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ktwilightwhen i do a make test, i run into 1 failure and 1 error both are "ValueError: I/O operation on closed file". but make install works fine, should i be worried 'bout it? or just leave it?01:50
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febbhi all06:38
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KazadeHi all, does anybody know of a ADO database adapter available for Zope3 (I'm completely new to this so any guidence would be helpful)11:21
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smokeydgood day to all of you :) Just wanna say I'm really impressed with zope and also with your willingness to help a newbie. I'm definitely getting the hang of zope11:48
smokeydand that's definitely for a big part due to you guyx11:48
ktwilighthaha cool :)12:01
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KazadeI'm *trying* to write a database adapter for Zope3, but for some reason parseDSN is always returning an empty list, I know that the connection string is being passed into the function, does anyone know what the problem could be?14:06
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Theunidoes anybody know how to  get a title for a class? Like the title from the add menu?14:52
Theunisomething nice to display in UI?14:52
mexiKONfor a class?!?14:54
mexiKONadd menu items have titles, yes14:54
Theuniright, i only have an interface and need all classes that implement that14:56
Theuniwhich is easy14:56
Theunibut the title seems to be far away14:57
Theunigotta run ...14:57
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baldtroli've run into this before, and i know i got around it somehow, but i can't remember now :\  i have a btreecontainer derivative with a few attributes.  my view is a multi-inheritance from Contents and form.EditForm.  i've built the necessary tal to see everything i want...17:00
baldtrolbut when i actually hit "apply" to make the changes take, it gives me forbidden attribute.  i've set my require on the attributes to an acceptable permission, or so i think.  anyone know a way around that?17:00
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smokeydooohhh, it's quiet today17:20
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Kazadehas anybody here ever used adodbapi with Zope3 ?18:39
benjinot with Zope 3, Kazade, but in other situations; it worked quite well for me18:44
Kazadeim having some problems :(18:44
benjilike what?18:44
KazadeIm trying to write a database adapter with it, but every time I try and test it I get the following error...18:45
KazadeTransaction cannot start while in firehose mode18:45
Kazadewhen I traced it back it stems from adodbapi's rollback function, specifically line 334 in "self.adoConn.BeginTrans()"18:47
benjiI've seen that before Kazade; thinking...18:47
benjiyou're using SQL Server?18:47
benjiKazade: can you pastebin minimal code that demonstrates the problem?18:50
KazadeI can paste my database adapter code, but the error is occuring using Zope3's ZMI test to run a simple SELECT * FROM Table query18:50
Kazadewill that code be useful?18:52
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benjino, I just thought it'd keep you busy for a while and make you forget your problems18:53
benji</sarcasm> I was hoping a small code snippet would jog my memory so I could remember why I'd seen that error and how I'd fixed it (Googling didn't help)18:54 doesnt seem to be working, well its very slow anyway :/18:54
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benjiKazade: I see suggestions to do "SET NOCOUNT ON" before running the offending SQL, but don't know if that's what I did to solve it for me18:56
Kazadeit didnt make any difference :(18:57
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KazadeI dont know if it will help, but heres the adapter code:
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benjihere's a potentially relavant link:
benjiKazade: I was more interested in your code, paste here the line of code that generates the error19:00
benji(man, is slow today)19:00
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benji( seems snappy though)19:01
KazadeBecause I'm using the ZMI SQL Test, my line of code is literally SELECT * FROM Table. I dont know if Zope is doing something, and I dont know enough to find out :(19:01
benjiit would seem I'm out of suggestions, Kazade19:03
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Kazadethanks anyway benji19:03
KazadeThe only thing I could think it might be is the use of pythoncom.CoInitialize() but its need to get adodbapi to work19:03
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smokeydanybody have time to help me with SQLObject. I know it's OT, but the SQLObject channel is kinda dead I guess20:02
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smokeyddoes anybody know of good information about SQLObject because I'm getting really frustrated. The information on the website is just to little to be really able to understand it20:41
smokeydespecially making queries20:41
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floxsmokeyd: some people prefer to use sqlalchemy21:15
floxi do not use any of them (sqlobject, sqlalchemy)21:16
