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waglikdobee: thank for the tip! widget.tiny works beautifully :)00:15
dobeenice to hear00:15
dobeethe only thing that is lacking is a schema field e.g HTMLSnippet HTMLFile00:16
dobeefor this field one could register a default tiny widget00:16
dobeeand then configure the mce options via zcml00:17
dobeewaglik: btw it is also i18n00:18
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waglikdobee: regarding the field, I've already did that :)00:38
waglikthe more I work with z3 the moree I like it :)00:38
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waglikthanks fotr help00:56
waglikfor help00:56
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floxsweet night..00:59
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einshi romanofski ;)09:31
romanofskihey eins09:32
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zagyi've got an idea on how to rosolve the wrong software home in mkzopeinstance ....10:23
zagyanybody here to discuss that?10:23
romanofskiyeah zagy - go on *G10:23
romanofskiI think you're right :)10:24
zagyshut up :P10:25
* romanofski giggles10:25
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* MJ just had a terrible vision of spammers flooding IRC channels to make their links visible in IRC archives...10:33
MJAiste: Does the povbot make URLs clickable in the #zope3-dev channel logs it archives?10:34
* MJ hopes not..10:34
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timtezagy: what did you find?10:52
zagytimte: moin :)10:53
zagywell, yesterday i figured that the declare_namepsace call changes __file__10:53
zagyso the naive approach would be to save __file__ to say __real_file in and use that10:54
zagybut I don't feel quite comfortable with that actually :)10:54
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timtebut I think the problem is bigger than that11:03
timteor maybe not, hmm11:03
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timtezagy: I suspect this is an issue for all zope, not just mkzopeinstance11:15
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zagytimte: yes, that's why it doesn't feel right11:15
timteI guess you just can't use zope.__file__, it's a wrong assumption that it will be the lib/python/zope/ file11:16
timteI guess one can't use zope top-level attributes anywhere in zope source code.11:18
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einshow do I change order of rendered schema fields without changing schema? (I'm using formlib)11:24
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BjornTeins: i assume you use form.Fields(ISchema) now? If so, just use form.Fields(ISchema).select('first_field', 'second_field') instead.11:27
einsBjornT right:) I'll try that, thanks11:30
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projekt01dobee, ayt?12:21
dobeeprojekt01: jep12:21
projekt01Can I change the name sandbox to trunk in the different z3c packages?12:22
projekt01And do you know if others use this packages?12:23
dobeei think it's ok to change the name12:23
dobeethere are a few people using multiform and tiny, z3c.javascript is the one which is used the most i think12:24
projekt01Ok, I'll write a mail to the list if I change this.12:25
projekt01dobee, I will move the image library from gawel to z3c.12:25
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projekt01Did you take a look at this package earlier (on gawels home repos)?12:26
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dobeehm, ok my image library will also be checked in12:26
dobeeyes it seems nearly the same12:27
projekt01Ok, should we use your library?12:27
dobeedid i show you the image editor12:27
dobeeok, manfred is working on a flash version of the editor, when this is done, we can check in the image stuff12:28
dobeethe current implementation uses some closed source stuff12:28
dobeeonly the editor of course12:28
projekt01Ok, cool, then I think we should use your library12:29
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dobeeyes i think too12:29
dobeewe have to work on it next week anyway12:29
projekt01dobee, do you support local resources12:30
dobeeit uses an imageref field12:30
dobeethe reference stores the image editing12:31
dobeethe image is referenced by keyreference12:31
dobeethe image reference has an IAbsoluteURL adapter12:31
dobeewhich always returns a unique url from a ++uid++ namespace12:32
projekt01Can we replace the keyreference part?12:32
dobeeof course12:32
projekt01Because this is not working with import export12:32
dobeethere is no browser view for imort export or is there one?12:33
projekt01No, but if we like to do so, a keyreference based concept doesn't work.12:33
dobeeit would be nice to have some import export view in zope312:34
projekt01I guess we need a reference concept which supports export/import12:35
projekt01I implemented pages, template, macros and resources as local component.12:35
projekt01It supports import/export via FTP12:36
dobeeis this because the zodb reference does not work when exported?12:36
dobeewow cool12:36
projekt01You can't export a keyreference or a intid and import it on a different server.12:37
dobeewould be nice if you can make a töf tour to austria somewhere between 9 and 18th12:37
projekt01It will never be the same12:37
projekt01Yup, I guess so12:37
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MJAnyone know what the status is of Kupu in Zope3?12:57
MJOr any other WYSIWYG editor for that matter.12:58
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philiKONMJ, the zopeorg stuff (in has some editor integration13:07
philiKONkupu, tinymce13:07
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dobeeMJ: see
SmokeyDhi all, I've got a problem.13:50
SmokeyDI've got a class which subclasses from
SmokeyDI want it to sublacc as well13:50
SmokeyDbut If I let the classd subclass both BTreeContainer and IntIds13:51
SmokeyDI get the errorTypeError: Error when calling the metaclass bases13:51
SmokeyD    Cannot create a consistent method resolution13:51
SmokeyDorder (MRO) for bases Persistent, Contained13:51
SmokeyDBoth IIntIds and BTreeContainer implement IContained and IPersistent13:51
SmokeyDI guess that is the problem13:51
SmokeyDBut how dow I solve this problem13:52
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SmokeyDnevermind. I've already got it14:29
SmokeyDIt shouldn't inherit from both classes, just from BTreeContainer, and register it as an IntId object later14:30
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einsi'm subclassing some schema and want to keep order of fields, how do I do it?15:20
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einsx = Int(..., order=ISchema['field'].order) doesn't seem to work15:22
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henri_has anyone tried to16:02
henri_get the values for schema.Choice from a site_properties setting?16:02
SmokeyDnope sorry16:04
henri_i thought it was a bit of a long shot!16:04
SmokeyDHmm, you know anything about IntId?16:05
SmokeyDI don't know how to use it exact;y16:05
henri_Afraid its out of the v. small realm of my zope 3 knowledge, sorry!16:06
SmokeyD:) too bad16:08
SmokeyDMy knwoledge is very limited as well :)16:08
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henri_SmokeyD: is this of any use?
