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febbhi all03:44
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Theunifaassen:  i'm getting a weird error when compiling lxml12:23
Theunigcc -pthread -fno-strict-aliasing -DNDEBUG -g -O3 -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -fPIC -I/usr/local/include/python2.4 -c src/lxml/etree.c -o build/temp.linux-i686-2.4/src/lxml/etree.o -w12:23
Theunigcc: cannot specify -o with -c or -S and multiple compilations12:23
Theuniany idea what that might be?12:23
Theuniobviously the libxslt header files were missing ...12:48
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* andreas_1 13:13
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andreas_1hello world :)13:18
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* lostinspace 13:23
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faassenTheuni: oh, sorry, I wasn't around15:28
faassenTheuni: hope the libxslt header file issue fixed it?15:28
Theunii solved it. i hate cryptic compiler messages.15:28
Theuniyeah. fixed it.15:28
faassenyeah, sorry.15:28
* Theuni blames gcc, not faassen15:28
Theunigcc doesn't like me today at all15:32
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regebroI don't understand how most events ever find a subscriber. It seems to me that it can not possibly ever work (Zope 3.2/2.9.3 here).17:45
regebroSay for example, you send a before traverse event.17:45
regebro>>> notify(BeforeTraverseEvent(ob, request))17:45
regebronotify goes through the subscribers, one of which is the GlobalSiteManager.17:46
regebroThe GlobalSiteManager tries to find the subscribers to this specific event, by adapting.17:46
regebroby doing self.subscriptions(map(providedBy, objects), interface) where "objects" is the event.17:47
regebroBut the subscriber to the event is registered as adapting ISite and IBeforeTraverseEvent, and hence, is not found.17:48
regebroI don't get this.17:49
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regebroNo wait, there is yet another level of indirection! :)17:52
* whit generally uses blind faith and some sort of logging17:55
whitrichters book has a good flow chart showing resolution....17:56
regebroAh, OK. Should have looked there then. :)17:57
whitobject events (ie channels) get the event and the object the events wraps passed in17:58
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Bernulfhi - i have a problem with the xmlrpc view stuff. i tried the example from the readme in zope/app/publisher/xmlrpc ( but when i start zope i get TypeError: metaclass conflict: the metaclass of a derived class must be a (non-strict) subclass of the metaclasses of all its bases19:24
mgedminBernulf: what if you make FolderListing a new style class19:26
mgedmini.e. class FolderListing(object):19:26
Bernulfsame errormessage :(19:27
mgedminlet's see, I have a working xmlrpc view here19:27
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mgedminit inherits from
mgedminthis is on zope 3.2 btw19:35
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Bernulfhm - i get even the same error :( yes I use zope 3.2.1 too19:37
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Bernulfdamn i got the error :) its in the configure.zcml i only gave the module name :)19:40
mgedminI always use lowercasemodulenames like PEP-8 suggests19:41
Bernulfclassname and filename are equal19:41
* mgedmin does not like that Foo.Foo convention19:41
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roymI am a little confused about local utilities - do I need to create a19:42
roymlocal utility service first (as suggested by srichter's book)? Or is this19:42
roymservice always available for a site?19:42
Bernulfok thats a good tip, I will do so too from now :) Thats a habit from java - i do a lot of java :)19:42
mgedminroym: services disappeared in zope 3.1, I think19:43
mgedminI think every site can have local utilities without any further setup19:43
roymmgedmin: does the act of simply registering an object turn it into a local utility?19:44
mgedminI think the object has to be an utility before you can register it19:45
mgedminbut maybe I misunderstand your question19:45
roymI am confused :) there is a <localUtility> directive  - is that always needed to mark something as a local utility?19:46
mgedminI do not know19:46
mgedminI never tried writing a local utility any time recently19:46
mgedminI would look for some documentation in .txt files in the source tree19:47
roymmgedmin: is there an alternate (read simpler) way to do site specific customization?19:47
mgedminI usually build the customizable options into the app code19:48
mgedminI haven't used zope 3 sites much19:48
mgedminwhat do you want to customize?19:48
roymthe connection name  for sqlos...19:49
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roymand some file paths, etc.19:49
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febbhi philiKON20:02
febbcomo estas ?  :)20:02
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philiKONbien bien, y tu20:02
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febbmuy bien gracias.20:03
febbalmost finishing bookings for copenhage,   hopefully it works out ok.20:04
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febbwell, got to run...meetings time.  c you later20:11
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roymCan someone help me understand local utilities - seems to me that in a way, they are a form of acquisition (except that they only involve site managers). Is this a reasonable way of characterizing them?21:14
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benjithat sounds good to me, roym21:22
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roymbenji: thanks.21:28
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roymsorry - I seem stuck on local utilities : ) but as afaik, anything21:44
