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pcarduneSo, i'm starting to do some stuff wtih digital photo's and zope.  digital images begin to take up tons of space especially when "deleting" them doesn't actually remove them from the zodb.  Is there a way I can get the ZODB to not store old transactions for certain objects?04:04
pcardunehmmm, blobs look interesting.  I guess I will have to wait until they are supported in the main zodb branch.04:18
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baiju1so, 3.3 beta2 delayed?11:05
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baijum_a daily/weekly build tar ball will be good for Zope 3, anything like that exist?11:34
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philiKONTheuni, ping12:36
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philiKONguys: when shall we have the next bugday?13:31
philiKONnext thursday ok?13:31
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philiKONfaasse1, did you port your fix for 534 to the 3.3 branch yet?13:46
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philiKONfaasse1, ping13:59
koboldphiliKON: hi, sorry for the disturb.. I sent you an email about a new account on codespeak for the SQLOS project.14:01
koboldwell, probably jinty forwarded it because my original mail was rejected my the mailing list software.14:01
philiKONwas busy last night14:02
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philiKONfaasse1, ping14:15
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philiKONmorning J1m14:29
mgedminsomething recently changed in zope 3.3?14:29
philiKONJ1m, do you want to make the release now?14:29
mgedminabout TALES expression adapters?14:29
mgedminthey need new security declarations they didn't need before?14:29
philiKONi think something like this14:29
J1mphiliKON: soon14:29
philiKONat least some potential security hole was fixed14:29
philiKONJ1m, ok. i'm still waiting for faasse1 to merge something to the 3.3 branch14:29
philiKONif he won't be back form lunch or whatever soon enough, i'll merg eit14:30
J1mok, pls let me know when that's done.14:30
J1mis this going to be b2 or c1?  I think it should be b2.14:30
mgedminphiliKON: do you have a bug #?  I cannot find it by skimming doc/CHANGES.txt14:31
philiKONJ1m, i agree with b214:31
philiKONmgedmin, 57414:31
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mgedminit's not mentioned in doc/CHANGES.txt :(14:31
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philiKONmgedmin, blame Theuni14:32
* mgedmin blames14:33
philiKONmgedmin, perhaps you can add an entry? i'm not 100% sure what the repercussions of the change are14:33
mgedminI can try, but I suspect that I understand it even less than you do14:33
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mgedminmaybe there should be a section "important backwards-incompatible changes" in the changes.txt file?14:34
mgedmin"if you define custom TALES expression adapters, you will now need to have a security declaration that protects XXX with permission YYY"14:34
mgedminthe XXX and YYY parts I'm not sure about14:34
philiKONi think you only need security declarations14:35
philiKONzope won't require you to choose a specific permission14:35
mgedminfor the methods you want to expose to the templates?14:35
mgedminI guess my question boils down to: do I need to allow setEngine, or not?14:35
philiKONand for zope.tales.interfaces.ITALESFunctionNamespace14:35
mgedminprobably not14:35
philiKONlook at
mgedminok, thanks14:35
* mgedmin prods ignas, who is now fixing this problem in schooltool14:36
philiKONthe security declarations for zopetalesapi14:36
* ignas is rerunning application14:36
philiKONMJ, just responded to
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TheuniphiliKON: pong15:09
philiKONTheuni, just wanted to let you know that:15:09
philiKON- i have refactored apidoc to use not-have verb15:10
philiKON- i made the whole ftesting thing work in instances15:10
philiKON- i now think that having a NoDevMode layer is a good thing :)15:10
philiKON- i thnk having enabled.zcml and disabled.zcml in apidoc isn't necessarily a bad thing15:10
Theuninow i'll see how many conflicts i'll get on my branch15:13
Theunii've already been changing a lot of that15:14