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floxhere someone tell about his experience with sqlobject and sqlalchemy on zope3 (see comment #16 by holger froebe)21:19
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smokeydthanks flox22:20
smokeydsorry, wasn't paying attention22:20
floxthis article helped me to make and support the decision to migrate our project from zope2 to zope322:21
floxit was few weeks ago...22:22
gabrielboysI missed something, what article are you talking about?22:22
gabrielboysI am going from Zope2 to Zope3 right now, the more info the better22:22
gabrielboysgreat, thanks22:23
floxeven if the main article is against zope.... don't stop reading, go to comment #16... someone share his good experience with zope322:23
gabrielboyscool, thanks for the advice22:24
gabrielboysI did not do the Zope2 implemenation, so this is a lot to take in22:24
gabrielboysevery little bit helps22:24
floxfirst we implemented our application on zope2, very ugly implementation, bec we did not take time to understand some of the Zope 2 features...22:26
benjiflox: the writer of comment 16 needs to write Z3 propiganda :)22:26
smokeydI definitely like Zope3, also the ZCML part, I do also like SQL, I just don't like the combination of the two22:26
floxnow with zope 3, a lot of work, but i understand better what i do, and i like the architecture22:27
smokeydyeah the architecture is great22:27
smokeydespecially the component architecture is good22:27
floxyes: first u have to learn it... then u find it very powerful22:28
floxsmokeyd: the guy like SQLAlchemy on Zope322:29
floxmaybe we'll look at SQLAlchemy too, next year22:29
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gabrielboysright, I have been reading a couple books, and just absorbing, I think I am getting close to setting things up correctly22:30
floxbenji: yes, i took some of his words on my slideshow, to push my boss to accept migration to zope 3 :-)22:31
benjiheh :)22:31
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projekt01benji, do you have a minute for answering a question?22:57
benjisure, projekt0122:57
projekt01I have problems to use the package.22:57
projekt01It ends in a recoursion because of a queryUtility lookup22:58
projekt01The following error happens:22:58
projekt01exceptions.AttributeError: '_LocalAdapterRegistry' object has no attribute 'lookup'22:58
projekt01Which means that the _LocalAdapterRegistry is loosing its lookup method.22:59
projekt01I'm not sure why this happens.22:59
projekt01Or the better question is could this only happen becuase of the
projekt01What if this also could happen with other code?23:00
benjihmm, good question23:00
projekt01The really bad thing is, that I have no idea who to debug
projekt01Durring this error it's not possible to import anything because of the broken __import__ method23:02
benjiwell, z.a.module isn't part of the "core", so it is allowed to non be backward compatible, but I'd worry other modules might be too23:03
projekt01I really like to know what brings the adapter registry to loose it's methods?23:04
benjiactually, I can't find where it gets that method to start with23:04
benji_LocalAdapterRegistry is a subclass of three things:, zope.component.persistentregistry.PersistentAdapterRegistry, zope.location.Location,23:04
projekt01you mean the lookup method?23:04
benjiI don't see "lookup" in any of its base classes23:05
projekt01I'll take a look23:05
projekt01It's in zope.interface.adapter23:07
projekt01which injects it's method with _createLookup at line 7923:08
projekt01You can simply reproduce this if you include a configure.zcml for z.a.module and add a module content object23:10
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benjia set_trace in _createLookup might be informative23:11
projekt01It's not possible to debug if the z.a.module is loaded and broken23:16
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projekt01My concern is that this has something to do with the PersistentModule in zodbcode.module23:17
benjiprojekt01: z.a.module causes a failure before _createLookup is called?23:17
benjicould be, I don't think that code is very well tested/understood :(23:18
projekt01No, zope is starting but if you call a page the lookup fails23:18
projekt01The comment at line 79 in zodbcode says:23:19
projekt01# XXX what about code that modifies __dict__ directly?23:19
projekt01And the adapter registry does modify the dict directly23:20
projekt01could this be a problem? And if so, what does this mean?23:20
benjiI was suggesting verifying that _LocalAdapterRegistry runs _createLookup; IOW see if "lookup" is disappearing, or is never created to start with23:20
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projekt01the lookup method get created at the startup23:27
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projekt01Uhh, that's interesting23:36
projekt01I get 13 local adapter registries the first eleven have a empty dict23:37
projekt01It's a empty Data.fs with only one z.a.module content object added23:38
projekt01Just beeing correct, the method queryUtility get 13 time called, the first 11 times I got a empty _LocalAdapterRegistry23:39
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projekt01benji, can you take a look at
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