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The|unii try to hook into traversal with five in Zope 2.9.414:29
The|uni(actually 2.9.3, this was a typo)14:29
The|unifor some reason it uses my ITraversable adapter within e.g. path expressions and stuff, but not while traversing to the published object14:29
The|uniis that expected behaviour or do i have to do some more stuff than declaring OFS.Folder.Folder traversable and provide an adapter?14:30
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jhauseryou want to call a method of the adapter with an url?14:31
The|unii want to use an adapter to do the actual part of the traversal14:31
The|uniITraversal specifies how to traverse a name for a given object14:31
mexiKONthere's ITraverser14:32
The|uniin pure zope 3 the combination i do works14:32
mexiKONand ITraversable14:32
The|unii want itraversable, i think.14:32
mexiKONin pure zope3, ITraversable isn't even used for url traversal14:32
* The|uni checks that again14:32
The|unii did that a few weeks ago14:32
mexiKONITraversable is only for traversal inside ZPTs14:33
The|uniyou're right14:33
mexiKONnow, five got that wrong :)14:33
* The|uni kicks it14:33
mexiKONfive <=1.4 uses ITraversable for URL traversable14:33
mexiKONwhich is bad14:33
mexiKONzope 2.10/Five 1.5 fixed that14:33
The|uniwell, obviously it doesn't ... i just set up an itraversable but it didn't do that.14:33
The|unior obviously i'm doing something wrong14:33
The|uniwhich might very well be the case14:34
mexiKONwell, you need to make your thing five:traversable14:34
The|unii think i dit14:35
The|unii check whether ofs.folder.folder is the right thing14:35
The|unibtw: i think we need a somewhat bigger sign that says: itraversable only for PT, itraverser for URL14:36
mexiKONyou're getting it wrong14:36
mexiKONITraversable + ITraverser == only zpt14:36
mexiKONIPublishTraverse == url traversal14:36
The|uninow i'm getting confused again14:37
mexiKONok, the api defined in zope.traversing is for zpt only14:37
mexiKONurl traversal happens with the api from zope.publisher14:37
mexiKONnamely, IPublishTraverse14:37
mexiKON(or one of its derivatives, such as IBrowserPublisher)14:37
The|uniok. why is this different anyway?14:38
mexiKONbecause url traversal != object traversal14:38
mexiKONin zpt you want to be able to traverse so, say, methods and attributes of objects14:38
The|unianyway. zope.traversing should have some kind of information about that14:39
The|unithe interface nowhere tells you that14:39
mexiKONyes, agreed14:39
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The|uninow. that got much simpler now as well.14:43
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J1mtheuni, ayt?17:11
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theunia bit17:16
theunii'm cooking right now17:16
J1matr you working on issue 572?17:16
theuninope. i only added me accidentally17:17
theunii removed me again17:17
theunithe log tells the truth :)17:18
theuniback to cooking17:18
theuniphiliKON:  do you have a working example of url traversal adapters on OFS.Folder with five?17:36
theunior anything near that?17:36
philiKONzope <=2.9 unfortunately uses the wrong traversal adapters17:40
philiKONit uses ITraversable17:40
philiKONfive does, that is17:40
* theuni kicks a wall17:40
theunii thought it uses both and only accidentally itraversable too17:41
theunii misunderstood you again :)17:41
* theuni goes back to itraversable17:41
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theuniphiliKON:  i can't get it to work with itraversable either17:54
theunilooks like i'll have to debug17:54
theunigone for food17:54
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theunibrzl. obviously you can only use traversable to plug in views, not arbitrary traversal19:09
theuni(in five 1.4)19:09
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* theuni starts crying21:25
* theuni stops crying and detects: order matters on multiple inheritance21:29
* theuni blinks21:42
theunijust realized that proxies don't work from inside the class of the proxied object21:42
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