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fcorreaHi srs. Can anyone help me on how to implement a catalog in a SomeFolder(IPossibleSite, IContainer)? I see lots of emails on the list and I am trying to the get the whole idea. Is the catalog a container type that you can add/create indices and query those index?00:11
fcorreaAnother issue is that everyone says that I need to create a IntId utility to register this catalog witch I believe is a utility with a unique id....any docs or links on how to create one?00:12
philiKONfcorrea, goto ++etc++site of your site and create an IntId utility (from the Add menu)00:13
philiKONsame for Catalog00:13
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fcorreaphiliKON: I am wondering on how to do that on fs. Cause the whole product is in fs...something automatic that when you add the SomeFolder(IPossibleSite, IContainer), it creates what needs it00:14
fcorreaphiliKON: programatically I meant..00:15
philiKONwell, looking at the doctests should help :)00:15
philiKONfcorrea, are you on zope 3.3?00:15
philiKONthen registration is pretty easy00:15
philiKONyoursite.getSiteManager().registerUtility(the_intid_utility, ...)00:16
philiKONyoursite.getSiteManager().registerUtility(the_catalog, ...)00:16
fcorreaphiliKON: I had a look on the doctests. Does it help with the IntId utility? I need something to help me with that...00:16
fcorreaphiliKON: ahhh....great00:16
philiKONof course, first yoursite needs to be a real sie00:16
philiKONreal site00:16
philiKONso, you'll want to create a site manager, and do00:16
fcorreaphiliKON: what about the utility creation? Some place where I can look at?00:17
philiKONand then you'll want  to do00:17
philiKONz.i.alsoProvides(yoursiete, ISite)00:17
philiKONfcorrea, just instantiate it?!?00:17
philiKONfcorrea, and of course, stuff it into some folder00:17
philiKONdoesn't really matter where it is00:17
fcorreaIPossibleSite doesn't implements ISIte?00:17
philiKONdoh, it's just a possible site00:18
philiKONnot site yet :)00:18
fcorreaok...I'll get there00:18
philiKONyou can put the catalog and intid utility inside the site manager or a site management folder00:18
philiKONbut you don't have to00:18
philiKONjust make sure they're contained somewhere00:18
philiKON(best is to use* for this, as described in my book)00:18
philiKONto sum up:00:19
fcorreaya. I want to put it in the container cause I want to restrict the results of the catalog in that folder(site).....cause I'll have lots of site in a given zope instance00:19
philiKON1. instantiate the utility (catalog, int id)00:19
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philiKON2. contain it somewhere (e.g. in a folder)00:19
philiKON3. register it with the site manager00:19
philiKONfcorrea, well, the contained location of the catalog won't matter as much as where it's *registered*00:20
fcorreaphiliKON: great. I know how to contain things in zope3. I just need to know how to instanciate the you cover that on your book? I have that00:21
philiKONwell, dunno00:21
philiKONinstantiating the utility is easy00:21
philiKONfrom import Catalog00:21
philiKONc = Catalog()00:21
fcorrea:) there you go00:21
philiKONwhy not00:22
philiKONi really dunno00:22
philiKONlook at the tests!!00:22
philiKONthat's what they're there for00:22
fcorreaI thought that I needed to do a bunch of zcml stuff to use the catalog in a search form for example00:22
philiKONto demonstrate example usage00:22
philiKONwell, you'll need to register the search form that queries the catalog :)00:23
fcorreaphiliKON: man...believe it. I looked and actaully practiced them....I just don't know how to tie things...just that00:23
fcorreaphiliKON: Thank you very much00:28
philiKONnp :)00:28
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drmikecroweHi folks, anybody awake ?  :)03:44
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guruzi have written my own traversal adapter that returns a object when a specific string is requested. however, i am getting:11:55
guruz'There isn't enough context to get URL information. This is probably due to a bug in setting up location information.'11:56
guruzwhat should i do?11:56
philiKONthe object that's returned doesn't have proper __parent__ pointers11:58
philiKONwell, actually, it doesn't have an IPhysicallyLocatable adapter11:58
philiKONILocation objects have __parent__ pointers. there's an IPhysicallyLocatable adapter for ILocation object11:59
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guruzthanks..but.. can you explain me what to do exactly? :\12:04
philiKONguruz, make your object adaptable to IPhysicallyLocatable12:09
philiKONeither you yourself write an adapter for the object12:09
philiKONor you make it provide ILocation12:09
