgedminBjornT: thanks20:21
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Theunizope 3 is more than 8 years old20:31
*** RaFromBRC has joined #zope3-dev20:32
Theuniand it's birthday was about a month ago20:32
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*** flox_ is now known as flox20:36
benji/me hums "Happy Birthday to You"20:38
* benji wonders why /me wasn't escaped20:38
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philiKONTheuni, *Zope* is more than 8 years old20:39
Theunii know20:39
philiKONTheuni, the Zope2 CVS tree was copied over to Zope3 at some point20:39
Theunii wanted to know about zope 3 specifically20:39
philiKONZope 3 started in 2001, i believe.20:40
philiKONwe both started with it in april 2002 :)20:40
Theunii know20:40
Theunigood bbq back then20:40
philiKONgod save the applicationcontroller20:40
* philiKON afk20:41
* mgedmin would like to hear opinions on
TheuniIt's say that's a URL20:42
mgedmingood guess!20:42
* Theuni wants a fish20:42
* mgedmin gives Theuni a book about fishing20:42
* Theuni eats the first picture in the book20:42
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* mgedmin would like to fix issue 658, but does not know which of the options to choose20:53
* Theuni initializes his random number generator20:54
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* mgedmin has a failing test now20:56
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floxbest practice is to use 'viewlets' for presentation components. right?23:04
floxwith the <browser:viewlet> and <browser:viewletManager> directives23:05
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benjiflox some people use them, some don't.  I haven't yet23:07
floxi guess this is something similar to 'portlets' in Plone23:08
floxwhere u choose which boxes should appear on the left column, and right column in ur browser23:09
rockyflox: as a matter of fact there's a plip being planned for inclusion for plone 3.0 that would reimplement all the plone portlet stuff based on z3 viewlets23:10
benjiI think viewlets are more than that23:10
floxyes, more generic... and more versatile23:10
floxi will try them, i think it can fit our project23:11
* flox has found the '++skin++Debug' thing... to track errors23:15
* flox is reading fairy tales... inside ++apidoc++...23:18
srichterI like viewlets a lot23:24
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romanofskiyeah - thats pretty neat stuff23:25
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