IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2006-07-20

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philiKONlooks like only one bug in the Zope 3.3 category left01:10
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philiKONTheuni, ping01:15
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baijumcan anyone help me, there is buildbot error after my commit
baijumbut it looks like, the failed example is :'')07:32
baijumwhy ?07:32
baijumthere was a mail from Jim regarding this,
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projekt01philiKON, can you try to include a configure.zcml for and start zope?11:29
projekt01I got a error, which I don't know what's going on exactly.11:30
projekt01Is this a bug in the utility registry lookup concept?11:31
philiKONwhat is
philiKONand what have i todo with it? ;)11:34
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projekt01philiKON, it's a module registry11:47
projekt01You have nothing to do with, but perhaps you can tell me what the error means ;-)11:48
projekt01philiKON, sorry, I have to leave, see you later...11:55
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harukiHi! May I make some questions about zope3?13:02
harukiat first sorry for my english - it is no so good like russion )13:03
philiKONno problem. what's your question?13:03
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harukiI must make accounting project and look on zope3 and smalltalk seaside ... Is it possible implement on zope3 system like documentflow invoicing accounting13:05
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SteveAharuki: it is possible.  you might like to look at something like instead of developing something from scratch.13:07
SteveAharuki: if you prefer to speak russian, maybe see if someone like Aiste or alga is around here later13:08
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harukitnx) but I must learn english )))13:14
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xenruharuki: privet14:04
harukixenru privet )))14:05
xenruti s Dimoi raboitaesh vmeste?14:06
xenruili sam po sebe?14:06
haruki)))) davay razberemsya kto takoy Dima )))14:06
xenruposmotri v lichku14:07
harukiYa iz Donetska (Urkaine) a ti on kuda?14:07
xenrudavai v private14:07
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GreenHarukixenru where are you14:30
xenruI'm here ;)14:31
xenruI'm sending private messages to u14:31
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xenrucan u read?14:31
xenruwhat irc client u use?14:31
mexiKONxenru, you need to be registered with nickserv to send priv msgs14:32
GreenHarukialready registered14:32
xenru.... yep! thx mexiKON!!!14:32
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GreenHarukiwill try in ircii14:32
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xenruwe start new R&D center in Dnepr (UA)14:34
xenruI just what to know your zope3 exp14:34
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rockyanyone know if there are any existing events in zope3-land for firing upon user actions such as login ?14:39
Theunidunno. login might be tricky so maybe nobody cared to do it yet14:40
Theunithe easiest would be to grep, or look into the api docs14:40
rockysomeone just posted a patch for doing it in plone (via z3 events)14:40
rockythats why i was asking14:40
Theunimight be possible to port, then14:41
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rockywell, the patch looks a little naive ... which is why i was hoping something already existed :)14:41
Theunithat's how i love it14:42
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SmokeyDgood day al14:46
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baijumhi all :)14:47
baijumso, 3.3 is coming soon? any idea?14:48
xenrulucky version number ;)14:48
xenruu need any other ideas? :)14:49
xenruwho know big and heavy projects based on zope3?14:51
xenruexcept launchpad ;)14:51
baijum (no idea about size)14:52
baijumthere are many others, but not free/open/public14:53
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xenruyes I know this project, but thay still use 3.014:54
xenruhave u links?14:54
baijumsorry :(14:54
xenrume too14:55
xenruI know this projects14:55
Theuni*gah*. again. stupid exception hiding14:56
xenruAFAIK, launchpad is not available, I don't find where I can download a code14:58
mexiKONTheuni, ping14:59
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xenruhi ofer15:00
Theunibug 574? :)15:00
oferxenru: hi :)15:00
TheunimexiKON:  pong15:00
mexiKONhey Theuni15:02
mexiKONTheuni, yeah15:02
mexiKONany progress?15:02
mexiKONif you want, you check in the stuff you have to a branch15:02