faasse1philiKON: merge something?15:15
faasse1philiKON: what do you expect me to merge?15:15
Theunii couldn't finish it yesterday though15:15
philiKONTheuni, ah15:15
philiKONTheuni, didn't know you already had stuff in there. wlel, J1m wants to make the release... so i just did it15:15
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philiKONfaasse1, i think you haven't ported your fix for 534 to the 3.3 branch yet15:15
faasse1faasse1: I did it on the 3.3 branch first.15:15
philiKONam i blind?15:16
philiKONyeah i am15:16
philiKONsorry for the fuss15:16
faasse1faasse1: okay. :)15:16
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philiKONyou like talking to yourself, eh? ;)15:16
faasse1philiKON: oops15:17
philiKONTheuni, also, you didn't respond to my ping 3 hours ago ;)15:17
faasse1philiKON: don't know, I jut am intrigued by that 1. :)15:17
Theunihm. hmm. that sets me back a bit on my energy of doing anything on that right now ... :/15:17
TheuniphiliKON: i did. 5 minutes ago. i said "pong"15:17
philiKONyeah, 5 mins ago :)15:17
Theunii don't like having to clean up stuff i did and find out what is still needed and what not15:18
philiKONwhat else is there left to do on this?15:18
Theuniat least integrating the one patch on the 507 issue but there are no tests with the patch15:18
philiKONright, that's what i responded to d2m15:18
philiKONi don't think d2m's patch is vital to the beta215:18
philiKONdo you?15:18
Theunino it isn't. i already started working on the tests though15:18
Theunimy checkout is a mess. brr15:19
philiKONi was under the impression you wanted to do it last night (i understood that you had time then), and when i saw no checkins i figured you hadn't come around to it15:19
philiKONmy bad15:20
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Theunino problem. i couldn't complete it last night (additionally my night is eastern standard time right now)15:27
philiKONTheuni, ah, in f12g?15:30
philiKONor just different sleep cycle? ;)15:30
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philiKONMJ, can you fix 690 on the 3.3 branch as well and add a changes.txt entry (on the 3.3 branch)15:33
benjiTheuni is in a secret bunker somewhere on the eastern seaboard. :)15:33
benjiheh :)15:34
philiKONbenji, :)15:34
philiKONbenji, more nato projects, eh?15:34
Theunisorry philiKON  you have to be sacked now15:35
* philiKON runs15:35
* Theuni puts philiKON in a sack and puts him in a closet in the bunker15:35
philiKONmmmmh mmmmmh Mmmmmh mmmhhh!15:35
* MJ keeps mum about his prior involvements with NATO and Zope.15:35
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* MJ waits for all the tests to finish.15:40
* benji wonders how many faster computers have been purchased because of the Zope 3 test suite.15:41
faasse1we need to make the Zope 3 test suite run with Google Map/Reduce15:41
faasse1that way Guido will have to say that Zope is the unofficial official Python web framework instead of Django.15:42
benjifaasse1: when I get my next laptop (dual core), I'll definately want the tests to take advantage of it15:43
* mgedmin knows his one was15:43
* mgedmin also bought an extra 0.5 gig of RAM so that running zope 3 tests would not flush the full zope 3 tree from the disk cache15:44
faasse1I think Guido should stay out of the web framework business. He stayed out of it at ZC, so why should he start now? :)15:44
TheuniphiliKON: how is the beta release coming along?15:46
philiKONTheuni, J1m will do the tgz15:46
philiKONi'll tell him when MJ's patch is in15:46
philiKONTheuni, are you going to seattle btw?15:49
Theuniunsure yet, but don't think so.15:51
faasse1what's in Seattle?15:52
philiKONfaasse1, ploneconf15:53
philiKONand coffee15:53
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Theunii don't drink coffee16:09
philiKONme neither16:10
* Theuni corrects16:10
Theunii don't drink no stinkin' coffee16:10
philiKONTheuni, J1m, is that you? ;)16:11
philiKONJ1m, i think we're ready for the release16:11
Theunihmm. funny. in german you have kAffee and kOffein in english you have cOffee and cAffeine16:11
philiKONlol, true16:11
philiKONnever thought about that16:11
benjienglish and german, the evil twins of languages16:11
philiKONin der Tat16:12
