IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2006-07-17

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SmokeyDhi all, maybe a very stupid question, and if so, I'm sorry, but where can I find info abount the getattr and setattr methods? I am trying to figure out when they are exactly called01:03
SmokeyDthey seem to be called also on contained objects when listing of their container object is created01:04
SmokeyDis that true?01:04
philiKONgetattr / setattr are python builtins01:05
SmokeyD__getattr__ of course then, but why __setattr__01:05
SmokeyDok that's why01:05
SmokeyDI couldn't find info in zope01:05
philiKONah, you mean __getattr__01:05
philiKONyeah, read about the python object api01:05
philiKONyeah, well, that too01:06
SmokeyDit is called on an object when it is listed in it's container01:06
philiKONyour original question was lacking the underscores01:06
SmokeyDok, sorry01:06
SmokeyDdidn't know that there were builtins with those names in python01:06
SmokeyDjust started python together with zope01:06
philiKONso did i once...01:06
SmokeyDwell a little bit before, but not serious01:07
philiKONi recommend reading about the __geattr__ protocol01:07
philiKONand while you're at it, the __getitem__ protocol as well01:07
SmokeyDbut where can I find info. Tried looking up __getattr__ in your book01:07
SmokeyDbut can't find it01:07
philiKONwell, my book assumes knowledge of python01:07
SmokeyDso it is still a python builtin01:07
SmokeyDalso with the underscores01:08
philiKONe.g. see
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SmokeyDf __setattr__() wants to assign to an instance attribute, it  should not simply execute ' = value' -- this would cause a recursive call to itself.01:09
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SmokeyDfound that out the hard way01:09
philiKONbasically, when you do x.y01:09
philiKONthen x.__getattr__('y') will be called01:09
philiKONwhen you x.y = z01:10
philiKONthen x.__setattr('y', z) will be called01:10
philiKONmakes sense?01:10
SmokeyDyup it does01:10
philiKONsame with getitem protocol01:10
philiKONx[y] is equivalent to x.__getitem__(y)01:11
philiKONand x[y] = z is equivalent to x.__setitem__(y, z)01:11
SmokeyDthe question is still, why is it called on a python object when it is listed01:11
SmokeyDwhich attribute is set?01:11
SmokeyDfor each object in a listing I see a __setattr__ called twice with __name__=None for each object in the list01:12
SmokeyDwith list I mean the @@contents.html view of a container object01:12
philiKONuh huh01:12
philiKONthat's weird01:13
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SmokeyDYeah, I thought so01:13
philiKONare you sure, it's not a __getattr__ call?01:13
SmokeyDnope, I overrode the __setattr__ in a zope class01:13
SmokeyDand put a print statement on top of the method01:13
philiKONtry to backtrace it with pdb01:14
philiKONinstead of the print statement, insert his line:01:14
SmokeyDdoes it have anything to do with annotations or somethin?01:14
philiKONimport pdb; pdb.set_trace()01:14
philiKONthen, execute the code again01:14
philiKONit will drop into pdb01:14
philiKONwhen in pdb, type01:14
SmokeyDpdb is the python debugger?01:14
SmokeyDbt as in backtrace?01:14
philiKONthen it will list where __setattr__ is being called from01:15
SmokeyDok thanks01:15
SmokeyDlet's see01:15
SmokeyD-> obj._p_serial = serial01:16
SmokeyDserialization of the instance, something like that?01:17
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SmokeyDwhen it is retrieved from the ZODB it get's an attribute set?01:17
philiKONseems so01:17
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SmokeyD-> obj._p_changed = None01:18
philiKONtype this in pdb:01:18
SmokeyDsomething to do with persistency I guess01:18
philiKONp name01:18
philiKONi see01:20
philiKONthat's ok, though01:20
philiKONthose are set while waking the object from zodb, i presume01:20
philiKONtype 'c'01:20
philiKONfor continue01:20
philiKONuntil you get to the point where name is __parent__ or whatever it was01:20
philiKONanyways, i gotta go to bed...01:21
SmokeyDthanks for your help01:21
SmokeyDsleep well philiKON01:34
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smokeydphiliKON: You gave me a link to an article about creating addforms (I think it was you at least) I can't happen to find the page anymore (I was at home then at my work now:) Do remeber which one it was?13:27
smokeydgood afternoon btw13:27
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grahamsmokeyd: mgedmin suggested
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smokeydgraham: that was it indeed13:46
smokeydare there any logs of this channel I could search to find this kind of thin?13:47
smokeydand another question about python, am I not looking properly or are there in Python only # comments and docstrings?13:47
smokeydno block comments?13:47
smokeydto comment out a block of code?13:48
smokeydthanks graham13:49
grahamI'm pretty sure there're no block comments13:49
jhauserthere is a dirty trick for block comments13:51
jhauserenclose the block into13:51
jhauser""" block code"""13:51
SteveAthat's gross13:51
jhauserI said dirty13:51
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SteveAI just use vim tricks13:52
SteveAto indent blocks13:52
SteveAeach line starting with a #13:52
jhauserright better use a sane editor, which let's you comment blocks of code13:52
SteveAuse a sane editor.  or use vim.13:53
jhauserI would include vim into sane editors13:53
smokeyd:D yup you're right13:54
smokeydI should start using vim13:54
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smokeydbut I have never used it really and don't know if I have the time for the learning curve at the moment13:54
smokeydi'm used to pico/nano13:54
smokeyd works ok, but doesn't have all the nifty shortcuts and stuff13:54
smokeydbut let'13:55
smokeyds not start discussing editors :)13:55
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SteveAinvaluable reference13:56
smokeydthanks SteveA, that helps13:56
smokeydI guess I'll just start with it now13:56
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MacYETphiliKON: !15:49
MacYEThow about zope 3.2.2?15:49