Theunino :(. no time. here's a proposal: i'll check in what i have on a branch and you can take a look15:02
mexiKONthat way i could take a look at it15:02
Theunii'll do that15:03
Theuniand tell you15:03
mexiKONgood idea. thanks15:03
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xenruhi projekt0115:03
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projekt01xenru, hi15:04
xenruyou developing Tiks, right?15:04
xenruI'm trying to checkout tree but svn try to download some code from external repo15:05
Theuninow my sandbox is fubar-ed15:05
projekt01xenru, you mean jsonserver?15:06
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xenruand it is protected15:06
projekt01use anonymous as username with a empty password15:06
projekt01xenru, does this work?15:06
xenruI'm checking15:06
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projekt01Does somebody use the package?15:07
projekt01Zope3 is broken if the package is included via configure.zcml.15:08
mexiKONi have no idea if is supposed to work at all15:09
mexiKONit's definitely not released15:09
TheunimexiKON:  URL: svn+ssh://
mexiKONi think it should go away15:09
mexiKONTheuni, thx15:09
Theunii have a change for here, but that module seems to have gone away in between15:09
mexiKONTheuni, with your permission, i won't be logging in as ctheune, though :)15:09
mexiKONTheuni, yup.15:09
projekt01mexiKON, My question is not really if is working. I'm afraid about the error itself.15:09
TheunimexiKON:  hmm. alright then, use whatever ssh keys you got. ;)15:10
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projekt01mexiKON, the error reports a querryUtility lookup which I dont' know why this could happen.15:10
projekt01mexiKON, see the error:15:11
projekt01exceptions.AttributeError: '_LocalAdapterRegistry' object has no attribute 'lookup'15:11
xenruprojekt01: yes it is working15:11
projekt01xenru, Ok15:11
xenruprojekt01: thx15:12
xenruI'm learning on your project, thx**215:12
mexiKONprojekt01, look at the base classes of _LocalADapterREgistry, i'm pretty sure it should have a lookup() method15:12
xenruprojekt01: do you have any working projects?15:15
xenrupublic sites15:16
projekt01xenru, no, but perhaps Darryl's site is something for you,
xenruI'm planing very big site and want to build it ontop of zope3, and want to know is this is possible.15:20
xenrum/b somebody from zope corp. know such projects15:21
ktwilighti don't see why zope can't handle very big sites15:21
mexiKONxenru, is a big z3 site15:22
xenruwe want to use it as application server behind squid or apache and balanser15:23
ktwilightthe only thing that i would worry is the dbase backend, whether it should be a relational dbase or zodb15:23
xenru~5-20 req per sec in normal state, up to 10 000-50 000 in high15:24
Theuni10k-50k is going to need some serious hardware and caching.15:24
Theuni5 to 20 is fine with a single server, put in a few zeo nodes to be sure.15:25
xenruwe specifying caching farm15:25
Theunidepending on the server i measured about 1-2k requests that a single squid can handle, newer faster servers might be better15:25
xenru1-2k per second?15:25
mexiKONah, you were wondering about per second or not :)15:27
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xenru|clonesorry come back15:28
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projekt01Is the twisted external svn in Zope3/turnk broken (Berkley DB error) or is it only on my machine?15:40
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xenru|cloneprojekt01: the same error15:42
projekt01Ok, thanks for confirm that, so I can go to drink a coffee ;-)15:43
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SmokeyDHey all, In a formlib form the context variable contains the object the form is called on right?15:50
SmokeyDSo it is also possible to call methods on the context which are defined in the class of which the object is an instance?15:50
SmokeyDLike I define an class project15:50
SmokeyDit contains a method getdata()15:50
SmokeyDand from a formlib which is called on an instance of project I could call self.context.getdata()15:51
projekt01SmokeyD, yes15:52
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projekt01seems that the server admin for twisted is located at the west cost, so it could take a while till Zope3 svn is working again.15:57
SmokeyDok thanks projekt0116:00
SmokeyDi'll look into it them16:00
SmokeyDgotta run now16:00
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mexiKONTheuni, ping16:01
mexiKONTheuni, can you confirm that zope2 curerntly has no way to return large data efficiently to the client without blocking application resources in the mean time?16:01