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J1mphiliKON: k, I'll start it soon16:17
J1mI'm still trying to wrap up this stupid PPC test failure.16:18
J1mcrap. now it's failing another way.16:20
J1mI'm gonna go ahead with the release. :(16:20
J1mThe bad thing is that I suspect that there's a real bug lurking here.16:21
philiKONi see. but i agree with going ahead with the release16:21
J1mBut it's really hard to dignose as the errors don't happen if I run the tests by themselves.16:21
J1mand running all of the tests, or enough to trigger the errors takes too long on PPC.16:22
J1mThese ZEO tests are an absolute nightmare.16:22
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Bernulfhi 2 small questions :) I wana import my data from zope 2 to zope 3. here is a small example - so this way my container is created fine but in the zmi i have no created at entry :(16:42
Bernulfwith .title and .description i wana set the entries Title and Description coresponding to the Title and Description in the Metadata view of the zmi but this way it doesn't work - how can set this values right?16:44
floxIZopeDublinCore(object).title and .description16:47
floxi guess16:47 is sloooooow16:47
floxBernulf: this is stored on an annotation 'DublinCore'16:47
Bernulfok thanks! i will try it :)16:47
Bernulfslow? really? should i post it somewere else?16:48
mgedminI see it now16:49
Bernulfok :)16:49
mgedminyou could make a custom DublinCore adapter that knows to use the title/description attributes of your object16:49
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mgedminor you could do like flox suggested16:49
Bernulfok thanks! and why is there no created date in my zmi?16:50
floxBernulf: maybe ur custom object does not adapt to IZopeDublinCore16:50
floxu hv to declare that ur custom component provide 'IAttributeAnnotatable'16:51
Bernulfhm i declare it over the zcml-implements so it implements IAttributeAnnotatable. but is the creation data really stored in a annotation?16:53
floxmodification date is attribute of IZopeDublinCore interface16:54
floxthe same for creation date16:54
floxonce ur component is 'IAttributeAnnotatable', u automatically hv all Dublin Core things16:56
Bernulfok! thanks a lot! it works :)17:02
mgedminmaybe the user doesn't have permission to edit dublin core metadata17:02
* mgedmin was late by 2 seconds...17:02
Bernulfi had to set created manually :)17:03
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runyagaTheuni, ?17:44
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philiKONJ1m, ayt?17:57
*** tiredbones has joined #zope3-dev17:58
philiKONJ1m, nm17:58
philiKONJ1m, subscription adapters, incl. subscribers, can have names, right?18:00
philiKON(i looked at the zope.component APIs and figured they could)18:00
J1mI don't think names are supported yet.18:02
J1mI think the arguments are just placeholders.18:03
philiKONah, ok18:03
J1mI don't remember for sure though. :)18:03
philiKONi won't mention anyting in the book then :)18:03
J1mactually, the interface says the name argument is ignores.18:04
philiKONah, ok18:04
J1mIt should probably only allow ''/18:04
philiKONthanks, should've looked at the ifaces18:04
J1mBut the implementation raises an error.18:05
philiKONyup. btw, i'll be off for more wedding preparations tonight, but when i get back and the tarball is ready, i can do the rest of the MakingARelease steps18:05
J1mThe interface should be fixed.18:05
J1mIf you set up the release on z.o, I can upload the tar and exe, assuming that I get them done today.18:06
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philiKONi'll do that18:06
J1mwanna fix the interfaces? :)18:10
philiKONJ1m, just looked at them. what's wron gwith them18:10
J1m(while I futz with the release)18:10
philiKONit says that the name argument is ignored18:10
philiKONbtw, added
philiKON        name18:11
philiKON            The adapter name.18:11
philiKON            Currently, only the empty string is accepted.  Other18:11
philiKON            strings will be accepted in the future when support for18:11
philiKON            named subscribers is added.18:11
J1mIt says the name argument is ignored, but the name argument must be an empty string18:11
J1mwhich one are you looking at?18:11
philiKONah, you were talking about registerHandler18:12