philiKONthen it will get zope's default adapter12:09
guruzhm. implements (ILocation) does not help. hmmm.12:12
guruzor maybe12:13
philiKONit won't help by itself12:14
philiKONILocation is a contract12:14
philiKONfor __parent__12:14
philiKONyou'll have to fulfill that ocntract12:14
philiKONyou'll need to set __parent__12:14
philiKONguruz, got my book?12:14
SteveAIMO, __parent__ and all that is an onerous contract12:19
SteveAand shouldn't be a Zope 3 core thing12:19
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_sussianserv invite #duccouncil13:38
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regebroHello all.15:21
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regebroThis is Zope2 really, but the question is general enough to actually be valid for Zope3 too.15:22
regebroNormally when you do a log rotation and delete the file you are logging too, this seems to cause no particular problems.15:23
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regebroBut tonight the server seems to have crashed/restarted when this happened.15:23
regebroThe difference was that we had a very long running process going on (reindexing everything).15:23
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regebroNormally in Linux the file doesn't get deleted until all processes has closed, so...15:24
regebrobt still.. maybe there is something weird anyway.15:24
benjiso you delete the log file and then HUP the server?15:24
regebroNom just delete the log file.15:25
benjiand then restart15:25
benji(i.e. how does a new log file get created?)15:25
regebroAs I understand it, no. It gets reopened.15:26
benjiahh, Zope opens/closes the file regularly15:26
regebroActually, we do bin/zopectl logreopen.  :)15:26
benjinope, I can't imagine that causing a problem15:27
regebro(I think, I have yet to find the actual script used in this case).15:27
regebroEven with a process running?15:27
benjidefine "a process"15:28
regebroWell, a request going on, I mean.15:29
regebroWe are gonna try again without doing logreopen in any case.15:31
benjithere /might/ be a bug that was triggered by rotating the logs during a request, but I seriously doubt it had anything to do with the file deletion, more of a problem internal to Zope15:31
SteveAi just found a bug in the access log output15:31
SteveAa " character in the URL query string is not escaped at all15:32
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regebrobenji: OK, that actually makes sense. :)15:37
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benjiheh :)15:47
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regebroI've tried to force a local zope to fail by calling logreopen on a reindex (that takes 45 seconds here, not 45 hours as the real case).15:57
regebroI did while true; do bin/zopectl logrepoen; done.15:58
regebroMajor effect: The reindex was FASTER!?15:58
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hdimaMacYET_: evening :-)16:54
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fcorreagood morning/evening srs.16:58
fcorreaI am a little bit confuse here with a site implementation. I have a SomeSite that implements IPossibleSite. I want to make it implements ISite. What i have to do? I need to do that cause I want to register a catalog in it17:00
fcorrealike this: ISomeSite(IPossibleSite, IContainer) and its implementation: SomeSite(BTreeContainer) implements(ISomeSite, ISite)...but this doest not make is a site17:04
fcorreaAny clues?17:04
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SteveAfaassen: hello17:26
faassenI'm at the europython zope 3 sprint.17:27
faassenI'm the whole sprint all by myself.17:28
faassenso you better be nice to me or I'll just cancel the whole sprint right now. :)17:28
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MacYET_self-sprinting...very efficient17:29
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faassensorry about that.17:29
MacYET_you canceled yourself? :)17:29
faassenno, I just am not very familiar with this irc client.17:30
whitfaassen: howdy17:30
faassenso does anybody know of any code somewhere that can collect all modules in a package, including subpackages?17:30
faassenimporting the modules while it's doing the collection is fine, in fact that's what I need.17:30
whitfaasen: you've recently done the egg dance so you might be able to answer this question...17:36
faassenquite possibly not. :)17:36
whitI've made a couple packages into eggs. they install in develop mode fine, but zopectl test can't find the tests17:36
rockyits amusing how *everyone* wants to use eggs in zope these days but zope just ain't there yet ;)17:36
whityeah, I'm thinking about rolling the non-python only part back17:37
faassenI saw that a recipe using zc.buildout using eggs was released. anyway..17:38