mexiKONi mean, in z2 i would use request.write(), right?16:01
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mexiKONwhile doing that, i'm still in application code, hogging a zodb connection, etc.16:02
Theunino it has16:02
Theuniyou don't use request.write16:02
mexiKONwhat do i use?16:02
Theuniyou return an filestreamiterator16:02
mexiKONof course16:02
Theunihowever you have to note, that the filestreamiterator may *never* hold any handles to persistent objects16:02
Theunibecause they act outside of any transactions16:02
mexiKONof course16:02
*** rock1 is now known as rocky16:03
Theunii'm not sure whether this still works in current zope 2 (2.10) because of server changes or something16:03
TheuniAFAIR wsgi didn't support this.16:03
mexiKONwell, wsgi supports iterators16:03
mexiKONin fact, that's what it's based on16:03
mexiKONit wants the response body as an iterable16:03
Theunihm. alright. then it might have been a complicated API issue.16:03
mexiKONyes, well, wsgi support in z2 is currently just bolted on16:04
mexiKONin z3 it's down to the roots of the publisher16:04
Theuniah exactly. i'm wrong. iteration is fine, request streaming from within the application thread doesn't work16:04
mexiKONwith wsgi, you mean?16:04
mexiKONdoesnt' work16:04
mexiKONtrickling data slowly to the client, that is16:05
mexiKONit should with zserver16:05
Theuniyup. zserver does.16:05
mexiKONah, filestream_iterator is nice16:05
mexiKONTheuni, so, like in z3, i'd write a file to the filesystem, open that file with filestreamiterator and return the iterator16:06
mexiKON(the "like in z3" only refers to the first and the last part, not the filestreamiterator :))16:06
henri_if there are any Five formlib users out there, can you tell me why when i set the render_context flag e.g. form.Fields(Interface, render_context=True) i get a 'Could not adapt' error.16:09
henri_i guess i need to put some kind of adapter in my configure.zcml. but not sure what.  can anyone point me in the right direction?16:09
rockyhenri_: it *sounds* like your current context doesn't implement the interface that you handed form.FormFields()16:10
rockynor does your context adapt to that interface16:10
rockyeither should work16:10
TheunimexiKON:  right16:11
mexiKONTheuni, thx16:11
*** batlogg has joined #zope3-dev16:12
henri_rocky: thanks, i'm still getting a handle on the zope3 stuff so could you take a quick look at my code and suggest where i would implement the interface. thanks!16:17
henri_rocky: i see what you're saying ....16:24
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henri_rocky: can you explain why without this flag it does adapt it?16:56
*** hdima has quit IRC16:59
mgedminhenri_: if you tell formlib to render_context, it tries to get the default values from the context16:59
mgedminif you do not, it gets the default values from schema field definitions17:00
mgedminso without render_context it never tries to adapt self.context to ILDAPSearchFilter17:00
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mgedminhenri_: I would be inclined to use the csv standard library module for formatting the csv data for export17:01
mgedminand urllib.urlencode for converting (key, value) pairs to a query string17:02
henri_mgedmin: thanks for the response and code suggestions ;)17:08
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znapperhow do you logout after loggin in as Manager?17:13
znappertrying to test some permissions stuff here but run out of browsers!17:14
mgedminone way: close the browser17:14
znapperdidn't work17:14
algabenji: do you know if Jim is going to be in today?17:14
znapper(and no cookies visible anywhere)17:14
mgedminznapper: are you talking about HTTP authentication (the little browser username/password popup window)?17:15
znapperno. Just want to log-out of the ZMI to become anonymous user again17:15
mgedminhow did you log in17:15
znapperit prompted me to get to a protected page17:15
mgedminthe browser authentication popup == HTTP authentication17:16
mgedminit doesn't use cookies17:16
mgedminbut the only reliable way to log out is to close *all* browser windows17:16
mgedminfirefox also has this "clear private data" dialog where you can clear just the HTTP authentication sessions17:16
znapperbut I was still logged in. Maybe Konqueror hadn't quite gone away. I'll try again17:16
mgedminthere's a trick: add multiple server instances in zope.conf, listening on different ports (8081, 8082, ...)17:17
mgedminauthentication for each of those can be different17:17
znappernice idea but not really sustainable17:18
*** gabrielboys has joined #zope3-dev17:26
floxmgedmin: why the zope2 ZMI has no problem with "logout" feature.... but zope3 have problem?17:27
