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projekt01benji, ayt?00:33
projekt01benji, is it possible to implement a method in testbrowser which opens a browser with contents from a test00:35
projekt01e.g. showOutputInBrowser(browser.contents)00:36
philiKONprojekt01, sure00:36
philiKONpseudo code:00:36
projekt01Hi philiKON00:36
philiKONimport webbrowser00:37
philiKONprobably don't use the tempfile module because those temporary files disappear again00:37
projekt01does import webbrowser exist?00:37
philiKONstandard python library00:37
projekt01Ah, didn't know about that00:38
philiKONRTFM :)00:38
projekt01Many thanks, will take a look at that00:38
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flox|awayphiliKON, ur site is out-of-order ?15:44
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flox"Connection timed out to"15:44
philiKONflox, maintenance15:45
philiKONwill be back up in 10 min15:45
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philiKONhi J1m16:03
philiKONJ1m, got 2 mins?16:03
d2mJ1m: put me in the row16:10
philiKONd2m, get in line there :)16:11
* d2m gets in line16:11
philiKONdon't forget to draw a number :)16:12
* d2m draws a lucky '23' ;)16:13
philiKONtouch luck, i have a '12'.16:14
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J1mphiliKON: what's up?17:05
* J1m needs to find a decent irc client for the mac17:06
philiKONi'm trying to understand some design decisions w/ the catalog, intids, keyreferences17:06
philiKON(i'm using, most people prefer colloquy i guess)17:06
philiKON(note that growl notifications help with the attention)17:06
J1mcolloquy sucks17:06
philiKONso, here's my question17:06
philiKONit's really only about reassurance17:07
philiKONindices cannot hold on to the actual objects for obvious reasons17:07
philiKON(direct references, etc.)17:07
philiKONthat's why they hold on to something else17:07
philiKONan abstraction17:08
philiKONsomething that's uniquely identified with the object17:08
philiKONi guess integers were chosen here because managing integer IDs in an index is both straight forward and most performant?17:08
philiKONi mean, why do we take the detour thru the intid utility17:09
philiKONindices could directly store keyreferences17:09
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philiKONbut, i guess, they shouldn't be bothered with it17:09
philiKONand it's more efficient to deal with integers17:09
J1mIntegers are used soley for performance.17:09
philiKONok. that's what i thought (not the "solely", though)17:09
philiKONso, the intid utility detour is there so that indices only have to deal with integers, because that's fast (IOBTree, etc.)17:10
J1mWell, that's a very very good reason.17:10
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philiKONyes, it's a good reason17:10
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philiKONi guess it also makes implementing indices easier17:10
philiKONyou don't have to worry as much17:10
philiKONyou only deal with integers17:10
philiKONall the hard part about weak referencing objects, etc. is in the intid utility17:11
philiKONi just wanted to get this story straight since i'm in the process of documenting it :)17:11
J1mwell, it would have been easy enough to use key references, but much less efficient.17:11
philiKONd2m, you're next :)17:13
tiredbonesAfter a long hiatus from zope Im getting back into learning to code for it again. Is there a way to get the sign-on and passwrd for the instance of WorldCookery instance? I misplace my notes and can't seem to recall it.17:13
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philiKONtiredbones, take a look at $INSTANCE/etc/principals.zcml17:14
philiKONtiredbones, if the pw is stored in plaintext, you can see it17:14
philiKONotherwise, you can reset it there17:15
tiredbonesthanks, philiKON17:15
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d2mJ1m: ( is not working since August 15 -- could you look into this ?17:20
d2mno thats thiming17:20
philiKONd2m, write an email to sa@zope.com17:21
d2mheh, thanks17:21
philiKON(system administration)17:21
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philiKONlast time i reported a mail problem there, a mark w. alexander fixed it17:21
philiKONseems to be their systems guy17:21
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rockywhat's a good design pattern for registering adapters based on mime type of something?  basically i want to do:  runner = ITaskRunner(some_mime_type);
philiKONwhat's some_mime_type?18:57
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