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rockyhm... does anyone know about <browser:addform> and <browser:editform> being changed to use formlib ?01:29
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philiKONrocky, no, not really03:13
rockyphiliKON: personally i think its dumb in order to create a form (edit form for example) with formlib that uses everything default that you have to touch zcml and py code03:30
philiKONrocky, i think it's ok03:41
philiKONwith browser:*form, zcml did too much03:41
rocky"useful defaults" are good03:41
philiKONzcml isn't about sensible defaults03:41
philiKONzcml is just a registration language03:41
philiKONautomation (=sensible defaults, if you want) happens in python03:42
philiKONso, if sensible defaults should happen, they should happen in some base class03:42
philiKONbut not in zcml03:42
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einshow do I access request in vocabulary?12:06
TheuniI'm pretty sure I don't understand your question.12:09
philiKONeins, you don't12:09
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einsTheuni somebody does;)12:14
Theunilooks like it12:14
einsphiliKON thanks;) got that myself12:14
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roymI need to rename an item in a container. Based on what I see in IWriteContainer, I'd have to do a copy and then delete the original ref. Is there a better way?16:08
mgedminthere's an adapter, IObjectRenamer IIRC16:08
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floxroym: from zope.copypastemove.interfaces import IObjectMover16:10
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floxroym: mover = IObjectMover(object)16:10
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mgedminis what I had in mind16:10
roymflox, mgedmin: thanks.16:10
floxroym: mover.moveTo(otherFolder, new_name)16:11
mgedminthe ContainerItemRenamer uses IObjectMover internally16:11
floxfor my use case, i needed to move to other Container. but for his use case, he can use ContainerItemRenamer as well16:12
Theunidoes anybody know when the next beta will be done?16:13
TheuniAre we waiting to get all critical issues resolved first?16:13
philiKONwtf, now there are 27 critical issues?16:14
philiKONTheuni, actually, i was planning on making another beta soonish16:15
philiKONthe first beta had packaging bugs16:15
*** mgedmin changes topic to "logs available at || paste code examples into or || bugs live at"16:15
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philiKONat least those should be fixed iwth a new beta16:15
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Theuniwe (gocept) would like to see another beta to get one of our products moved on to 3.3, but we're kind of waiting for another beta to see the packaging issues gone16:16
philiKONi haven't had time because of some exams coming up16:16
philiKONif you guys need a beta, feel free to do one :)16:17
TheuniAh, I see. Well. I tried doing the packaging a while ago, but something went wrong, so I better not touch that right now. :)16:17
philiKONi might ahve some time later this week16:18
Theuniactually it's 5 critical bugs16:18
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philiKONthis collector is hard to use16:20
philiKONi selected 'critical' and left the status at 'accepted' and 'pending'16:20
Theuniyou're supposed to select '3.3 release' now :)16:21
philiKONthen i see 4 bugs16:21
* mgedmin sees 916:21
Theuniyou see (almost) double!16:21
Theuniit's 5, one is critical and has been reported yesterday16:21
Theuniit might slip into 3.3 release soon16:21
Theuniit's 67016:22
Theunii'm still chewing on my security bug16:22
* Theuni gives it another try16:22
mgedminwell, there are 9 issues with importance "3.3 Release"16:22
mgedminmaybe not all of them are bugs16:22
mgedminyep, some are "bug+solution"16:22
mgedminand some are resolved, duh!16:23
mgedmin4 bugs now16:23
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TheuniI'm doing: new/pending/accepted, 3.3release/critical, bug/bug+Solution16:25
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Theunidid somebody change something regarding the inclusion of the bugtracker module in the Zope 3 checkout?16:32
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mgedminafaiu bugtracker was moved into its own top-level svn project16:35
Theuniit seems to still be references from within the zope 3 project though16:35
mgedminI had to rm the bugtracker and zwiki package includes in a couple of checkouts16:35
ignasyep, zcml are ignored in package-includes16:36
mgedminI do not think there are any other references16:36
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roymIs there a way to get a handle to any "located" object in the zodb from18:24
roymwithin a context method (ie: I don't have a handle to a request).18:24
baldtrolroym: how do you mean?18:25
roymI need to do a zapi.traverse and navigate to a known location.18:26