* mgedmin has no idea17:27
floxAFAIK this is HTTP auth on both side17:27
* flox guess that zope3 coders were lazy to implement logout feature...17:29
benjialga: no, I don't think Jim is going to be online today17:29
benjiznapper: one other way to "log out" using HTTP auth is to enter an invalid username and password in the url:
mexiKONflox, this has nothing to do with laziness17:31
mexiKONflox, "logging" out of HTTP basic auth is not possible17:31
benji(that's also an easy way to change authentication)17:31
gabrielboysis this the proper place to talk about implementations using Zope3, or more for the development of zope3 itself?17:32
mexiKONflox, you will get logout functionality when choosing a credentials plugin that supports logout (e.g. cookie based)17:32
benjiboth, gabrielboys17:32
floxmexiKON: how u do that on Zope2 ZMI, this is a trick?17:33
gabrielboysgreat I am working on a fairly big project, and wanted to find a place to make sure I was looking at things correctly, no questions now, just wanted to know if I was in the correct place, thanks17:33
mexiKONflox, no, it's stupid17:33
mexiKONflox, ever tried to "log out" of the zope 2 zmi?17:33
*** gumpa is now known as gumpa-away17:34
floxyes, and it gives me ability to login with different credentials17:34
mexiKONthat's not log out17:34
mexiKONlog out is "make me anonymous"17:34
floxbut i cannot change credentials on zope3, and i can on zope217:34
znapperbenji: thanks for that tip17:34
floxwith basic Auth of course17:34
floxmexiKON: i hav installed such credential plugin on zope3. but i hav problem...17:35
mexiKONflox, get firefox and the web developer extensions17:35
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benjigabrielboys: you can also use zope3-users mailing list17:35
floxi  hv Firefox. i use it17:35
flox(no more IE)17:35
mexiKONget the web developer extensions17:36
mexiKONthey allow you to toss your basic auth credentials17:36
floxi use, too... for debugging CSS, etc...17:36
algabenji: the thing is I'm in Fredericksburg, VA and would like to come visit you guys17:36
mexiKONyeah, we're not talking about CSS here17:36
floxmexiKON: how i toss credentials?17:36
gabrielboysbenji: thanks for the note17:37
floxi know but Web Dev Ext help for CSS too..17:37
mexiKONi don't friggen care about CSS17:37
floxmexiKON: ok, found17:37
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benjialga: cool!17:38
floxMisc --> Clear --> Clear HTTP Auth17:38
floxmexiKON: with credential plugin, the "Global Site Root" does not display the "Manage Process" entry?17:39
floxi hv to type URL /++process++ to access17:39
floxand it ask for HTTP auth17:39
mexiKONthat's known17:39
floxok, no easy way to work around this17:39
mexiKONperhaps not intended, but it's that way by design17:39
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floxok, i thought it was related to my misuse of PAU17:40
floxmexiKON: i do various things for our project... zope components, CSS and soon i will do xmlrpc/json too...17:44
floxhopefully, we choose to support Firefox only for our application... hehe17:44
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znapperflox: And Konqueror, please?18:03
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floxznapper: this is a specific intranet application, not for public release18:04
znapperflox: OK. continue :-)18:04
floxznapper: thanks, :-)18:05
floxdefinitely, it does not work with IE...18:05
floxbut since we try to comply with standards, it should work with other browsers... hehe18:06
floxIE is evil18:06
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znapperNot sure its "evil" it is just poorly written, full of holes and non-compliant.18:17
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goibhniuI'm trying to return a csv file from a formlib method. I'm wondering how to return a file. I know I can open it, read it, set the header and write it out, but it's pretty messy18:33
*** dobee has quit IRC18:34
goibhniuthe main problem I'm having is that if I write out a csv file with lines ending in \r\n and with address fields that contain \n chars it's not recognising the difference18:35
Aistexenru: hi, are you Mikhail?18:35
goibhniuso I'm trying to use the csv module to set the lineterminator, there's got to be a better way18:35
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xenruAiste: yes21:25
xenruAiste: hi21:25
Aistehi xenru21:25
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xenruAiste: who r u?21:26
AisteIf I'm not mistaken you were the one who sent an email to pov enquiring about help with zope321:27
xenruyes, It is me21:27
xenrugo private?21:27
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