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faassenwhit, in zope 3 you can pass an argument to the test runner that I don't remember right now.17:38
whitit seems to work fine, I just can't run my tests17:38
faassenbut to actually specify a directory to look into.17:38
whitsort of puts a crimp in my dev style17:38
faassenand if you specify the stuff in your svn checkout..17:39
faassenit'll find the tests.17:39
whitit doesn't just find things on the sys.path?17:39
faassenI forget the argument, and I don't kknow whether you can add the dir in Zope 2.. hm. let me see whether I can find the arg.17:39
faassenno, eggs are scary and sys.path doesn't contain a list of modules that *could* be there.17:39
faassenI mean, Zope doesn't import all possible modules when starting up.17:39
faassenso the test runner will need to thrawl through directories the old fashioned way.17:39
faassenand it won't be able to find the egg dir.17:39
faassenbecause the egg install acts by some kind of spooky action at a distance scary pth stuff.17:40
whitwhich also seems to be why python test won't find zope.testing17:40
faassenthe physics reference is because I'm at CERN17:40
whitfaasen: appropriate though ;)17:41
whityou splitting some atoms today?17:41
faassenI can't find the reference just like that, to the --add-stuff.17:41
faassengenerally CERN doesn't deign to consider something as large as *atoms*17:41
whitI can dig. helps to know it's actually there17:41
faassenit's subatomic all the way man..17:41
faassenin zope 3 it's possible.17:42
faassendunno about zope 2.17:42
faassenI don't know, I'm sure they do stuff with atoms here too..17:42
faassenlike, this table is probably made of atoms.17:42
faassenunless it's made of CERN produced unstable protomatter.17:42
whitbest not to bet the farm ;)17:42
faassenI so much told Kirk's son not to use protomatter in his experiments.17:42
faassenanyway, I tried to do the 'find the geeks' trick here17:43
faassento find any other possible europython people around.17:43
faassenthough it appears I'm the earliest one.17:43
* rocky mutters something about protomatter being yesterday's news and omega being the real dangerous substance to use17:43
faassenanyway, that trick doesn't work here.17:43
faassenasalmost everybody is a geek here.17:43
faassenI asked for directions this morning..17:44
whitisn't geek a relative term?17:44
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faassenand I could've asked it of people involved in brane theory or nobel prize winners or whatever.17:44
faassencould be the janitor.. it's just hard to tell.17:44
rockywhit: good point ... on this channel i probably wouldn't be classified as a geek... relatively speaking :)17:44
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rockybut in the context of my home town, my geek-ometer goes through the roof ;)17:45
faassenI wonder in which of these buildings they're keeping the anti gravity glider.17:45
whitthe computer ownership really marks you17:45
faassenthey have lots and lots of buildings.17:46
faassenso they *could* have an anti gravity glider thing.17:46
whityeah, they play with on their lunch break17:46
faassenI just saw a newborn walk by.17:46
whitand laugh at the hapless world of non-physics geeks17:46
faassenmust be Web 2.0.17:47
faassenafter all, it's CERN, where the web was born.17:47
whitthat's right17:47
faassenit has a cool outfit.17:47
whitthey gave us the scourge of HTML17:47
faassenajax all the way.17:47
faassenanyway, I'll stop babbling.17:47
faassensee you later. :)17:48
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edgordonis there an addon 'Image' field type for z3?18:32
whitis there any major difference between the zope210 testrunner and the zope3 testrunner?18:32
* whit punts18:33
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roymam I right in assuming that a newly installed z3 instance will only20:09
roymaccept basic-authentication and that to enable cookie based sessions,20:09
roymone needs to add a PAU with its own set of users (in Principal20:09
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baldtrolroym: that's pretty much correct.20:25
roymbaldtrol: thanks.20:27
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baldtrolnp man.20:30
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baldtrolsrichter: i'm pretty sure i saw a soap implementation of yours based on ZSI at one point...  but i can't find it in the svn now22:58
baldtrolthat may be because i'm bad at finding things though :B22:59
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edgordonis there any existing products that expand your field options when making new content types? Files and images, for example?23:57

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