roymI just need to find any object that's already in the zodb.18:26
roymThis is for getting data to populate a vocabulary source.18:26
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baldtrolif you know the containment path for the object you want, then yeah, you can do that.  if you know it's relationship to your current context in the containment hierarchy, you can get it that way too...  is it a parent/child or in a statically installed place?18:27
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roymThe issue is that I am querying an ISource (usually from where the context is a choice object that is NOT located anywhere).18:28
roymat least not yet.18:29
baldtrolahh, gotcha.18:30
mgedminroym: you could getSite()18:30
mgedminor you could try to look if the choice object is bound to a contained object18:30
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mgedmin(i.e. context.context)18:30
mgedminI would use getSite()18:30
roymgetSite seems perfect - thanks.18:31
baldtrolmgedmin to the rescue!18:32
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baldtrolwhat event is notified before an object is deleted?18:43
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baldtrolwell what event is "notified about", i guess.  you don't really notify events, you notify subscribers ;)18:44
mgedminafaiu there's only IObjectRemovedEvent which gets sent after an object is deleted18:44
baldtroldoes event.object still hold the object long enough for me to do something with it?18:45
baldtrolor is it gone when it's gone?18:45
mgedminobjects are garbage collected18:45
mgedminso yes, event.object will still be it18:46
baldtrolwell, right...  i guess i was asking that transaction.commit() hasn't happened before the event?  i'd assume no, but i worry.18:46
mgedminand the event also contains the container from which the object was deleted, I think18:46
mgedminwait a second...18:46
mgedminyes it does18:47
baldtrolah, cool.  i've been working on a zc.relationship based relationship/container pair, but since when an object is deleted, i'd like to look for any relationships that refer to that object, and remove it from the index, rather than leaving a stale relationship there.18:48
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mgedminIObjectRemovedEvent is for you then18:51
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baldtrolthank you sir :)18:52
roymmgedmin - I think getSite() only works for a "located" object.18:53
roymzapi.traverse(getSite(), QConstants.METADATA)18:53
roym*** TypeError: Not enough context to determine location root18:53
roymCan I do a queryUtility to find one that is located in the zodb?18:54
mgedminroym: getSite() extracts the site from a thread local18:56
mgedminit is valid only during request processing18:56
mgedminwhat's QConstants.METADATA?18:56
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roymQConstants.METADATA is just a path string (eg: '/a/b')18:56
roymso does that mean that I can only get a handle to the zodb during request processing?18:57
roymMy problem is that I have a source widget that needs to do a dynamic query to populate itself.18:58
roymI don't know how to make the request available during that lookup.18:58
baldtrolroym: i had a similar issue trying to populate a vocabulary from a sql query.  the query was based on information in the request, but vocabularies don't accept requests as part of their construction :/  if you figure it out, let me know ;)19:00
roymbaldtrol: good to know that at least I'm not the only one :)19:01
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roymbaldtrol: I have this notion that I might be able to do lookup in the ITerms adapter - since it gets the context and request. let me try that.19:07
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mgedminroym: almost everything zope does is inside a request19:12
mgedminyou might also get a handle to the zodb if you manage to get hold of the publication19:13
mgedminbut the only way I know how to do that is to take request.publication19:13
mgedminthere's also a somewhat dirty trick of using the security mechanism's getInteraction() and looping through its participations to see if one of those is an IRequest19:14
mgedminif you specify the vocabulary by name in your schema (foo = Choice(vocabulary='foos'))19:14
mgedminand register a named utility19:14
mgedminthen your vocabulary construction function will be invoked during request processing19:15
mgedminand its context argument will be a contained object... I think19:15
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roymmgedmin: I was away - just saw your comments; helps me understand things better, thankyou.20:51
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roymI don't think that the vocabulary constructor accepts a request. However, you've made me realize that I can just register my data retrieval functionality as a utility.20:56
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