benjiSmokeyD: this functional test might help
benjiintid really needs more/better docs16:23
SmokeyDthanks henri_ and benji it indeed helps16:27
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SmokeyDbenji, soory but I don't get it completely. Should I register IntIds as a utility in order to use it?16:44
SmokeyDok, but accordig to the book of richter Utilities are there to provide functionality that is not vita16:45
SmokeyDUtilities are similar to services, but do not provide vital functionality, so applications16:45
SmokeyDshould not be broken if utilities are missing.16:45
SmokeyDan example would be SQL Connections16:46
SmokeyDOk, I understand that SQL connections are reinitialised when you restart the zope server16:46
SmokeyDthey can't be persistent16:46
SmokeyDbut the IntIds should be16:46
SmokeyDso, it is just basic knowledge I'm afariad, but the book of richter and weitershausen do not make me understand it better16:47
benjiI've never heard that view espoused before.16:47
SmokeyDok, itis in the book of richter on page 45 (
SmokeyDbut Utilities can keeptheir data when the server is restarted?16:49
SmokeyDLike the list of IntIds and corresponding objects?16:49
floxSmokeyD: be careful the difference between global component and local component16:56
floxAFAIK only Local components are persistent16:57
SmokeyDok, I already ran into this difference indeed16:57
SmokeyDBut didn't understand it completely. Thanks.16:57
floxif u register IntIds through the ZMI, your component will be local (and persistent)16:57
floxi guess that if u register IntIds through ZCML, component is Global and non-Persistent16:58
benjiright, flox17:00
floxIntIds is really simple to use: it only keep an Integer ID (unique) for any persistent component u create within the ZODB17:01
floxthis ID do not change if u move or update the object inside the ZODB17:02
floxthen u have 2 complementary methods provided by the utility: queryId(ob) and queryObject(id) (or getId/getObject)17:05
floxthat's all u need to work with it17:06
SmokeyDCool guys17:10
SmokeyDI really appreciate it17:10
SmokeyDIt indeed works now!17:12
SmokeyDThanks a lot17:12
SmokeyDJust my basic knowledge lacking, but either I'm looking over the important parts, or it is not described very clearly in either of the zop3 books (I gues it's the first problem)17:13
floxSmokeyD: have a look at chapter 7 from Zope Book17:15
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floxi find this one very synthetic and useful, when u start to put your hand into the code17:16
floxu have a section 'Global vs Local' where u find interesting things17:16
SmokeyDhehe, I didn't see the Local vs Global part17:17
SmokeyDit is indeed clarifying17:17
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SmokeyDthat's what I meant that I was probably looking over the most important parts17:17
floxyes, there's some good documentation, but not easy to find....17:17
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floxand most of the time u have to figure out by yourself what is deprecated, and what is up-to-date...17:18
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floxi have 3 main sources for documentation: book from Philipp and book from Richter, and ++apidoc++17:20
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floxbut only ++apidoc++ is really up-to-date when u work with last release17:21
harobedflox, hi, I would like make a blog or forum web application, do I must store datas in one folder or in many folder ? What happen if the number of record is big, bigger than 10000 ? How can I do speed sort on the datas ?17:23
floxi don't know the capacity of ZODB17:23
floxand performance17:24
floxi suggest u look at an adapter to work with a RDB (postgre or other)17:25
floxsomeone wrote down an article about his experience with Zope3 and SQL... maybe have a look at it17:26
floxnot the main article, but read response #1617:27
ktwilighthmm...i would just split 'em into many folders harobed17:29
ktwilightbut that's my thought that hasn't been implemented :)17:29
harobedktwilight, yes but exemple : how can I get the last entry ? The last entry of all folder ?17:30
ktwilightsort by date maybe?17:30
ktwilightor last modified17:30
harobedlast modified17:32
harobedyes but sort on all folder ?17:32
harobeduser can post in many folder (thread)17:33
harobednow, in home page, I would like display last entry of all folder17:33
harobedhow can do it with Container ZODB17:34
harobedwhen use SQL Database or ZODB container object ?17:34
ktwilightprecisely? no idea. practically? no idea. but i would just sort the post as goes into zodb, then when i call it from the homepage, i would just pick the last one17:35
ktwilightbut if you're familiar with sql, go for it :)17:35
harobedwhat is the better solution in Zope17:36
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ktwilightno clue17:37
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floxharobed: i think u can have a look on Catalogs17:46
