IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2006-07-01

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d2mhow would i add an additional field to forms already configured in zcml ?14:28
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baijumd2m, are you asking about zope.formlib ?14:33
d2mlets say, i want to secure 'add' and 'editforms' through an extra 'captcha' field, non persistent, only for validation14:34
baijumWhat about this: class AView(form.AddForm): form_fields = (form.Fields(IFirst) + form.Fields(TextLine(__name__='testfield', title=u"Test Field")))14:36
d2mbaijum: i see, seems to work fine with zope.formlib, but i'd need to override every existing form14:37
d2mit would be easier if i could register an additional schema for all classes14:40
rockyd2m: hm? sounds like you want to use an adapter14:43
d2mthought about that, but then did not know how to configure it14:43
baijumWhat about refactoring your code to add a base interface with the extra field? I think that will be simple and clean?14:46
d2mwould be nice to configure an additional schema on a class and have all forms extemded automatically14:51
* baijum thinks it's more or less like modern monkey patching :)14:54
rockyd2m: you can use adapters to do that, but it won't solve your form problem14:54
d2mdon't know, its just another implements(...)14:54
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regebroSo, is there any sprinting going on?15:44
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philiKONregebro, sorta15:53
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oferwphiliKON: hi16:57
oferwphiliKON: have you seen the game?16:58
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regebroOoh, pretty empty here....22:54
regebroJust a quick Q, if anybody is awake.22:54
regebroIs there a common/recommended way of creating unique ids in zope3?22:55
regebroHmm. I founs I'll take a look.22:59
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whitregebro: check out keyreferences23:01
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