philiKONi'll fix that18:12
J1mI was looking at the unregister method.18:12
philiKONi'l fix them18:12
J1mI think all of the name arguments for subscribers and handlers need to be double checked.18:12
philiKONwill do18:12
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philiKONJ1m, done18:20
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d2mphiliKON: is empty19:22
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philiKONd2m, i know19:29
philiKONd2m, jim will upload tarballs19:29
d2mphiliKON: ok, thanks19:30
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J1msrc tar ball available at:
J1mstarting on the windows release.20:45
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Theunibtw: is anybody putting up press releases for the 3.3 final? the dzug always creates their own PR information on those things, but we might want to share that.21:02
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J1mdang, found a bug on windows22:01
J1mI shouldn't have uploaded that. :(22:02
J1mI think I'll cheat.22:02
J1mdarn, there's no good way to cheat.22:03
J1mI think I'll retract the release. :(22:04
Theuniis it the bug that shows in the buildbot?22:04
J1mNext time I'll test on windows before uploading anything.22:05
Theuniuh. forget that. that was zope 2.9 ...22:05
J1mNo, it's a spurious test failure in zope.testing.22:05
J1mit only occurs on Parallells22:05
J1mOK, I'mnot gonna sweat it.22:06
J1mHow many people are going to install it on parallels?22:06
J1mI'll stick with what I've got.22:06
J1mI'll upload the src release again and then upload the windows release.22:07
* Theuni turns off the red lights22:07
benjistrange that it would only happen on parallels22:07
J1mOn parallels, windows drive letters are lower case, as God intended them to be. ;)22:08
benjiI'd be surprised if that was only parallels.22:08
J1mwell, he haven't had reports of this before.22:09
J1m3.2 would have had this same problem, I believe.22:09
Theunihngn. so we need to introduce normalization on all pathnames?22:10
J1mI guess I'll double check that the test failure occurs in 3.2.22:10
J1mThis is just in a test. The test has already been updated, but Zope wasn't updated to use the newer version of zope.testing.22:10
Theunioh ic22:11
*** oferw has joined #zope3-dev22:11
*** Agis has quit IRC22:11
benjiso the next beta/rc will have the updated zope.testing?22:11
Theunibtw: what's the schedule on the rc after the beta now? 1 week? 2 weeks?22:12
J1mDon't know22:12
Theuniwe should set something IMHO22:12
Theunidoes our development plan (6-month-cycle) say something about this?22:13
*** edgordon_ has quit IRC22:18
Theuniso what about 1 week until rc and then one week until final if no issue with the rc comes up?22:24
J1mI think we want to see what feedback we get from the beta.22:24
*** batlogg has joined #zope3-dev22:28
*** volvox has joined #zope3-dev22:40
Theunihumm humm ... alright. although i kind of would feel better if we had a timeout for that.22:42
Theuniotherwise people might take their time very slowly to try out the beta22:42
J1mI think that's fine.22:43
J1mI mean to schedule the next release soon :)22:43
*** RaFromBRC has quit IRC22:43
J1mActually, philipp planned to have a release in abouta week or so I think.22:44
Theuniyou mean final?22:48
benjiI would think we'd have a RC before final22:53
*** mgedmin has quit IRC22:54
J1mI think he planned to have an rc or a beta22:54
Theunialright. so that's almost the schedule i hoped for :)22:55
*** nathany has quit IRC23:00
*** alga has quit IRC23:01
J1mI decided to remale the release with the windows fixes.23:18
J1mThe new tar ball is available at the same place.23:18
J1mI'm uploading the exe23:18
*** kobold has joined #zope3-dev23:19
*** povbot has joined #zope3-dev23:23
*** xenru has joined #zope3-dev23:23
*** tonico has joined #zope3-dev23:23
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*** WebMaven has joined #zope3-dev23:23
*** SmokeyD has joined #zope3-dev23:24
*** J1m has joined #zope3-dev23:24
*** runyaga has quit IRC23:25
J1mok, the exe is there too.23:26
J1mYou windows users -- have a blast!23:26
*** zbir has joined #zope3-dev23:32
*** nebo has quit IRC23:35
*** srichter has joined #zope3-dev23:50

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