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floxok he's gone :-(17:48
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benjiflox: yeah, I was about to give him similar advice; drive by question asking isn't a good strategy on IRC18:03
benji(i.e., if he'd stuck around he would have gotten more information)18:04
ktwilightdoesn't Catalogs slow down when it gets big?18:04
benjia little, but not much18:04
MJdobee, philiKON: belated thanks for the WYSIWYG tips (was AFK)18:05
floxktwilight: if u do not use Catalog, what is ur other choice?18:07
floxconnection to remote RDB?18:08
ktwilighttwo choices for such a case18:08
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* flox is looking again toward SQLAlchemy18:11
* flox does not have time to try such thing. But it looks interesting18:11
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henri_i've been using with formlib.  however, i've noticed that it doesn't append :list to the input name.  is this a bug or just me?18:29
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benjihenri_, :list isn't required, the widget can interpret multiple values without using :list (and is likely doing so)18:38
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henri_benji: yes, it is doing that but i need to cache all checked values.  i'm doing this via the request/fieldname and it then creates an array from a single checked value.18:40
henri_perhaps, i should do it differently18:40
benjiyeah, you shouldn't need to look at the raw request to pull values out18:41
benjiwhat do you mean by "cache"?18:41
henri_well capture would be a better word.  i submit to a result page but want the option to search again based on the values checked in the original search.18:42
henri_its fairly ugly so i may just need to refactor my code.18:43
henri_i hate to cut this short but i've gotta go.  i'll discuss further with you when i'm next on irc.18:47
henri_benji: my code is here:
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SmokeyDHey people, what's wrong with this:18:59
SmokeyD            id="finance.createProject"18:59
SmokeyD            title="Create a new Project"18:59
SmokeyD            component="finance.factories.ProjectFactory"18:59
SmokeyD            description="This factory creates a new project object"18:59
SmokeyD            />18:59
SmokeyDI'm gettin an error: ConfigurationError: ('Unrecognized parameters:', 'component')18:59
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SmokeyDok, in the newer version of zope3 factories which implement a custom component class can not be located inside the <content> directive in the configure.zcml file anymore19:05
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SmokeyDis there a wa\y to dynamiically create schema fields?20:52
SmokeyDTo define them not in a schema interface but on the fly?20:52
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SmokeyDI already have it. Through the interfaces in zope.schema.interfaces21:03
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philiKONSmokeyD, huh?21:06
philiKONSmokeyD, just say f = zope.schema.TextLine()21:06
SmokeyDYeah, that's what I'm doing21:06
SmokeyDbut thanks21:07
SmokeyDthe interfaces for those classes are in zope.schema.interfaces21:07
SmokeyDthat's where I found them in ++apidoc++21:07
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SmokeyDis it safe to use the pipe symbol (|) iin schema field titles and form field names?21:10
SmokeyDfor some reason I don't want to use more than _ and -21:10
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febbHello all !21:13
SmokeyDhi febb21:15
febbHi SmokeyD   how are you ?21:16
benjiSmokeyD: I don't see why using pipes wouldn't work.21:16
SmokeyDMe neither, but I was just wondering. There's not that much that I do know :)21:16
SmokeyDMaybe it means something somwhere along the line that would cause very strange effects21:16
febbhi philiKON    como estas hoy ?21:17
SmokeyDbut guess not then21:17
SmokeyDcould I pass a list of schema fields to zope.formlib.form.FormFields()?21:21
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benjiSmokeyD: you can; you can also pass one or more schemas and omit fields you don't want21:27
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SmokeyDok thanks. I knew the latter parts, just not if you could also only pass a list for schema fields instead of a whole schema21:28
benjiif you use a list of fields, you'll need to unpack them like so: FormFields(*my_list_o_fields)21:30
SmokeyDok, that was what I actually was wondering if it worked just to pass the list or not. I'll unpack it then. Thanks21:31
SmokeyDI love formlib21:31
SmokeyDvery flexible21:32
benjiyep, it's pretty nice21:32
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SmokeyDwell, I'm calling it a day, speak to you tomorrow (whoever's here tomorrow). Thanks for all your help21:40
SmokeyDI really appreciate it21:40
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