roymthat honors (IPersistent, IAttributeAnnotatable, ILocation) can be a21:44
roymlocal utility. My question is: isn't any utility that is registered in21:44
royma site a "local utility"? It seems to me that a utility is a local21:44
roymutility not so much on account of its type, as it is about where it is21:45
roymregistered. Am I totally off-base here?21:45
philiKONroym, no you aren't21:45
philiKONroym, you're exactly right21:45
philiKONroym, you were also right about characterization of utilities in terms of acquisition.  zope.component.get* are all forms of explicit acquisition (of explicit types of components)21:46
roymphiliKON: I'm glad to hear that - maybe this stuff is all finally sinking in :)21:49
benjiroym: you may also have some resitual confusion from the old ILocalUtility interface, which is now deprecated and unnecessary21:50
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floxand the <localUtility>  directive?21:54
philiKONflox, gone21:54
philiKONnot here21:55
floxok, we do not need it.21:55
philiKONright :)21:55
floxthks, u save me some time to look around waht is it for21:55
philiKONjust use <class />21:56
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floxthe ++apidoc++ really need to highlight deprecation of modules22:02
philiKONflox, we accept patches :)22:03
floxwhen i look at the ++apidoc++ for ZCML, no clue that <browser:layer> or <browser:skin> is deprecated22:03
philiKONflox, hmm, that sucks22:03
philiKONflox, wanna help?22:04
floxphiliKON: maybe i will do that. I already wrote an Excel sheet to keep track of what is deprecated, and what is not22:04
philiKONcool. i'm sure other people would be glad to see this info :)22:04
floxi hv to convert it to a useful format, and maybe post it somewhere22:05
philiKONsounds good22:06
philiKONflox, there's a wiki somewhere22:06
philiKONflox, about what's new in ozpe 3.322:06
floxmaybe i will post on baiju page, when i find time22:06
philiKONyou should check it out22:06
philiKONright, baiju22:06
ktwilightis there a wiki or some sort for z3 on such things?22:06
floxktwilight: see above22:07
philiKONnot yet. take baijum's :)22:07
ktwilightthanks :)22:07
ktwilightwhat i'm afraid most when i really start on z3 is the lack of docs :/22:07
floxand deprecation of all documentation that i found...22:08
floxevery doc or example i read, i hav to convert to zope 3.3.....22:08
philiKONktwilight, what do you find is underdocumented?22:08
floxthis is a good way to learn 3.3, but it takes time22:08
ktwilightphiliKON, seirously, no idea. i'm just reading whatever that i can find :)22:09
floxmost useful and up to date documentation is '/++apidoc++/Code/22:09
philiKONktwilight, hmm, then you know what, as harsh that might sound... don't complain bro22:09
ktwilighteh...not really complaining. more like am being concerned :)22:10
philiKONktwilight, i mean, i'd be happy to hear suggestions and do my share, but just claiming that z3 lacks docs is hardly a good effort22:10
ktwilightthat i agree22:10
philiKONktwilight, well, would it concern you less to hear that i'm writing on a 2nd edition22:10
floxother documentations, even on "", are deprecated or obsolete in a wa22:10
floxin a way..22:11
ktwilighti know you're doing a good job, so... :)22:11
philiKONflox, you're absolutely right22:11
philiKONflox, we need a new zope.org22:11
philiKONone that's much better manageable22:11
philiKONso that people like baiju can create their wikis there22:11
philiKONnot somewhere else22:11
philiKONgood news is, all you guys can help22:11
philiKONjoin #zope-web22:11
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philiKONand talk to faassen22:11
floxthat's a good thing...22:12
ktwilightwell, i hope to contribute as much as i can from what i learn. :)22:13
floxone of the reason we did not choose zope 3, on May 2005 to start our project, is the lack of documentation to support our choice...22:13
ktwilightbut right now, am busy with twiki. so once that's done, i hope to jump into z3 :D22:13
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floxnow ihvnow it is different, i read more articles, and i push to change from Plone to Zope 3, bec it fits better with our complex project22:14
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ktwilightah, same as were i was before.22:14
ktwilighti actually looked at plone too, but the more i compared and cross-reference with my project, z3 should be the way.22:14
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ktwilightwasn't that easy to decide though. i think it took me weeks of reading, and playin' around with the basics to decide22:15
floxyes, when the project is far from Plone "standard" business case, and with some complexity, better to write its own, based on zope322:15
ktwilightyup yup22:15
ktwilighti actually was quite concerned whether i should code in z3 instead of z2.x22:16
floxbec everything we need from Plone and that was not in Zope2, is now part of zope322:16
floxviewlet, tools, and skin/layers, et caetera22:16
ktwilightthere were alot of stuff on z2.x compared to z3. but then i dugged deeper into z3 around and further, and found more convincing stuff on developing on z322:17
ktwilightwhich is great :)22:17
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ktwilighti just wish i can go straight into it haha22:17
floxread book, do many examples, and read documentation on ++apidoc++22:18
floxthat's all you need to start22:18
floxbook of Philipp is a good one22:19
ktwilightcan't wait for 2nd edition :)22:19
ktwilighti'll grab if when it comes out. hopefully soon philiKON :P22:20
flox2nd ed. will come too late for me, too22:20
ktwilightwhat's the duration of your project flox?22:20
floxi go to hv dinner22:20
floxmy project's next release is November22:20
floxlast release was May, but with Plone 2.122:21
*** flox is now known as flox|away22:21
ktwilightenjoy your meal :)22:21
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