IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2006-08-26

philiKONum, ok00:00
floxbut since this seach module is not related to the context,00:00
philiKONseems a bit overkill00:00
floxi think of a tal:content"structure provider:mypackage.ISearch" to do that00:01
floxthe search module will display 3 search fields00:01
floxu do not recommend to use "formlib" in that case?00:01
floxa classic approach with metal and use-macro is better?00:03
philiKONyou're asking as if those were alternatives00:03
philiKONusing a content provider is a possibility00:04
philiKONit's definitely more flexible than macros00:04
philiKONthe question is whether you need that flexibility00:04
floxin that case, maybe not...00:04
philiKONyou can always use formlib00:04
floxbut since i read the "zope.formlib" thing, i want to put formlib everywhere ;-)00:05
philiKONyou can use formlib in a macro, or you could make a formlib-driven content provider00:05
philiKONyour choice00:05
philiKONyou have to decide whether you actually need the machinery formlib give syou00:05
philiKONfor a search box, it *seems* overkill00:05
floxmy first draft was a formlib... and i fire a "getMultiAdapter()" to bring the formlib into the page....00:07
floxheavy :-(00:08
philiKONwhatever makes you happy00:08
floxok, i will look further to simplify it00:08
floxfactly my concern is "contentprovider" or "macro"00:11
floxi've found only 2 examples that use zope.contentprovider in various zope3 SVN repositories00:11
floxthe zf.zscp package from Zope Fundation, and a "Help" link on Schooltool00:12
floxother packages only use the "zope.viewlet" as content provider.00:13
* flox is wondering if it is planned to use 'zope.formlib' for directives <browser:editform> and <browser:schemadisplay>00:35
floxfor release 3.5, maybe?00:36
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benjidoubtful, flox; more likely is that those ZCML directives will go away00:36
floxbenji, i was thinking of this option, too00:37
floxsice zope.formlib simplify things considerably00:37
floxsweet night!00:41
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flox|awayzc.* things are available under ZVSL?13:32
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philiKONthey should be ZPL13:34
philiKONprobably an oversight13:34
philiKONflox, i suggest you reply to gary poster's email and ask him13:35
philiKONthat way they'll know and can change it13:35
floxok. probably, after lunch13:39
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philiKONpython's relative imports suck20:56
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tavwow, the channel has grown21:32
* tav waves21:32
sivangphiliKON: what do you mean "relative" import? import without full paths ?21:34
philiKONhi tav21:34
philiKONsivang, yep21:34
philiKONwell, local modules can shadow global packages21:35
sivangphiliKON: ah :-)21:35
sivangphiliKON: ah, right21:35
philiKONe.g. shadows persistent21:35
philiKONthere's no way to get at the persistent package from anywhere in
sivangphiliKON: there a persisten in python stdlib ?21:35
philiKONsivang, no, it's a package from ZODB21:36
sivangphiliKON: ah, I see, which is defined in a higher level of the tree?21:36
philiKONwell, root21:36
philiKONimport persistent21:36
sivangphiliKON: isn't there a way to specify from where to import it? or you can addpath or something to change the search path order no?21:37
sivanghmmm bad21:37
philiKONwell, sys.modules['persistent']21:37
philiKONbut that sucks21:37
sivangright, it looks odd if found in a bunch of regular imports chunk21:37
philiKONanyways, it's getting fixed in py3k21:37
philiKONpy2.5 already supports relative imports21:38
philiKONimport .persistent21:38
sivangah cool21:38
sivangthat would look much more consistent21:38
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sivangphiliKON: btw, I've reached the section about TAL and TALES, and wel, although your book might be targetted to the more experinece zopers, I find it a bit difficult to disambiguite some of the replace, contnet, and condition explenations there.21:39
philiKONhmm. can you be more specific?21:40
sivangphiliKON: sure, let me poke inside the chapetr. sec21:40
sivangphiliKON: you should also know that the book is one of the most enjoying ones I had pleasure in reading lately :-)21:41
philiKONwow. thanks21:41
philiKONi'm very glad you enjoyed it21:41
philiKONi think you'll enjoy the 2nd edition even more then21:41
sivangI really like the "let the reader confornt it and think up himself before serving in a spoon"21:41
sivangyou're basically teaching folks to "think the open source way"21:41