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philiKONMacYET, busy with exams16:02
smokeydhey, ppl. I can't get something to work with my own addform defined in formlib16:03
smokeydI let the user fill in some attributes which are defined in a schema16:04
smokeydand want to generate the objectname of the object (inherits from contained) from these data16:04
smokeydbut when I instantiate the class at the end of the create function of the form, and pass a value for the object name to it16:05
smokeydand call self.__name__=value in the __init__ of the object, nothing happens16:05
smokeydthe name is still set to some default from zope instead of the one I passed to the __init__ of the object16:05
mgedminsmokeyd: in the add form code set self.context.contentName  (self.context of an adding form is an IAdding object)16:10
mgedminif you want to trace the relevant code, then look at zope/formlib/, class AddFormBase, methods handle_add, createAndAdd, add16:11
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mgedminthe adding object itself is
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smokeydok, thanks16:15
smokeydI was already looking in the soucecode for the standard addform16:15
smokeydto see what that one does16:15
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smokeydthe default values for an edit form, are they determined by the setUpEditWidgets function of the form class from the self.context variable?17:35
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smokeydI want the widgets to display other default values than the ones from the zope object itself17:36
smokeydand wonder if I can do that by modifying the self.context from an editform before calling setUpWidgets17:36
mgedminan edit form is supposed to show the values that are stored in the object17:37
mgedminI do not understand what you want17:37
smokeydI want to get them from a database17:38
smokeydinstead of from the zope object attributes themself17:38
smokeydI already store them there with the addForm17:39
mgedminyou could use something like sqlobject to make the object store its attributes in mysql17:39
mgedminor you could use a form that is not an edit form17:39
mgedminand pass the initial values to setUpWidgets17:39
smokeydthat is exactly what I am doing. I am making a zope object that does parts opf its storage to mysql17:40
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smokeydbut in order to use the add and edit forms from formlib I have to be able to get the default values of the edit form from the database17:40
smokeydwell, I was not doing the last part17:40
smokeydmaybe I should indeed not use an editform but a normal form17:40
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smokeydmgedmin: just in case you're interseted. What I'm going to do is set the default value for all fields in the form_fields list18:13
smokeydthat is I think the easiest18:13
mgedminthat is one possibility18:13
smokeydFirst read all the fields from the schema, and then modify their default values18:14
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mgedminone or two of the three setup functions defined in zope.formlib (setUpWidgets, setUpEditWidgets, setUpDataWidgets) takes a data (or initial) argument that is a dict with initial values18:20
mgedmin(or maybe one of those takes a data argument, while another takes an initial argument, and the third one doesn't take any arguments to that effect)18:21
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smokeydHey all, I'm still fighting with the defaults of form_fields. What arguments can be passed to the __init__ of the FormFields class in formlibs.form?19:08
smokeydCan I pass default values for the fields to it?19:08
smokeydAnd if yes, how?19:08
volvoxaren't default values defined in your schema interface?19:09
volvoxI use that and FieldProperty(MyInterface['field_name']) in my content objects19:10
smokeyd:) Nope, in mysql database19:10
volvoxit gets the default value from the schema19:10
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smokeydI'm using mysqlobject19:10
smokeydtogether with schema's and formlib to be able to retrieve and store some attributes in a mysql database backend19:10
smokeydI'm making a custom form that modifies the default values for the fields listed in the schema by getting them from a database19:11
volvoxI _think_ you could setup default values in setupWidgets()19:11
smokeydbut the problem is that the object returned by form.Fields function is not a list, so I can't use list comprehension to assign the default values.19:12
smokeydis that also possible? Than I will look there19:12
smokeydthanks volvox19:12
volvoxkeep in mind I haven't grokked formlib yet19:12
smokeydMe neither :) thanks for the tip though. I'm looking into setUpWidgets19:15
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smokeydi've got it volvox19:36
smokeydfor field in form_fields:19:36
smokeyd            form_fields[field.__name__].field.default=eval("projectwp.get("%(field.field.__name__)19:36
volvoxit's written eval, but spelled "evil"19:37
smokeydor at least more or less this (didn't test it yet, but it should work) :)19:37
smokeydok, yes that's better, you're right19:37
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smokeydWhich function in EditFormBase handles the actual updating of the data when the editform has been submitted?19:51
smokeydI am looking in ths sourcecode but can't find it19:51
volvoxsmokeyd: you do that with the @form.action decorator19:52
volvoxfor instance:19:52
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volvox@form.action(name="edit", label="Really do that!")19:53
volvoxdef handle_edit_action(self, action, data):19:53
volvoxand from there you call form.applyChanges19:53
volvoxit also adds the submit button for you19:53
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smokeydok, cool. Thanks.19:55
volvoxsmokeyd: look for @action(_("Apply") in formlib.py19:56
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J1mphiliKON: ayt?20:32
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PyNickHi - is it possible to add/configure PAU via ZCML?22:55
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