sivangfor approaching , development that is.21:42
philiKONwell, i'd more call it the python way21:42
sivangphiliKON: Is there a program for getting subsquent editions for free and providing errta and fixes as payment? ;-)21:42
philiKONi've been thinking of such a program21:42
sivangWhere do I sign? where do I sign?! :-)21:43
philiKONit won't be direclty related to the book21:43
philiKONbut there'll be a program.  perhaps. :)21:43
philiKONi need to finish the book first21:43
philiKONther eisn't something like the pre-reading program like with o'reilly21:43
sivangI see21:43
philiKONsorry :(21:44
sivangNahh, it's okay.21:44
philiKONi'm glad this really really small (in terms of sold copies) book is actually getting published at all21:44
sivangWhy small in copies? are there others course alike books like this on the subejct?21:44
philiKONwell, 1500 copies is a small book in the IT world21:45
philiKONstandard is >1000021:45
philiKONwhich i'm sure all those RoR books produce21:45
sivangsure you have the free materilal on the web, but not too much have this similar structure, prehaps maybe expect DIP21:45
philiKONzope 3 just doesn't give as much21:46
sivangRoR ?21:46
philiKONruby on rails21:46
sivangah, RoR...21:46
sivangI've looked at some RoR code, and I tell ya, even though you can probably write readable code using it, I can't say it has too much attraction for someone looking for simplicity coding...But I may be lacking experience in RoR to tell, Just a feeling.21:48
sivangthe bits I21:48
philiKONi share that impression21:48
sivangI've looked at, look all, how to say? complicated.21:48
philiKONi read an RoR tutorial ages ago21:48
philiKONfor me it's hard to get used to the meaning of @, $, <, >, :, etc.21:49
sivangexactly. It's like taking you back to the perl days or so...21:49
philiKONthen again, python has a meaniing for :21:49
philiKONand nowadays even one for @21:49
philiKONi was against @ :)21:50
sivangright, decorated functions or something ?21:50
sivangis there a way for achiving the same functionality as decorated functions without the char?21:50
philiKONdef foo():21:51
philiKON  pass21:51
philiKONis the same as:21:51
philiKONdef foo():21:51
philiKON   pass21:51
philiKONfoo = A(foo)21:51
sivangso that's defining a new object, basing on the foo as parent. Which "inherits" the previous attributes, being the referenced code?21:52
philiKONwell, actually, it just calls A with foo as argument21:53
philiKONand takes the return value as the new foo21:53
philiKONA can be anything21:53
philiKONdef A(f): return f21:53
philiKONthat'd be a null-decorator21:53
philiKONwouldn't do anything21:53
philiKONthere can be lots more21:53
philiKONyou can write your own, obviously21:53
philiKONjust need something that's callable, takes an argument and returns something21:54
sivangis it sensible to have it return f + 1 for example ?21:54
philiKONwell, what's a function +1 ?21:54
sivangah, so it returns the reference to the function, not the value the function returned21:54
sivangI got confused, sorry.21:54
philiKONyeah, they're not easy21:55
sivangI will do some reading about them, they feel like something you should know if you want to do advanced pythoning.21:55
sivanganyways, in page 8521:55
sivangyou have some examples of TALES21:55
sivangsorry, page 8621:56
sivangthe nocall explenatoins21:56
philiKONwhat about it?21:57
sivangIt's not easy to understand (at least wasn't for me) if pop is like a variable, which gets the value from whatever comes afterwards until it hits the ';'21:57
sivangso pop gets the reference to recipe.indgridients.pop ?21:57
philiKONin python, that code would be:21:57
philiKONpop = recipe.ingredients.pop21:57
philiKONlastitem = pop()21:57
sivangso spaces are like ='s ?21:59
philiKONyeah, sort of21:59
philiKONin tal:define and tal:attributes21:59
sivangokay, and in tal:repeat they are like "for a in b"22:00
sivangnow there was something about content , I'm finding it in a sec.22:01
sivangokay, again in page 86, the example about strcuture.22:02
sivangcould you do a trans;lation to python again from that snippet? :-)22:02
philiKONi can't really22:02
philiKONnormally, HTML code is escaped when inserted22:03
philiKONso, let's say i want to insert the foo variable into zpt22:03
philiKONthat's perhaps equivalent to22:03
philiKONprint cgi.escape(foo)22:03
philiKONwhen i say22:03
philiKONtal:content="structure foo"22:03
philiKONthat's equivalent to just22:03
philiKONprint foo22:03
philiKON(no escaping)22:04
sivangah, I se22:04
* philiKON work22:05
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